Janette Sherman M.D Toxicologist -The Nuclear REALITY of Fukushima & Chernobyl; One Million Casualties And Still Counting

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties
 by Janette Sherman,
M.D Toxicologist 
In the video she talks about how many children died from birth defects or after birth due to radiation contamination, based on medical evidence available to scientists studying Chernobyl. Much of this evidence about nuclear cleanup workers radiation exposure has disappeared or has gone entirely missing since the Chernobyl accident, so that is another subject entirely.

At least a few medical doctors and epidemiogists went and studied the populations after Chernobyl, and did not cover up what they found or make it disappear.

The WHO which is in charge of world health at the United Nations, has to check with and get approval from the IAEA (a nuclear marketing/sales organization) to publish or do anything around nuclear accidents. This is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. It does not work. Chickens and eggs are disappearing rapidly….

Dr. Sherman MD reports that Chernobyl is much worse than she initially thought. Radiation affects ALL SYSTEMS in the body. Every single system in humans, fish, trees, birds, bacteria, viruses was changed in a negative way due to radiation. 

80% to 95% of children living in nuclear disaster areas like Chernobyl or Fukushima are not well, starting at BIRTH. 
There is a lot of secrecy and lies by both governments, regulators and the nuclear industry. They are covering up the true consequences of nuclear effects on entire life cycles and it’s nonreversible consequences for millions of years, resulting in a deadly heritage for generations to come.
This all is still going on, we all need to learn the truth and become experts or perish by staying ignorant and suffering the consequences!! 
There are many unsung heroes that are fighting the good fight, worthy of your time and energy as well. 
1. Yury Bandazhevsky; he became a political prisoner for telling the truth in his studies about low level internal contamination first in animals studies and then in human studies which confirmed what he was finding in animals. He was held in jail on trumped up charges for years, before human rights organizations helped him be released from prison, but he was still under house arrest. This one example illustrates the power of the nuclear monopoly and the complete domination as well as influence that they have in politics, the mass media, the military, United Nations and in communities, globally.

The government of the Soviet Union collected almost NO data in the first three years after Chernobyl, (or it disappeared in that time if it was gathered) but research was done after that and published, much of it by independent scientists outside of the nuclear industry. 

2. Vassili Nesterenko; he has escaped two assassination attempts for exposing Chernobyl dangers. There is a price for liberty, and for telling the truth. We need many more truth speakers. If enough patriots came forward and stood with these few truth tellers and whistleblowers, they could not be imprisoned or assassinated, because 1,000,000 people more would take their place and work even harder to expose the dark and sinister plots made in secret. 
Folks outside the pro nuclear circles write academic articles and papers about the dangers of radiation, but then they just disappear. The book Dr. Sherman points at is put down as a fraud by the pro nuclear folks, which is about all they can do when faced with the truth. They use personal attacks on the character and writings of ANYONE who is against nuclear power, because they cannot refute the evidence and truth.

The health records of people both inside the nuclear industry, in the military and ordinary citizens exposed to radiation more often disappear than stay put. These things can be used in legal actions, so they are potentially ‘evidence’ damning the whole nuclear industry around the whole world. 

One day these records, research papers and studies are there. But then, somehow, many or most of these go missing from hospitals, nuclear record keepers or regulators file cabinets and academic collections on the Internet.

This ‘disappearing’ is another level of deception and cover up that is even more sinister and dark than assassinations. It is on the level of directly covering up the truth, which they KNOW is there. So they go about hiding the evidence, so no one can find it out. After all, without written records and evidence, you can get away with genocide or even mass murder, right? The pattern after this stage is that when someone is brave enough to speak the truth, they are viciously attacked from all sides by pro nuclear apologists. 

After those people die from nuclear radiation caused dis-eases, plus no records available or they disappeared, the whole thing is just swept under the rug, forgotten and it NEVER HAPPENED. That is the sum total of the entire premise of the whole nuclear industry both on the nuclear power side and on the nuclear weapons side. 
Bottom line, if you think you are exposed to radiation, get TESTED, internally and externally. THEN COPY THE RECORDS and keep them somewhere else other than your house.

Janette Sherman M.D Toxicologist -The Nuclear REALITY of Fukushima & Chernobyl; One Million Casualties And Still Counting; via @AGreenRoad

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