Nuclear Disaster Related Movies/TV Shows Can Be Industry Propaganda Or Truth – How To Tell The Difference

Let’s all be careful when watching nuclear related documentary movies, because not all documentary or even fiction based movies, much less TV shows are providing even a shred of truth, or the facts and just the facts. Many movies and TV shows are made to get people to think a certain positive way about nuclear power and all things nuclear or radioactive. Even PBS is not immune to this propaganda technique. 

It seems that even a small amount of corporate funding can result in a propaganda film promoting a highly contaminated nuclear site as a Garden of Eden, worthy of becoming a tourist destination or possibly even a health resort. 

PBS; Radioactive Wolves In Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Movie Review

So how do we define propaganda or recognize it in movies? Aftershock has one definition…. here is an AFTERSHOCK quote from a discussion thread on ENENews;….”Part of the game is to trivialize real-world events. I study propaganda and this is one of the most proven techniques. Basically, the idea is to take an issue and build a plot-line that’s so fantastic, it results in the distortion of the reality that’s to be hidden. The original 1950s’ Godzilla franchise played on the Japanese people’s fear of all-things-nuclear. Of course, the answer to the nuclear-empowered creature (Godzilla) was eventually arrived at (within the series) through a combination of appellations to Japan’s spiritual roots (Mothra) and full scale deployment of conventional military technologies. Buried within its child-like production, the Godzilla series transformed the public’s perceptions into a confusion of subconscious associations. We also witnessed this technique being used on the American public, throughout the fifties and most recently, in the revival of such distortions as Chernobyl Diaries…”

People are taught to think that nuclear is ‘safe’ by watching movies, produced with nuclear industry or even government funding.

Of course, nuclear bomb shelters no longer exist, and training in how to handle radiation is non-existent as well, even among emergency responders. The whole world is going to sleep about the dangers of nuclear radiation, nuclear war and all things nuclear. Need proof?

Try to find a nuclear bomb shelter near you… you will not be able to find one, despite there still being the threat of nuclear war and thousands of nuclear bombs ready to launch globally. The bomb shelters have all been shut down and all of the emergency supplies disappeared. 

Try to find an evacuation route out of a city that has a nuclear reactor.  Ask about evacuation routes from a local emergency planning agency out of a city where you live, in case of a nuclear bomb attack.. They will have no answer for you. 

Try to find an emergency planning agency for a Geiger Counter, that you can borrow. They will either have none or refuse to give one to you.  None of this exists anymore. 

We are all naked and exposed, with no protection or place to go in case of something bad happening around nuclear radiation. We are all being held hostage to the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex, which believes that all things nuclear are good and holy, but secret. 

The nuclear industry propaganda used to be that a global nuclear war was somehow ‘survivable’ if only you ‘prepared’. Today the propaganda is that you will survive, if you ‘duck and cover’.  This is all distortion and deception. Yes, in case of a nuclear bomb attack, your SHORT TERM odds of survival may increase slightly if you duck and cover, or if you had a nuclear bomb shelter, or if you had 60 days worth of canned food and water in a basement. 

But bottom line, there is no surviving an all out global nuclear war where every nation launches everything it has and thousands of nuclear bombs go off, and then 400 plus nuclear plants and their spent fuel pools melt down, blow  up and turn into corium or radioactive dust, much like Fukushima or Chernobyl, as shown in more than one movie made about this subject. Dr. Helen Caldicott explains the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) theory very well in the following article and video clip. 

Dr. Helen Caldicott MD On Nuclear Weapons, MAD/Nuclear Armageddon; via A Green Road Blog

The underlying message in pro nuclear movies as well as corporate owned pro nuclear mass media TV news is; let the military or  pro nuclear experts handle all things radioactive, because no one else can understand it all. The overall theory the pro nuclear apologists present to people living mostly in denial is that radiation is harmless or even better, it is GOOD for you. 

This ‘good news’ propaganda is what people living in fear and/or in denial want to hear. The twisting of facts, statistics, computer models and presentation of faux science theories is apparent if one looks into this issue at all…such as via the following links. 

Bottom line, ALL 1,200 man made radiation products coming out of nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs is toxic and accumulative in humans, destructive to all life. These 1,200 substances could be considered ANTI-LIFE matter. 

Even low level radiation increases the risk of genetic damage, multiple diseases, birth defects, deaths during or before birth, and cancer, just to name a few of the wonderful things that the nuclear industry gives out as free gifts to all of humanity. Well actually, they CHARGE you and your family for this privilege in multiple ways, but that is another story. 

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

The theory of hormesis has been disproved, but the nuclear industry LOVES this theory. They keep using it and comparing their man made toxic radiation to bananas and flying because it supports their world view that they are doing nothing but good by spreading more radiation via nuclear accidents, depleted uranium and nuclear bombs around the world. They can and do deceptively claim that ‘no one’ died due to radiation anywhere, at any time. Don’t believe this? Follow the links and explore a bit.. See if you still think the same way after you read about ten articles..

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Uranium Mining and Enrichment – Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

The subtle propaganda pro nuclear apologist under plots play out in movies made by or supported by the nuclear industry and it’s propaganda outlets, such as regulators, marketing agencies, governments and associated mass media outlets plus TV stations showing TV shows, all owned by and supporting huge global corporations with an almost 100% positive spin on all things nuclear.

Here is another example of a typical propaganda piece, portraying the Doomsday plane, as being something that will somehow ‘save’ humanity. The reporter laughs and jokes as if this advanced technology is actually a ‘good’ thing. The conclusion is that this plane and the ‘high tech God’ inside is something we can rely on in case it all goes bad. 

Inside The Doomsday Plane; Who Will Survive A (MAD) Global Nuclear War? via @AGreenRoad

The military industrial complex and the huge global corporate network supports itself, justifies everything it does and thinks, while attacking anything different, competing, or threatening it’s existence. 

Military think tank and global corporate industry mouthpieces get to say their piece, as they get their funding from these same folks, which is almost everyone in the monopolistic nuclear industry. The above piece about a magic plane that will somehow protect us and possibly ‘save’ us in case of a nuclear attack is an example of how only ONE side is talked about. This is the definition of news or movie propoganda. The total reality and/or truth is ignored, but a particular very narrow belief system is ‘programmed’ into the minds of viewers or readers, such as ‘radiation, nuclear bombs, depleted uranium weapons and nuclear plants are good’. 

But independent experts, such as Arnie Gunderson are finding the opposite to be TRUE.  It is easy to CLAIM and pronounce something, and then say that everyone must believe it blindly. It is quite another to PROVE TRUTH, via clear evidence, accumulated scientifically, impartially, and subject to analysis by many experts, even those outside the narrow industry clique. 

Gundersen: It brought me to tears — U.S. students kept in classroom with radiation levels off the scale — Yet kids of nuclear workers were evacuated (AUDIO) March 24, 2013

Japan Teachers: Students being taught pro-nuclear propaganda — Told radiation risk is less than dying of old age (VIDEO) December 7, 2011

What we see above is that the nuclear propaganda ‘programming’ is not just on TV and in the newspapers. The pro nuclear propoganda also extends into schools, because the government and nuclear industry form a ‘Matrix’ that is institutionalized into concrete. What works for the ‘special 1% class’ is not what normal people have to endure and blindly believe. This one example is NOT unique, but rather, true for schools, colleges, regulatory agencies and governments globally. 

Children, teens and young adults in college are being taught that radiation is good for you, even in toxic, highly dangerous nuclear fallout zones. This is mostly supported by BOTH major political parties in all countries, who are increasingly controlled by these huge corporate monopolies, including the nuclear industry.

Those opposed to the global corporate ‘Matrix’ or having a different opinion, such as the Green Party or Greenpeace rarely get mass media coverage, and if they get it, they are ‘on’ for only for a few seconds or at most a few brief minutes. Following any negative corporate news, we can count on thousands of mind numbing hours of ‘programming’ coverage that is dedicated to the positive, pro corporate, pro coal, pro oil, pro nuclear, pro huge corporate profits, at the expense of people and communities point of view. 

We are sure that if you watch TV at all, that you have noticed the clean coal, oil creates jobs, clean Gulf, and the green, clean, free nuclear power creates jobs ‘programming’? But what is the truth underneath these sound bites and industry propaganda? For that, we have to dive deeper..

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

The propaganda extends even into the scientific world, as hard as it is to believe this. But prove this for yourself. No scientist is funded by government or nuclear industry grants if they dare to step out of line and oppose the pro nuclear spin machine, even if what they are saying is true. 

Anyone who starts being critical in any way of any part of the nuclear industry, or anyone telling the ENTIRE truth of the radioactive subject matter, is ‘shunned’ financially speaking. This technique of handing out money to the industry promoting sycophants and withholding it from the whistle blowers and truth tellers gets almost 100% of everyone to lie or keep quiet about what is REALLY happening. This same strategy is found in movies made about the the global corporate ‘Matrix’. Watch some movies at random, and see if any of them are EVER critical of ANYTHING that corporations do, ANYWHERE?  

Bottom line, as you watch any movie, TV ad, TV show, or newspaper story about a particular huge corporate monopoly, such as coal, oil, nuclear, diamonds, or one of dozens of other monopolies, pay attention to how and where the MONEY is flowing within and around it.. Find out who financed it. Who is employing the people interviewed in the ‘documentary’ for example?

Take another example; Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 4 S4:E9 Final Mission 

In this episode, the crew saves a planet from radioactive Hell by towing an abandoned nuclear waste space freighter into the Sun. This freighter was full of highly radioactive waste, so radioactive that even in orbit around this planet, it was contaminating people on the surface below. Yet, somehow, the Enterprise moved in, extended it’s shields to the freighter and towed it at a slow speed into the sun. 

The computer kept warning about ‘lethal levels’ of radiation in 10 minutes, counting down all the way to 10 seconds, but then the Enterprise released the craft, and they went on to save Captain Picard, with absolutely no health effects whatsoever to any of the crew, much less the people on the bridge. 

No further discussion was given to the radiation exposure and it’s effects. Everything went back to normal, as if radiation magically disappeared after one was exposed. Even the magical medical gas that was supposed to neutralize the radiation stopped working after a certain point, and they knew it. 

Bottom line, the whole Star Trek series is all about how radiation magically disappears and no one suffers from it, despite lethal levels being reached numerous times. Further, the whole star travel concept is strained when one thinks about the effects of anti-matter being channeled through a small craft. They admit there is radiation involved, but never go into the negative health effects or consequences. 

At worst, in an Enterprise nuclear disaster, the radioactive ‘core’ is thrown out into space, where it typically explodes harmlessly. Bottom line, no one is ever harmed from radiation in any of these science fiction TV shows. Well, actually Spock died from radiation in one episode, but that put radiation was framed in a positive light too, because no one else suffered from the radiation leak and Spock died a hero. In real life, radiation leaks do not work that way. 

Just knowing who is paying for the ‘programming’ and where the actors or people being interviewed are receiving their money from will tell you whether or not to believe most of what is said. It is much like the tobacco industry paying to have actors and actresses smoke in movies and TV shows. Hollywood suffers just like politicians do from the pay to play framework, where money trumps truth.  

The more government, nuclear industry experts or nuclear industry related money is involved in a movie, the less truth is told and the more deceptive and manipulative ‘programming’ is found. But see if this is what you find to be true, after you dive into some of these articles and research this for yourself. Do not blindly believe anyone. Question EVERYONE, including the government, preachers, ‘experts, etc. 

Is it hard to believe that news ‘programming’ or movies can be propaganda? Here are a few specific examples; 

Paper: CNN’s nuclear propaganda film “is dishonest to its core” — It’s “actually an infomercial”

3 Very Bizarre Attempts At Pro-Nuclear Power Propaganda …

Mar 18, 2011 – What do a Japanese character named Nuclear Boy, a pro-nuclear propaganda film from 1952 and Smithers from The Simpsons all have in common? Answer; they are all pro nuclear propaganda.

Advantages of Nuclear Power: A pro atomic energy propaganda film (1953)

American Students Featured in Fukushima Propaganda Film: The cherries are delicious — The nuclear power plant has brought us together — “Fukushima is here, unchanged to this day” (VIDEO) September 5, 2012

Despite clear and convincing evidence that Chernobyl children were and still are are being harmed by low level radiation, children around living close to Fukushima are not only forced to eat radiation contaminated food and milk in school, but foreign children from countries such as the USA are being brought in and also forced to eat this same contaminated food and drink, while being filmed for future pro nuclear propaganda efforts. 

The US State Dept. after the Fukushima meltdown formally agreed to buy all exported food from Japan, no matter what the origin, and without testing it for radiation.

The House In The Middle (1954) (A pro nuclear propaganda film)

“Atomic tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds (later the Nevada Test Site) show effects on well-kept homes, homes filled with trash and combustibles, and homes painted with reflective white paint. Asserts that cleanliness is an essential part of civil defense preparedness and that it increased survivability. Selected for the 2002 National Film Registry of “artistically, culturally, and socially significant” films.”

The only problem with the above movies and most others made at that same time is that they almost NEVER discuss what REALLY happens to you, your neighbors and your whole community, even if you painted your house white and kept it spotlessly clean, if you were in the downwind fallout zone from a nuclear bomb or a leaking, melting down nuclear power plant. They also do not discuss the dangers of ‘touring’ these radiation testing grounds or accident sites. Things like ‘hot particles’ are never discussed.  Rather, the opposite is portrayed. 

Today, around Fukushima, the government, the nuclear industry and regulators all claim that living in highly contaminated radiation zones that people were evacuated out of after Chernobyl, is safe for Japanese families, and more than that, that these high levels of radiation are HEALTHY for everyone, including pregnant women and children. Children are playing and rolling in highly contaminated radiation areas around Fukushima, solely because the propaganda put out by ‘experts’ assures them that they are safe. 

These experts also NEVER discuss the danger of even low level radiation, and still do not to this very day. The link to the movie that follows is what the nuclear industry does not want you to see…

Children of Chernobyl – A Grierson Award Winning Documentary About The Negative Effects Of Low Level Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

There are many other movies like this one, which you can explore at A Green Road through the pages links. If you are open and ready to face the dark side of humanity, you will learn some horrible truths. But facing truth, (even dark ones) is the sign of a healthy person, not living in denial. Sadly, only a few people are ready to ‘wake up’ in this way. Most people are happy to be ‘programmed’ and live in blissful ignorance or denial, while pushing away or denying the dark side both personally and professionally. 

As you integrate your dark side and then stand up to the rich and powerful 1% who seem to somehow always end up in a position where they lie, cheat and steal from the 99%, don’t fear the reaper.. from Blue Oyster Cult… Enjoy. 

Corium has left the building – shared the following excellent movies via discussion thread…These movies portray reality, as opposed to the fantasy world that pro nuclear folks like to propogandize. 

“A2 – Documentary about Fukushima children with thyroid cysts and nodules”

“The Land of Hope”

“ABITA. CHILDREN FROM FUKUSHIMA” about Fukushima children who can’t go outside and play 
“3:11 Surviving Japan” 
“Pray for Japan: 
“Women of Fukushima” 
“Fukushima Day” 
“Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape” 
“The Future For the Children in Fukushima” 
“My Atomic Aunt” 
“Fukushima 50” 

Enjoy watching the above movies, which tend to portray things more as they really are rather than as the nuclear industry wants you to BELIEVE…

A final point about propaganda… Wikipedia would paint the above movies as propaganda as well, because in theory, they ‘only’ present one side of the issue. In the ideal world, ‘both’ sides of an argument are shown and equal time is given to both. Well, the fact of the matter is that Republicans got rid of the equal time rule many years ago, so no media outlet has to worry about even showing two sides of anything, to anyone, ever.

But even if a movie showed 2 sides of an issue, what about the 3rd side? Say a news reporter interviews a Republican and a Democrat on a TV show or movie and they both get equal time to talk about an issue, such as nuclear power.. Is that fair and balanced non-propaganda? Wikipedia would more than likely say that this is a perfect world, according to their definition of propaganda movies or TV shows.

But even THIS two sided debate could very well be considered ‘propoganda’, because it cuts out all of the other diverse parties and viewpoints that exist, such as the Green Party for example. What is worse, is that both the Democrats and the Republicans are BOTH owned and controlled by corporate interests, so there is really only ONE side shown, despite the seeming appearance of it all being so ‘fair and balanced’. It is almost impossible to find ANY politicians not accepting money from huge corporations in either major party.

Meanwhile the Green Party, which accepts no corporate funding as part of its mission and purpose, is cut out of the debate and gets absolutely NO mass media air time. The ‘green’ non nuclear point of view and the Green Party specifically is not covered by the mass media news channels for the most part. The Green Party nor any other third political party is seen on any TV show, and they are not featured in any large corporate owned newspaper. Why not? Why is the Green Party seen as ‘wasting your vote’ specifically? Whatever happened to ‘freedom’ and vote your conscience?

In other countries such as Germany for example, the Greens are a major political voice and power. They made the difference in steering the country away from nuclear power and making plans to shut down all nuclear plants by a certain future year. They also have a sustainable plan for seven future generations that benefits everyone, not just the 1% at the top.

Underneath it all, the green point of view and the Green Party specifically is seen as a THREAT to the 1% corporate power, influence and control of the mass media, politics and more. Both the Democrats and the Republicans attack the Green Party and all other third parties specifically both through laws they pass and through mass media ‘programming’ plus a healthy dose of fear thrown in for good measure.  This combination of propaganda, fear and draconian exclusion laws keeps most people inside the corporate controlled ‘Matrix’. And now a little poetry from Orwell.

When I grow up I’ll be a Spokesperson!
Forget math or science, business or nursin’-
all that stuff’s hard and doin’ it worse’n
trying to decide who’s tweets to follow
and how on camera it looks when I swallow –
besides, I’m busy for TV rehearsin’…
Reality! Being a Star, being Famous! Driving nice cars!
I’ll look really good from my best angle
then for ME endorsements someone will dangle!
I’ll talk bafflegab glibly and use euphemisms
and never have to make any decisions!
Just talk and look good – and here’s the fun bit –
if I’m really good I’ll get known as a pundit
then being on TV gets my lifestyle funded!

Since the greens challenge the non sustainable, destructive and suicidal tendencies of nuclear, oil and coal monopolies, a green point of view is squashed, attacked, ignored and denied any air time or inclusion in Presidential debates which are hosted by a privately owned corporation. Fear and division dominates the discussion, rather than love and inclusiveness.

Bottom line, the TRUTH is covered up, denied, attacked and vilified at every opportunity. So it is not just propaganda that is the problem, it is the denial of TRUTH. Isn’t true science the curious exploration of truth in all areas? Isn’t true science the publishing of all research results, even if it turns out to ‘hurt’ a corporation? But that is not what happens in most cases. Science is to a large extent, funded by and for corporations, who expect a positive result and profits.

We all know from Bible school that Satan is the author of ALL lies, and finally, that God is the source and author of all truth. What does that make the authors of propaganda, especially when their intent is to cover up, deny or hide the TRUTH, while causing harm to millions of people or even cause a global life extinction event?

And would you agree, that even if a movie showed only ONE side of something, as long as it was A truth that benefited seven future generations, and that this truth did not harm anyone, that it would not qualify as propaganda?

Anyway, this is an interesting question that deserves to be explored and compared to the Wikipedia definition of movie propaganda. Think about it. 

Nuclear Disaster Related Movies/TV Shows Can Be Industry Propaganda Or Truth – How To Tell The Difference; via @AGreenRoad