Carl Sagan; A Pale Blue Dot – A Dust Mote In A Sun Beam – Who Will Save Us From Ourselves?

As Carl Sagan says in this short video, our home is called Earth. It is but a tiny dot in the black empty void of space, a speck of dust in a sunbeam, and no more than that, in the infinite vastness of time and the ever expanding universe. 

Yet on this tiny speck of dust, people in one part of this speck of dust battle over who is right. They are willing to kill each over an even smaller part of this speck of dust. They will kill over a slight tint or difference in color of skin, or over some mind numbing substance. Rivers of blood have been shed on this tiny speck of dust. 

Meanwhile, the mystery of the vastness of space continues… while the tiny dust mote floats on in the sunbeam. No one has shown up yet, to take us away from this nightmare we have created on this dust mote, to a distant cleaner, more peaceful planet. 

No one seems to be communicating with us yet, although there are lots of stories about UFO visits. None of these UFO’s has gone on TV and announced that they are officially here. None of them have been interviewed and said that they are ready to set up a friendly inter space trade route with Earthlings. 

Bottom line, at least so far, we are completely alone. That is neither good nor bad, it just is. We have to figure this out for ourselves, for better or if we will it and make it happen, for worse. God knows we have enough ways to kill everyone on the planet 4000 times over and over again, plus all life as well. 

Who will save us from ourselves? Could it be that we are the ones that we have been waiting for? 

Maybe we can start thinking about how to live on this small dust mote, as if it mattered. Maybe we can start planning on living here, as if 7 future generations mattered and had a stake here. Maybe this generation is just a steward for future generations… Can we start planning our activities, businesses, and beliefs that way, maybe? 

Carl Sagan; A Pale Blue Dot – A Dust Mote In A Sun Beam – Who Will Save Us From Ourselves? via @AGreenRoad

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