Bradley Manning; True Whistleblowing Patriot or Terrorist That Must Be Tortured And Put To Death?

Depending on which news one watches and which politicians one listens to, the average person can easily demonize Bradley Manning as a wild eyed, radical terrorist that should be tortured and put to death. 

On the other hand, an average person who is not listening  just to mass media news, can see Bradley Manning as a true patriot, standing up for the Constitutional rights and freedoms, deserving full protection from prosecution as a whistleblower. 

In the world of today, arch criminals commit genocide, collapse whole financial systems, steal Trillions of dollars, but no one goes to jail and no one is even charged with a crime.  Global corporations (and the 1% that control them) are making record profits, paying zero taxes, collecting corporate welfare and moving millions of jobs overseas, all at the same time….. This is all considered to be ‘honorable’, ordinary and business as usual in the mass media news system. 

On the other hand, grannies smoking medical marijuana, homeowners mis-stating income on loan applications and the homeless are charged with crimes and locked up for years. 

How Whistleblowers Are Punished And Arch Criminals Get Away Scot Free; via @AGreenRoad

Is it time to stop the war on whistle-blowers and serfs at the bottom, and start concentrating on the REAL problems? Or is this the time to crack down HARD on peace loving, open hearted, freedom loving, diversity loving whistle blowers, the poor as well as the middle class? 

Should the Dept. Of Justice just make it a policy to go after anyone opposed to non stop global war, drones, and the use of weapons of mass destruction such as landmines, phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs, depleted uranium bullets and bombs, assassinations without trial, torture, holding people in prison forever without charge, isolation cells, dozens of US spy agencies, and nuclear weapons, plus installing dictators and raping foreign countries wealth? | #iambradleymanning


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This work produced by independent volunteers in collaboration with the Bradley Manning Support Network.

Bradley Manning; True Whistleblowing Patriot or Terrorist That Must Be Tortured And Put To Death; via @AGreenRoad

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