Sam Cohen – Inventor Of the Neutron Bomb

Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, provides a justification for his invention in the video above (in a really scary and dark way). He says that the neutron bomb is the most detested weapon on Earth, and then goes on to describe the horrible death that it causes for those on the receiving end of it.. (He seems to enjoy describing this.) He ends the interview with saying the weapon is not about logic, reason or even sanity. So why did he invent it? Was it necessary? No. Was it kind? No. Was it loving? No. 

What kind of inventor is this? Where are the ethics and morals of modern day warfare? Where did the honor disappear to? It used to be, that one warrior faced another in combat eye to eye, toe to toe, sword to sword. 

Now it is all about how many eyeballs a bomb can fry and how many brains can be toasted, without harming the expensive real estate, and without putting any soldiers in harm’s way. The question with this weapon seems to be how many cities the military can turn into housing for it’s own troops, without losing a single soldier. Of course, the generals get the castles.

War now is all about how to win without losing anyone on your own side. There is no more soul, much less honor in the wars of the present day. War now is all about the winning and then controlling the territory with thousands of US military bases, no matter what. If you have to kill a few million civilians with a neutron bomb, who cares?

Fear of something, (terrorists) seems to be driving all decisions around all things military and nuclear. There is no discussion of long term consequences, blowback. There are no more creative solutions. The war mongers solutions always involve bigger, better, more powerful weapons; all of these weapons seem to involve something nuclear or radioactive, such as depleted uranium. 

No one needs to know when or where these weapons are used. The radiation in invisible and keeps killing for a million years or longer. Neutrons are also invisible, so anyone who can see the explosion, is either fried or toasted to death.

Hitler and the Nazis would have really loved this weapon.. For anyone who knows history, that is where all of these nuclear missiles, bombs and nuclear power plants came from. The CIA imported HUNDREDS if not thousands of those Nazi nuke engineers and propoganda specialists (professional liars) straight from Nazi Germany right into the USA after World War II and put them on a huge salary. 

Now DU, neutron and nuclear radiation is the legacy that we get to pass on to seven times 1,000,000 future generations. Is that what we really want to give to our children? Is that what we want them to remember us by? Where are you standing in this situation? Have you made your voice heard? Have you voted for those supporting this insanity or did you vote for those supporting renewable energies, peace and dismantling nuclear weapons?

The top nuclear experts and military leaders are itching to use these ‘new’ nuclear second and third generation weapons.. Why build a weapon you cannot use? That would be silly, right? In the video above, one example of how this weapon should be used is provided by someone high up in the UK political circles. Imagine this guy as President… Eventually it will happen. 

This is a peek into the minds of pro nuclear leaders. Any problem is met with a radioactive solution, such as DU weapons, neutron bombs or nuclear plants that produce nuclear weapons materials. 

Presidents and prime ministers have to resist this kind of pressure from the military folks, who think that the bigger the bomb and the more of them, the better. But the problem is that the money to get them elected come FROM the huge military industrial complex, so to have any chance at being up high in the political circles, one must play this game and support their budgets, which buys these expensive boy’s toys. 

If you don’t believe the military could use nuclear weapons, think again. The US is the ONLY nation that has used nuclear weapons MULTIPLE times, via Hiroshima, Nagasaki and now via depleted uranium weapons globally. And it does not stop there. 

“Retired U.S. Army Captain Eric May, a former intelligence and public affairs officer, believes that the U.S. military did use neutron weapons in the Battle of Baghdad in April 2003. The former head of the Iraqi Republican Guard, Saifeddin al-Rawial-Rawi recounted how the bombs they dropped “annihilated soldiers, but left the buildings and the infrastructure of the airport intact.”

Many people have been led to believe (and are still being told) that a war with neutron bombs would be a ‘clean’ war. Michio Kaku explains how the neutron bomb is not ‘clean’. It is dirty and gives off the same radiation contaminating things that any other nuclear bomb does. 

He also goes into the fallacy of how nuclear bombs are supposed to make us safer and give everyone security. However, for every nuclear bomb that is built, a potato is taken off the dinner table, resulting in an economic Depression. 

According to Kaku in the video above, this is the end result of the global arms race; both sides end up in a financial Depression, but the winner is the one who can claim that they entered the Depression SECOND, behind the loser, who entered the Depression FIRST. Kaku said that the Soviets entered their Depression when the Berlin wall came down. 

Is the US about to enter the Depression now that it has built up Trillions in debts and a huge military bubble, which is about to burst? How long will it take for the bloated military budget to collapse under the sheer weight of greed, corruption, and debt that cannot be supported long term?

Bottom line, any arms race is a race to the bottom financially speaking, for any nation that bothers to try. Since the US is the ‘leader’ nation in terms of building weapons, exporting weapons, and the amount spent on weapons, the US is in a race against itself to hit bottom financially speaking. Yes, the USA is the best. And it is racing faster than anyone else to hit financial bottom in a way that is much bigger than anyone has ever done it in the history of the human race. 

More money must be spent on weapons each year, just to stay ahead, to maintain existing weapons and to build a stockpile that will eventually be destroyed because it all goes obsolete in a year or two. So why race to the bottom in the first place? Just give up on the whole concept, and try peace instead. 

Another curious thing about this new type of weapon is that it is designed to kill not with radiation, but with NEUTRONS. Yes, neutrons are not just ‘neutral’, they are a form of deadly radiation, just like gamma, beta and alpha radiation. Few people know that neutrons can kill or injure people. Did you know that every nuclear power plant releases neutrons at an unimaginable rate? They do not even bother counting them, or telling people how much comes out, because it would just scare people. 

But now we have an example and a specific explanation of how neutrons or neutron radiation, kills people in a very systematic way, while leaving all of the buildings intact. 

According to Wikipedia; “A neutron bomb or enhanced radiation weapon (ERW) or weapon of reinforced radiation is a type of thermonuclear weapon designed specifically to release a large portion of its energy as energetic neutron radiation (fast neutrons) rather than explosive energy

Although their extreme blast and heat effects are not eliminated, it is the enormous neutron radiation released by ERWs that is designed to be a major source of casualties. The levels of neutron radiation released are able to penetrate thick, protective materials such as armor, making them useful as anti-tank weapons.[1]

Detailed description

A neutron bomb is a fission-fusion thermonuclear weapon (hydrogen bomb) in which the burst of neutrons generated by a fusion reaction is intentionally allowed to escape the weapon, rather than being absorbed by its other components. The weapon’s X-ray mirrors and radiation case, made of uranium or lead in a standard bomb, are instead made of chromium or nickel so that the neutrons can escape. The bombs also require amounts of tritium on the order of a few tens of grams.[2]

The “usual” nuclear weapon yield—expressed as kT TNT equivalent—is not a measure of a neutron weapon’s destructive power. It refers only to the energy released (mostly heat and blast), and does not express the lethal effect of neutron radiation on living organisms. Compared to a fission bomb with the identical explosive yield, a neutron bomb would emit about ten times[3] the amount of neutron radiation

In a fission bomb, the radiation pulse energy is approximately 5% of the entire energy released; in the neutron bomb it would be closer to 50%. Furthermore, the neutrons emitted by the latter type are of much higher energy (14 MeV) than those released during a fission reaction (1–2 MeV).[4]

(In the fission radiation world, radiation kills even if it is low energy, rather than high energy, but it takes longer to kill a person. Alpha radiation (weak) can kill a person just as easily as gamma radiation (strong). In the neutron world, the same thing is true. It just takes longer to do the same killing job.)

Conception of the neutron bomb is generally credited to Samuel T. Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who developed the concept in 1958.[5] Testing was authorized and carried out in 1963 at an underground Nevada test facility.[6] Development was subsequently postponed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 following protests against his administration’s plans to deploy neutron warheads in Europe. President Ronald Reagan restarted production in 1981.[7]
Three types of ERW were built by the United States.[8] The W66 warhead, for the anti-ICBM Sprint missile system, was deployed in 1975 and retired the next year, along with the missile system. The W70 Mod 3 warhead was developed for the short-range, tactical Lance missile, and the W79 Mod 0 was developed for artillery shells. 
The latter two types were retired by President George H. W. Bush in 1992, following the end of the Cold War.[9][10]The last W70 Mod 3 warhead was dismantled in 1996,[11] and the last W79 Mod 0 was dismantled by 2003, when the dismantling of all W79 variants was completed.[12]
Besides the United States and Soviet Union, France and China are understood to have tested neutron or enhanced radiation bombs in the past, with France apparently leading the field with an early test of the technology in 1967[13] and an “actual” neutron bomb in 1980.[14] The 1999 Cox Report indicates that China is able to produce neutron bombs,[15] although no country is currently known to deploy them.
Considerable controversy arose in the U.S. and Western Europe, following a June 1977 Washington Post exposé describing U.S. government plans to purchase the bomb. The article focused on the fact that it was the first weapon specifically intended to kill humans with neutron radiation.[16][17] 
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory director Harold Brown and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev both described the neutron bomb as a “capitalist bomb”, because it was designed to destroy people while preserving property.[18][19] Science fiction author, Isaac Asimov, also stated that “Such a neutron bomb or N bomb seems desirable to those who worry about property and hold life cheap.” [20]
Use of neutron bomb
Neutron bombs are purposely designed with explosive yields lower than other nuclear weapons. Since neutrons are absorbed by air, even a high-yield neutron bomb is not able to radiate neutrons beyond its blast range and so would theoretically have no destructive advantage over a normal hydrogen bomb
However, the intense pulse of high-energy neutrons that is generated is intended as the principal killing mechanism, not the fallout, heat or blast. Although neutron bombs are commonly believed to “leave the infrastructure intact”, current designs have explosive yields in the kiloton range,[21] the detonation of which would cause considerable destruction through blast and heat effects.
Neutron bombs could be used as strategic anti-ballistic missile weapons. They could also be used as much smaller tactical weapons intended for use against armored forces. The neutron bomb was originally conceived by the U.S. military as a weapon that could stop massed Soviet armored divisions from overrunning allied nations without destroying the infrastructure of the allied nation.[22]
Effects of a neutron bomb detonation
Upon detonation, a 1 kiloton neutron bomb would produce a large blast wave, and a powerful pulse of both thermal radiation and ionizing radiation, mostly in the form of fast (14.1 MeV) neutrons. The thermal pulse would cause third degree burns to unprotected skin out to approximately 500 meters. The blast would create at least 4.6 PSI out to a radius of 600 meters, which would severely damage non-reinforced structures.[23] 
At this distance the blast would cause very few direct casualties as the human body is resistant to sheer overpressure, however, the powerful winds produced by this overpressure are capable of throwing human bodies into objects or throwing objects at high velocity, both with lethal results, rendering casualties highly dependent on surroundings.[24] 
The pulse of neutron radiation would cause immediate and permanent incapacitation to unprotected humans out to 900 meters,[3] with death occurring in one or two days. The lethal dose would extend out past 1400 meters, where approximately half of those exposed would die of radiation sickness after several weeks.

(If neutron radiation can do this to humans, why do we allow this same neutron radiation to come out of every nuclear power plant, especially with our kids around it?)
Questionable effectiveness in modern anti-tank role
The questionable effectiveness of ER weapons against modern tanks is cited as one of the main reasons why these weapons are no longer fielded or stockpiled. With the increase in average tank armor thickness since the first ER weapons were fielded, tank armor protection approaches the level where tank crews are now almost completely protected from radiation effects. 
Therefore for an ER weapon to incapacitate a modern tank crew through irradiation, the weapon must now be detonated at such a close proximity to the tank that the nuclear explosion‘s blast would now be equally effective at incapacitating it and its crew.[25]
Use against ballistic missiles
As an anti-ballistic missile weapon, an ER warhead was developed for the Sprint missile system as part of the Safeguard Program to protect United States cities and missile silos from incoming Soviet warheads by damaging their electronic components with the intense neutron flux.
Area Denial
In November 2012 a former British Labour defence minister Lord Gilbert, made the suggestion that enhanced radiation reduced blast (ERRB) warheads could be detonated in the mountain region of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border to protect against infiltration.[26]

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