Every Nuclear Reactor & Recycling/Production Facility Emits Beta/Gamma Particles, Noble Gases, Iodine 131, And/Or Tritium

Have you ever wondered what comes out of those vent stacks at the average nuclear plant? In the video above, you can see from TEPCO provided information, that radiation in excess of 10 Sieverts (= to 10,000 mSieverts) or 1,000 REM was measured coming out of just this one Fukushima vent stack, possibly through a crack or hole. This picture was taken 5 months after the Fukushima accident with a gamma camera, which measures radiation. What is incredible is that it took 5 months to discover this..

10 Sieverts is enough radiation that if you are exposed to it, it will kill you in seconds to several minutes. This is the most radiation that this camera can measure. They say that they cannot measure anything higher than that, so it could be hundreds of times worse. No one knows, and it seems no one cares. 

How many workers needlessly got exposed to this ‘hot spot’ by walking next to it? 50% of workers were not even given dosimeters in the first month after the accident, and thousands of Geiger counters donated by foreign nations were ‘stored’ in a warehouse, because they were not Japanese made. Odds are, they are still sitting there. 

If you could see the invisible radiation, here is what it might look like… scary, huh? This is not just smoke that you can walk through and your lungs might be irritated and you might cough… This is deadly dangerous but invisible stuff, that goes where the wind blows it.. 

You cannot taste, smell or see it, but if you breathed it in, it would kill you. The problem is, unless you walk around with a Geiger Counter, you would never know where you got lung cancer or leukemia. 

Source: http://erilainen.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/pyhimyksen-ydinsaastutus-yes-vat-i-can/

Every nuclear plant, recycling facility and uranium production facility emits HUGE amounts of radiation of all kinds, as shown in the illustration above. Vent stacks are not just towers built for art sake. 

These stacks are venting toxic, radioactive substances, high up into the atmosphere. Of course you will NEVER allowed to measure what goes on there, or see what comes out of those vent stacks.. NEVER. 

This radiation that comes out of EVERY nuclear facility goes up these very tall vent stacks and it is ‘released’ legally, according to ‘safe’ standards set by the NRC. 

You and your neighbors just have to trust the people there to tell you the truth, and to report what is coming out, (not to you) ONLY to the NRC, which then publishes this online in hard to find places, one year after it actually happens. Does that make you feel all warm, fuzzy and trusting these folks to always do the right thing? 

According to the NRC, the following emissions are for a typical nuclear plant during an average year, AFTER being FILTERED, whatever that means. According to one source, if the vent stacks on your nuclear facility are NOT filtered, you can multiply the readings below by 100 times or more. 

Most nuclear power plants have no filters on their vent stacks. A sample plant’s ‘effluents’ are as follows; 

Beta-Gamma: 1032 MBq – emitter of airborne particles 

Noble Gases: …. 813 MBq 

Iodine-131 ….. 60 MBq 

Tritium: …….. 655 MBq

In case of a nuclear accident or nuclear emergency, all bets are off, and good luck trying to find out what is coming out then. No one will allow you to measure that. No one will report it. No one will tell you when to evacuate until after it is too late.

At best you will get ‘computer estimates’ somewhere down the road, when the heat is off of them, and they can make up something that sounds good.

In the video below, Arnie Gunderson talks about the problems with venting Fukushima radiation high up into the air through the vent stacks, (which continues to this day), as well as the issues around burning radioactive waste, which only creates MORE problems.

To find the regular, normal, legal but invisible ‘effluents’ coming out of the nuclear facility near you, find out the name of your nuclear facility nearby, and enter it at the NRC website or in a Google search.

A general google search for ‘RADIOACTIVE EFFLUENT RELEASE REPORT’ will give you 800,000 results, which you can then filter down to a specific plant by getting more specific with your search by adding the name of the nuclear facility near you plus the above term, and maybe even add the year desired.

Would you like to see where this stuff goes after it comes out? Here is a good resource of all U.S. nuclear power plants and a map of their radiation plumes, or effluent, as the NRC calls it. 
U.S. Nuclear Plumes by Jorn Rash:


You may be surprised at how far this radiation ‘effluent’ goes, but then again, maybe not….

Every Nuclear Reactor & Recycling/Production Facility Emits Beta/Gamma Particles, Noble Gases, Iodine 131, And/Or Tritium; via @AGreenRoad

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