Hydrogen Powered Bicycle

Hydrogen power is not just for cars. Imagine this hydrogen fuel cell being recharged at home, via a solar photovoltaic panel. Or, even easier, a home powered by 100% renewable energy can recharge a hydrogen fuel cell. 

Practical uses exist for hydrogen powered vehicles in industry. Mines, tunnels, and warehouses all use powered vehicles that emit dangerous, noxious, and hazardous fumes. If hydrogen powered vehicles were available, these problems would all be solved, because the only thing coming out of a hydrogen powered forklift, mining train, tunneling machine, airport vehicle is H2O, or water vapor. Nothing else. 

If a bike’s hydrogen fuel cell can be recharged at home, why not do the same thing with a car, truck, or airplane? Why not use hydrogen to heat the home or cook meals?

watani Hydrogen Bicycle
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Bottom line, we can live in a world with technology providing answers that benefit seven future generations. Hydrogen power is one of those solutions, especially when it is combined with other carbon free renewable energies, such as solar, wind, water, and tides.

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