Nikola Tesla Invention Tutorial; How to Construct Your Own Teleportation Portal

Inspired by Nikola Tesla’s theories, this tutorial demonstrates how to construct your own teleportation portal using a magnetic rf coil. See the full creation at…

It is real, or is it fake? Even if it is faked, what are the possibilities of making something like teleportation a reality? After all, we have been watching people get ‘beamed up’ for many years now via Star Trek. 

Remember when in the good old days, science fiction movies were about space men going to the moon? That was considered impossible back then, but humans accomplished it. Now science fiction is about space travel and teleportation, among other things, like not valuing money anymore, and creating food out of thin air. 
People on Star Trek do not seem to even earn any money.. they just do what they do for the love of it. Wouldn’t that be nice, if everyone could do that, instead of working at a job they hate for a boss they despise?
After all, if you can program a machine to create gold coins for you in unlimited quantities out of thin air, what value does gold, silver or even a big pile of diamonds have? None. Maybe we do need someone to invent a machine like this. 
On the other hand, what need do the 1% have for the 99% if they have a machine that can create unlimited wealth? Maybe they would get rid of everyone else. 

They would probably arrange it so that only the 1% could own these machines, and keep the rest of humanity enslaved, working for nothing anyway, because they never have enough, no matter what. Let’s hope and wish that consciousness gets raised along with the invention of machines like this, so that these things get shared with everyone, and greed disappears.
Nikola Tesla Invention Tutorial; How to Construct Your Own Teleportation Portal; via @AGreenRoad
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