Dr. Chris Busby On Depleted Uranium and Veterans Suing For Compensation

This is the story about how Dr. Chris Busby representing 16 veterans suing in London, due to harm caused by depleted uranium. 

The government tried to get Dr. Chris Busby out of the case by saying he was not an expert. This effort failed, as Dr. Busby has been in trial cases before this point, and won these cases as well.

Dr. Busby presented information that was received via the Freedom Of Information Act, or FOIA. 

During the case, the law firm representing the veterans pulled out of the case, without any warning, and with no reason given.

A new law firm stepped in about a month later, and almost nothing happened for a year after that. Three weeks before the tribunal case due to be heard, the second law firm decided not to use Dr. Chris Busby. This meant that all of the evidence would not be presented in the case, which had won other cases like it. This meant that more than likely, the case would be lost, and the veterans had been betrayed. 

As it turned out, none of the evidence was presented that had won other cases previously. These veterans were exposed to radiation on Christmas Island. This means that the veterans will not get justice. 

The evidence that is not being submitted, and is being presented to the public at this point at; www.greenaudit.org 

This information is now in the public domain, thanks to efforts taken by Dr. Busby, and normally it is semi secret. Now anyone can use it and sue for harm caused by being downwind of a nuclear test, nuclear bomb explosion, exposure to depleted uranium weapons testing, DU use anywhere in the world, etc.  

Lawsuits may be all that will stop this out of control nuclear monster. Many more lawsuits will be needed to put a dent in this one eyed, mutant, genocidal maniac that is the nuclear Matrix. 


Dr. Chris Busby On Depleted Uranium and Veterans Suing For Compensation; via @AGreenRoad