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Detailed satellite images reveal the web of connections that sustain life on Earth. If you enjoy various views of the planet Earth from space, you will enjoy this movie, as it goes into how various systems on Earth are interconnected and work together to promote life on Earth. 

Find out how dust in Africa fertilizes the Amazon rain forest

Did you know there are TWO Earth defenses against the charged particles hitting Earth from the sun, and they protect Earth from becoming like Mars; a barren, dry rock with no life?
Watch the Earth breathe; oxygen and CO2 systems are explored. 
The ice in the Arctic generates huge currents underwater. Find out how and why these 1,000 year cycles work. 
Watch the amazing light show of lightning hitting the planet from space.

Life on Earth is indeed a mystery, and this movie pulls back the curtains on how some of these mysteries function in order to keep life going on this planet. 

Although this presentation of the amazing uses of technology goes into natural systems, it only touches briefly on the negative impact that humankind is having. It briefly covers humans impact in the last five minutes or so, and gives no specifics on the damage being caused at all.

It does say that these satellites will be at the end of their life and they all need replacing and NASA needs funds to do this… NASA just had their whole space program outsourced to Russia by President Bush, so we would imagine that these satellites and all of the jobs associated with them will be outsourced to China, Russia, Vietnam, Bangladesh or India.

Jobs in the USA are being delivered on a silver platter to countries with ‘cheaper’ labor, while foreigner worker visa programs are being expanded, to bring cheaper labor into the US, with the bottom line effect of replacing hundreds of thousands of US workers. The excuse is that workers cannot be found to take high tech, high paying jobs here in the USA. Do you think this is the real issue? 

Overall however, this movie is well worth watching. After all, how often do we get to travel to outer space and view the Earth from a large variety of satellites?

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