FOIA Proof That TEPCO Has Been Regularly Dumping Highly Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean

TEPCO has been dumping radioactive water since right after the nuclear disaster, all they way up to today. They have covered all of this up, and say the opposite in the mass media of course. But if you follow the FOIA documents in the video, you will find out the horrible truth. TEPCO is regularly dumping up to 10,000 TONS OF HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE WATER into the Pacific ocean. 

They are running out of time. They are running out of room for more ‘temporary’ storage tanks. They are running out of money. They are running out of people. When will the world wake up smell the invisible winds and ocean waves of DEATH and cancer coming from Fukushima?

Japan Times: Discharges of Fukushima nuclear material into Pacific “have effectively contaminated the sea” — Melted reactor cores will burn again if water not perpetually poured in — “Tepco proposing some of it be dumped into ocean” May 20, 2013

Japan Times: “There could be hot spots under the sea” says Tokyo prof. — “No telling when contamination levels will peak” — 1/3 of fish caught in Gunma lake over max. cesium limit February 4, 2012

Japan Gov’t: It’s “inevitable” that Fukushima radioactive water will be dumped in Pacific Ocean — “Tepco has no choice” July 26, 2013

Kyodo News: Extremely contaminated water is seeping into Pacific Ocean from trench under Fukushima Reactor No. 2 turbine building — Tepco: We believe it’s staying within the pit July 27, 2013

TEPCO admits contaminated water leaking from multiple temporary storage pits at Fukushima Daiichi:

“This weekend, TEPCO announced that a water sample taken from a cable trench under the Unit 2 turbine building contained levels of radiation comparable to those seen in the first weeks of the nuclear disaster. The laboratory tests had shown that over 8.7 million becquerels of tritium, 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium, and 750 million becquerels of other radioactive materials were present in each liter of contaminated water. More than 5,000 tons of contaminated water are captured in, and leaking out of this one cable trench; permeating the soil, and leaking into the ocean. The once unthinkable is now realized and these contamination problems are only going to worsen over time.”

It is not a question of IF TEPCO has been dumping radioactive water into the ocean. It is not a question IF TEPCO has allowed leaks from numerous high level radioactive waste tanks on site. It is only a question of how much radiation has been allowed to be dumped or leaked into the ocean, into the air, into the groundwater. Since no one is standing there watching what the company is doing, there is little or no accountability or incentive to do the right thing. 

The tanks located at Fukushima were built to last ONE YEAR, according to a worker on site. It has now been two years since the mega disaster. Multiple tanks are leaking already. What happens if another huge earthquake hits and fissures rip these flimsy plastic or rubber things apart. What happens when the corrosive liquids eat through the temporary tanks designed to last only one year? There is enough radiation just in the tanks and bladders to extinguish all life on Earth, but TEPCO does not seem to have a plan on how to deal with this waste. 

What happens when they run out of room for more tanks? They estimate this will happen in two years or less. They are already dumping toxic, highly radioactive water into the ocean. This mega disaster is going from very bad to worse. Very few people seem to care. 

FOIA Proof That TEPCO Has Been Regularly Dumping Highly Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean; via @AGreenRoad