As CO2 Levels Rise, Human Intelligence Drops, Reaction Times Slow, Health Deteriorates

Humans have dumped more than 200 times the amount of CO2 compared to all of the world’s volcanoes combined. The amount of CO2 in the air is the highest in 15 million years, and that was before there were humans on Earth.

Due to additional CO2 in the air, which absorbs and holds heat in, the oceans are heating up, from the top down, as they absorb this additional heat from the air. This means that ice in contact with the oceans melts faster. The CO2 levels are increasing in oceans around the world. 

The temperature of the globe is increasing steadily, but with short pauses, in between huge jumps and rises. At the present moment, we are in one of those ‘pauses’ that come in between the huge jumps. The underlying rise in global temperatures has not been reversed, as some denialists would want people to believe. They commonly look at ONLY the recent dip/pause as proof of their theory, but omit the rises historically and overall. 
As CO2 levels rise in the air people breathe, they are affected in many ways.. “Let’s say, sake of simplicity, that we’re converting oxygen to carbon dioxide in an enclosed space. Thenwhen the CO2 level has increased from its normal amount in air (about 0.03%) up to a higher concentration in air of 1.4% CO2 the concentration of oxygen in air will have decreased from 20.9 to 19.5%. Reducing the oxygen concentration from 20.9% down to 19.5% is equal to a 6.7% reduction in the oxygen level. — Thanks to thanks to Dr. Roy Jensen for assistance with these details. 
What are the effects on humans (and other animals) of reduction of the oxygen levels in air? At sea level, breathing air in which the O2 level has fallen to 16% percent is equivalent to being at the top of a 9,200-foot mountain – close to the level at which many people will experience shortness of breath while walking. 12% Oxygen in air at sea level corresponds to breathing normal air at an elevation of about 17,400 feet.” 
Carbon dioxide CO2 levels outdoors near ground level are typically 300 ppm to 400 ppm or 0.03% to 0.040% in concentration.
Carbon dioxide CO2 levels indoors in occupied buildings are typically around 600 ppm to 800 ppm or 0.06% to 0.08% in concentration. You’ll find this data in many indoor air quality articles and books and it’s consistent with what we find typically in our own field measurements.
Carbon dioxide CO2 levels indoors in an inadequately vented space with heavy occupation is often measured around 1000 ppm or 0.10% in concentration. I have measured levels around 1200 ppm in occupied basement offices in a hospital where the staff worked in an area which had no decent fresh air intake into their ventilation system. 
In 1989 I also measured 1200 ppm at chest height in the center of the sanctuary in a Jewish synagogue during the high holy days in a small New York city. I also observed people nodding off. We were never sure if it was a droning sermon, exhausted worshipers at the end of a long week, or the CO2level. But there was no doubt that we were not meeting recommended ventilation standards for that space.
The US EPA warns that indoor ventilation is inadequate at CO2 levels of 1000ppm, [3] but for a more thorough discussion of toxicity of carbon dioxide see CO2 POISONING SYMPTOMS and CO2 HEALTH EFFECTS
CO2 increases affect human health in negative ways. According to the EPA: “The primary source of CO2 in office buildings is respiration of the building occupants. CO2 concentrations in office buildings typically range from 350 to 2,500 ppm (Seppänen et al.,1999). 
CO2 and SBS Studies in the Literature
In a recent review (Seppänen et al., 1999), about one-half of 22 studies of SBS symptoms in office buildings found that increased indoor CO2 levels were positively associated with a statistically significant increase in the prevalence of one or more SBS symptoms. SBS symptoms associated with CO2 included headache, fatigue, eye symptoms, nasal symptoms, respiratory tract symptoms, and total symptom scores. Seventy percent of studies of mechanically ventilated and air conditioned buildings found a significant association between an increase in CO2 and SBS symptoms. (Apte et al., 2000).*” Contact author email: 
Proceedings: Indoor Air 2002443
Excessive CO2 symptoms are explained and explored in more detail in the following link. 
Studies show that people globally have lost 14 IQ points between the Victorian era and now.
People get dumber, sleepier and have more health problems as the CO2 levels rise. An increase from 300 ppm of CO2 to 1,000 or even 2,500 ppm in the interior air, results in those living or working there getting Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
Bottom line, scientists are not really worried about human health effects as the global CO2 levels rise above 400 PPM, but they do say that global warming will accelerate to out of control rates after this point is reached. Differences between scientists vary between 400 and 450 PPM. So we have reached the tipping point according to some scientists, or we are very close to it according to others. 
Those people who claim that positive things happen when CO2 levels increase have more than likely not looked at or studied the effect of increasing CO2 levels on overall planetary, human and animal health. Yes, some plants may benefit from increased CO2 and they will grow faster, but everything and everyone else experiences negative consequences which get worse as the CO2 levels increase.

As CO2 Levels Rise, Human Intelligence Drops, Reaction Times Slow, Health Deteriorates; via @AGreenRoad

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  1. Studies show that people globally have lost 14 IQ points between the Victorian era and now. There can be more reason than CO2 concentation as we know computer and other tech make as lazy. But claming that is little competent. ( you know for example that people smoke less and cancer rate increase in your
    opinion smoking prevent cancer ?). High lvl can decrease your performance
    one study is interesting
    “Modest changes in PETCO2 may cause significant alterations in the EEG without disturbing cognitive function.” other study “Modest changes in PETCO2 may cause significant alterations in the EEG without disturbing cognitive function.”
    in all study what we can conclude that increase CO2 above 1000 ppm have any or mild effect on Human iq and currently air conc. 400 in air not change more than difference outdoor-indoor


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