Clean, Green, Sustainable Hydrogen Powered Semi Trucks

Semi Trucks powered by hydrogen? This is not some future possibility that is not possibly now. Here are a couple of semi – trucks available NOW, powered by hydrogen. Imagine what would happen if the governments of any country switched all of their military and government vehicles to hydrogen? Imagine what will happen when the owners of whole truck fleets switch out their dirty diesel powered fleets to clean, green, zero carbon and sustainable hydrogen powered semi trucks. 

Hydrogen burns and leaves only water as an end product, clean enough to drink. Hydrogen is the only fuel which does not produce a toxic or radioactive byproduct. Hydrogen does not create global warming CO2, and it is the only ZERO CARBON fuel.

Hydrogen fuel can be created for free with wind, water, solar power sources. The sun is creating enough energy that hits the Earth to power the whole globe and all of humanities energy needs for a whole month, in five minutes.

Clean, Green, Sustainable Hydrogen Powered Semi Trucks; via @AGreenRoad

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