Honda FCX – 100% Hydrogen Powered Car – Green, Zero Carbon, Sustainable

Honda came out in 2009 with the FCX Clarity, as the first production ready hydrogen powered car. It comes with a home hydrogen power station to get around the hydrogen fuel station issue. 

It gets 65 miles per gallon of HYDROGEN, and goes up to 270 miles on a tank of hydrogen fuel. It is very QUIET, because it works via hydrogen fuel cells, not a loud, smelly, toxic carbon fuel engine. Imagine nothing but electric and hydrogen powered cars going down the freeway or driving down the street in your local town. Imagine nothing but the QUIET. 

The first hydrogen powered car came out in 1965, so this is not new technology. Isn’t it about time that we mass produced these cars and made this a priority on a global basis? However, due to carbon fuel industry political pressure, it will more than likely take local towns to make this happen. Or, voters will have to vote Green Party, because none of the other political parties that are taking money from the carbon fuel industry will make this happen, due to their built in conflict of interest. 

Register and vote Green Party, if you want a green future. Your vote is wasted, if you vote for any other party, because they take corporate money, and once they do that, they are ‘owned’ by them. 

Honda FCX – 100% Hydrogen Powered Car – Green, Zero Carbon, Sustainable; via @AGreenRoad

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