400 TONS of Radioactive Water ‘Leaking’ Daily, Radioactive Hotspot Found On Ocean Floor 70 kms From Fukushima Daichi

TEPCO announced recently, that 400 TONS of water is flowing into the Pacific Ocean. They say it is highly contaminated with radiation. The company admits this water contains Tritium, but so far, they have not admitted that it contains anything else (which is highly unlikely) from contaminated water flowing out from what they say is a cracked containment for a nuclear reactor with melted fuel inside of it. 

But they also admit that they really have no idea how much radioactive water is going into the ocean, so this is just a guess or estimate on their part. From previous FOIA disclosures, TEPCO has been dumping up to 10,000 tons a day on a regular basis, since the accident happened and they KNOW about this, but refuse to admit this in public.  

NO ONE (except for TEPCO) is allowed to test the ocean water or bottom sediment within 5 miles of the plant, and now we may know the reason WHY they were (and still are) so secretive.

This may also be the reason why all of their employees and contractors have to sign secrecy documents, saying that under the penalty of death they swear to NEVER EVER talk to ANYONE and especially not the press about what they are seeing and doing at Fukushima. If everything is so safe and in cold shutdown, why all the secrecy? Why keep scientists and researchers a minimum of 5 miles away on the ocean side?

Why not allow international scientists into the plant to conduct research and help figure out answers? Why not let some citizens from local communities in there to do their own investigations, if everything is so safe and in cold shutdown? Meanwhile, the ocean is receiving huge amounts of radiation on a daily basis from many sources, including rain runoff, air depositions, river runoff and groundwater emissions.

Radioactive hot spots found as far as 70 kms away from Fukushima nuclear reactor
Aug.8 2013
“A 70 meters wide hot spot has been found 32 meters below the ocean surface, 5.9 km away from the plant, containing radioactive cesium concentrations of 651 becquerels per kilogram, the team said…..Abukuma river runs through both Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, and the research team believes radioactive cesium was carried by the river to the hot spots in the sea…..It has also been reported that contractors doing decontamination work at the reactors have dumped their debris in rivers.”


Supposedly, the Japanese government now controls and finances what happens at Fukushima. They have gone in and asked questions, but got no answers about where all of this radiation is coming from.

TEPCO has claimed since 3/11, that NO corium left the reactors. Pictures of molten lava coming out of Fukushima buildings and evidence of steaming and smoking fissures later on seem to indicate that there are indeed at least one and possibly multiple out of control 60 ton blobs of nuclear fire raging underground, sending massive amounts of radioactive gases and liquids up to the surface. In addition, #3 has taken to on again, off again steaming sessions despite being covered up with massive amounts of concrete.

The only thing that is being admitted to is that the groundwater leaking into the ocean is harmless and legal, containing only Tritium, but maybe that is just the tip of the iceberg?
“Boring No.1-2 is where they detected 900,000,000 Bq/m3 of all β (Strontium-90 etc) twice, which is the highest reading among all the borings. They also measured 380,000,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium from this boring.”

Japan Times, July 28, 2013: A cable trench running under the turbine building of the No. 2 reactor […] contained 2.35 billion becquerels [per liter] of cesium and 750 million becquerels of other, unnamed radioactive substances, including strontium, that emit beta rays.

Some nuclear experts believe that at least three coriums have left the reactor buildings and are tunneling down through the ground, meaning that there is a triple China Syndrome happening in Japan, as we speak. 

This, plus the fact that radiation readings get higher the further down the drill and sample for radiation, may explain why the groundwater is so radioactive. It may also explain why the levels of ocean radiation, fish radiation and Fukushima site radiation levels are not dropping as predicted by the pro nuclear apologists.. More detailed testing by ‘outsiders’ could quickly deny or confirm this plus many other unknowns, but the company involved has no incentive to tell the truth or to let anyone else in to find out. 

It will probably take another ten, twenty or maybe even fifty years for the truth to come out (if nothing changes), about how truly bad the situation really is at Fukushima. Hopefully we will all live to talk about it. #4 spent fuel pool is in a building that has sunk about 6 feet on one side and the walls are leaning and buckling. Add in the rising groundwater, and it would not take much of an earthquake to bring this building and the contents of spent fuel pool #4 down at this point. Things seem to be going from bad to worse…

400 TONS of Radioactive Water ‘Leaking’ Daily, Radioactive Hotspot Found On Ocean Floor 70 kms From Fukushima Daichi; via @AGreenRoad