List And Links To Citizen Radiation Monitoring Geiger Counter Networks

Japanese citizens as well as citizens around the world are taking action to protect themselves from low level radiation contamination in food and liquids, because their government and associated nuclear authorities are refusing or not able to adequately do so in a transparent manner. 

Some store owners are providing high quality on site food radiation testing equipment, so customers can test the food they buy for radiation contamination, before they purchase it. See video above for details. 

A mother’s group got together in Japan and they work on providing safe food and drinks for their children. Over 1,000 mothers belong to just one group. This is a great idea for mother’s located anywhere on the globe. 

Citizens all across the globe are also getting together in networks and monitoring the air for radiation levels, because they do not trust the government or nuclear ‘experts’ to do this for them any longer, much less to warn them of hazardous radiation levels because of some accident or incident. 

Through experience and history lessons such as TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima, citizens have found that authorities and nuclear experts tend to either minimize the radiation, avoid talking about it completely, and also fail to warn citizens when harmful radiation releases occur. 

Here are some links to live radiation networks that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Radiation Network is a citizen network, consists mostly of alpha and beta Geiger counters.

For High Radiation Alert Messages, regarding high radiation readings click on..

The EC2 network is a higher level gamma radiation detector network that combines government detectors with citizen detectors. Gamma detectors are more sensitive and detect a different kind of radiation than the meters on Radiation Network, so the radiation readings will be higher, sometimes MUCH higher.

World map of Radioactive@Home radiation sensors 

This is a global network, but has fewer sensors than other networks. 

Enviroreporter Radnet Radiation Monitoring

This site links to EPA air radiation monitoring sites, and lists both beta and gamma radiation readings historically, and separately. It is not unusual to have high radiation readings either on beta or gamma, but not both, so check both sides.

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center
Safecast is a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments

This link leads to the Japanese radiation map, with 2,500 radiation meters. The highest radiation readings seem to be right around Fukushima. 

Tepco’s radiation measurements around the Fukushima plant seem to be remarkably even, without any appreciable variations. Kudos for putting their radiation meter readings online, but it would be helpful if they did a periodic test with a known calibrated sample, just to show they are actually working, and not just lipstick put on a fake pig.  

Black Cat Systems

These maps seems to have really low readings, and not a lot of radiation detectors, for whatever reason. They also announce at the top; “Are your friends panicked by media coverage of the event? Share this page so they can see things are currently normal.”

Dedicated maps are also available for: 

German Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz: Measurements of Radionuclides in Germany and International Comparison
German Gamma-Monitoring Network of over 1800 monitoring stations, near-real time data:
German Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection: Monitoring and restrictions of food imports from Japan
Rheinisches Institut fur Umweltforschung, University of Cologne, Germany: Predictions about dispersion of radioactive cloud from Fukushima 

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List And Links To Citizen Radiation Monitoring Geiger Counter Networks; via @AGreenRoad 

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