Dr. Rokke Former Military Reveals Dangers Of DU Dust

According to Dr. Rokke, In December of 1990, the US made a decision to blow up Saddam’s weapons bunkers and any possible chemical weapons storage depots. The military invasion forces used depleted uranium weapons to accomplish this destruction. What happened? The DU dust came back on the US soldiers, Kuwaitis, Saudis, and Iraqis. 
Vaccines were used that were toxic to health and immune system. Massive amounts of heavy metal smoke and radiation came off of the burning oil wells and spread over large regions. 
During the Gulf War, over 350 TONS of depleted uranium shells were fired off. One pound of solid uranium tossed into the park in a city, you would go to jail forever. However the military can take tons of this DU and let it blow around in foreign countries. 
Every tank round fired by an Abrams tank contains 10 pounds of DU, plus radioactive plutonium, americium and other exotic radioactive and highly toxic elements.
Depleted uranium is what is left over when most of the highly radioactive types (isotopes) of uranium are removed for use as nuclear fuel or nuclear weapons.
The depleted uranium used in armor-piercing munitions and in enhanced armor protection for some Abrams tanks is also used in civilian industry, primarily for stabilizers in airplanes and boats. 
Depleted uranium is a heavy metal that is also slightly radioactive. Heavy metals (uranium, lead, tungsten, etc.) have chemical toxicity properties that, in high doses, can cause adverse health effects. 
Depleted uranium that remains outside the body can not harm you. The United States started using Depleted Uranium extensively in their munitions. Depleted Uranium (DU) is dirt cheap, since it was the left over material from processing Uranium into nuclear weapons and was normally just being thrown away — in specially built containers in which all handling was done with men wearing special radiation protection suits, because in the commercial field, this stuff is considered “toxic waste”!
Depleted Uranium also possessed several one other characteristic that made it very useful to a modern fighting force. It is extremely dense and pyrophoric, which enables it to punch and burn its way through hard targets such as tanks. Therefore, DU is used extensively in all armor piercing munitions. 
When a DU shell is fired, it ignites upon impact. Uranium, plus traces of plutonium and americium, vaporize into tiny, ceramic particles of radioactive dust. Once inhaled, uranium oxides lodge in the body and emit radiation indefinitely. 
A single particle of DU lodged in a lymph node can devastate the entire immune system 
Depleted uranium is relatively benign before it is fired. Thus, handlers of these munitions are at little risk until the battle starts. Once munitions containing DU are fired, the risk changes dramatically; when a DU warhead or bullet hits its target, it virtually vaporizes the warhead, as well as much of the target. 
Most of the warhead becomes either extremely small fragments — though larger ones are possible — and a whole lot of radiation dust. Thus, when a person travels through the battlefield, they breathe in the particles that are now lingering in the air, plus they get a lot of radiation on their clothes.
Battlefield soldiers who inhale or swallow high levels of DU can suffer kidney failure within days. Depleted Uranium bombs or munitions kill all of us — human beings: old men, women, children and babies who were already born as well as babies who are still in their mothers wombs or deform them beyond recognition!!
The United States military uses vast amounts of Depleted Uranium, with their military and US weapons.
Extensive use Depleted Uranium has been used by the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait and several other places. (DU weapons testing has been done in many places inside the USA.)
Depleted Uranium is used to make a type of metal, resulting from waste material from the production of uranium. There is virtually no use for depleted uranium, because it is dangerously radio active, and causes extremely serious health problems to humans, including death.
Depleted Uranium is by far stronger and harder than any other metal. So, the United States uses depleted uranium for bomb and missile heads, because bombs and missiles, built with depleted uranium, are so strong and hard that they can penetrate what normal steel cannot.
The Unites States also uses Depleted Uranium for bullets of the US military. The problem with Depleted Uranium bullets, missiles and bombs is that the radio activity from the Depleted Uranium missiles and bombs lasts a very long time, and causes still births and serious birth defects for generations.
Military uses of depleted uranium (DU) include defensive armor plating and armor-piercing projectiles. DU munitions are controversial because of unanswered questions about potential long-term health effects. When DU munitions penetrate armor or burn, they create depleted uranium oxides in the form of dust that can be inhaled or contaminate wounds.
Additionally, fragments of munitions or armor can become embedded in the body. There are all kinds of defects now, ranging from congenital heart disease to severe physical abnormalities, both in numbers you cannot imagine.
There are babies born with cleft palates, elongated heads, a baby born with one eye in the centre of its face, overgrown limbs, short limbs, and malformed ears, noses and spines.
There are cases of “thanatophoric dysplasia”, an abnormality in bones and the thoracic cage that “render the newborn incompatible with life”.
Bottom line, DU weapons should be outlawed and banned. Depleted uranium is a by product of the nuclear weapons and nuclear energy industry, which also should be dismantled and shut down. The nuclear industry is incompatible with life on the planet.

Dr. Rokke Former Military Reveals Dangers Of DU Dust; via @AGreenRoad

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