Fukushima Secret Nuclear Weapons Research- Plutonium Weapons Research – Breeder Reactor?


The video above proves via FOIA documents obtained from the Nuclear Regulatory Agency inside the US government, that the reality of #3 is different from what TEPCO and the nuclear industry presents in their official ‘public’ report. According to FOIA documents, plutonium (MOX) was blown out of #3, with a massive nuclear criticality event, (not a hydrogen explosion) Bits of uranium/plutonium MOX fuel were found all around the Fukushima plant as well as for several miles around the plant, as well as in the ocean.

By comparison, the official public reports issued by pro nuclear scientists all claim that NO PLUTONIUM was found on the Fukushima grounds at all and no fuel at all was released from any reactor or spent fuel pool. 

If these nuclear experts with degrees and high positions of authority at universities can lie this brazenly and wantonly, what else are they covering up? Could it be that they are so afraid of something even worse than the plutonium blown out of #3, that they are just denying EVERYTHING bad at Fukushima? 

What could be worse than blowing potentially tons of plutonium fuel and dust/smoke/nano particles out of #3? According to Arnie Gunderson, Fukushima contained 40 TONS of plutonium. How much was released from the various reactors into the air, to travel around the globe? According to Helen Caldicott, MD, just one POUND of plutonium is enough to kill every person on Earth, if it is distributed equally. 


Could unit #3 have been a plutonium breeder reactor, operating in secret, as the above video and investigative reporter points out and details?  Could #4 have been a breeder reactor? Could that be why #4 spent fuel pool dried out and caught fire so fast, due to the ‘hotness’ of the fuel? 

The US nuclear and allied political pro nuclear weapons authorities spent 20 Billion trying to get Japan to do something that the US could not succeed at, which is getting a breeder reactor going. Japan certainly had the interest and motivation, that much is not in doubt.  

A breeder reactor uses much more plutonium than even a MOX fueled standard reactor. That may be what they are trying to hide the evidence of, by bulldozing everything underground and covering up all mention of plutonium.  

No one is attempting to collect any of this highly radioactive material blown out of #3, or measure anything to do with it; not the supposed ‘regulators’, not the government, not TEPCO, not the US nuclear experts, nor anyone else. Why not? Could it be that they were using one or more Fukushima reactors as a military weapons of mass destruction production plant?


Could corium have exited one or more reactors AND their containment buildings? The following short clip seems to show evidence that at least one corium left the building completely.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQRcnUavh6o


But it could also be much worse than that. Japan is a non nuclear nation, and has promised it will not develop weapons of mass destruction in it’s Constitution. 

Why has Japan accumulated 70 plus tons of plutonium via illegal deliveries from the US?  Japan has as much plutonium as Russia or the US. Japan could build and deploy many nuclear weapons within 90 days. Does that sound like a peace loving, non nuclear weapons possessing nation to you? It only takes about 5 pounds of plutonium to build one nuclear hydrogen bomb. How many nuclear bombs does Japan need? 

“In the wake of the renewal of political platitudes about nuclear arms reduction at the Nuclear Summit in Korea earlier this year, a painstaking decades-long investigation reveals how the United States broke its own laws to supply Japan with 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium for a secret Japanese nuclear weapons program that has been in action since the 1960s. Investigative reporter Joseph Trento of the National Security News Service joins us to discuss this report and its ramifications.”
This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest Joseph Trento.

Could Japan be secretly building nuclear bombs close to or under Fukushima, in the basements and/or up in the hills nearby? Is this why they are adament about refusing to admit ANY plutonium connection to the Fukushima tri-mega nuclear disaster?

According to NoNukes;

Shimatsu says that the villagers have told him that secret nuclear weapons labs are spread all over, in the mountains, etc…..

Uranium and plutonium are higher *outside* the site… radiation is coming from some other source, outside of Fukushima I….very highly enriched plutonium and uranium…

War grade material…pouring out…ultimate danger…

According to a radio interview; rense Shimatsu 08-26-13 

There are thousands of workers are working in secret ways, digging out something underground, and trucks as well as trains are leaving Fukushima with this material.

There is another source of high level radiation that is pouring out from underneath the Fukushima site, such as from possible super secret military labs or research facilities working on high level enriched plutonium and nuclear weapons. These guys are not working on the clean up of the reactor buildings. Thousands of guys are working on something else. There are only a few guys wandering around doing basically nothing above ground.

Not one word about all of this is being mentioned by the Japanese government, Tepco, or the Japanese military, much less the US government. The situation at Fukushima is still very critical and has been called an emergency by people high up inside Japan as recently as August of 2013. Why would they say this, if the whole place is in cold shutdown and stable? There is danger of another massive explosion. If something like this happens, Japan will be gone and much of the US will have to be evacuated.

Where are these weapons labs? How much weapons grades material is in there? Unless the whole FUBAR is disclosed and they become much more honest and transparent, there is no solution to this mega disaster. Where is that 60 TONS of plutonium being stored? Could it be in the basements of Fukushima, or in secret facilities around it?             http://www.opinion-maker.org/2011/04/fukushima-secret-weapons-program-inside-nuclear-plant     
Hidden weapons labs are there, hidden away, that the villagers have told me about,  and it is a huge complex, just like Los Alamos, in the United States.


Fukushima has wiped out the ozone layer…and threatens to wipe out the Pacific as a source of life…10 tons a second being pumped out…large parts of North America will probably have to be evacuated…


Bottom line, we KNOW beyond any doubt that the company, the pro nuclear industry scientists and the Japanese government are lying about plutonium at Fukushima and about the amount of radiation released. What else are they lying about and covering up?

How can anyone deal with a messy and potentially global life extinction event, if the whole situation and everything around it from beginning to end is based on nothing more than massive lies, cover-ups and denials?

When will Japan and the nuclear boys get serious and deal with this mega nuclear disaster in the way it should be? Even up to today 9/2013, two plus years after it happened, Fukushima is mostly a duct tape, baling wire, rube goldberg plastic garden hoses and used leaking metal storage tank , leaking bladders type of messing around affair.

There still seems to be no effort to do what is really required to ensure public safety and global health, much less transparent truth telling. So what are they REALLY hiding? The rule seems to be; hide 99%, and reveal 1%.

Fukushima Secret Nuclear Weapons Research-  Plutonium Weapons Research – Breeder Reactor? via @AGreenRoad

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