Which Nation Is Worst And Using The MOST Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

Kevin Blanch explains in his passionate way what the weapons of mass destruction thing is really all about, when it comes to Fukushima. Is it a radiological weapon of mass destruction? You can answer that question by reading some more articles at the links below. Definitely, Kevin believes that it is..  

Of course, what is really happening in the nuclear industry cannot be talked about on corporate owned mass media, because it would be bad for business, both on the nuclear reactor sales side, and on the side of nuclear medical equipment, because both of them feed each other business; a globally based death and dying business where the price of participation is bankruptcy, moral corruption, and loss of all ethics, not to mention heart. Find out more about this via the articles in the links below. 

Vultures feed off of the dead and dying, but it is not pretty or nice. It is amazing that so many people want to be around vultures and hang with them. So many want to help the vultures fleece taxpayers in oh so many ways. So many want to take the vultures money. So many want to be their best friends. So many want their money and support, so they can get elected. But this may change very quickly, because vultures feast off the dead and dying and this popularity contest may soon end, because vultures are, well, vultures.

It is amazing that so many people vote against their own best interests and keep putting these vulture supporters and promoters into power, year after year, when there is a choice of a party like the Green Party, which takes no corporate money, ever. 

Regarding Syria, the ‘greatest’ country that used to be the US, lacks the moral authority to to anything about Syria using chemical weapons, assuming they even used them. That question has not been answered yet, and the odds are that the evidence has been manufactured, just as it was for the Gulf War, Vietnam, and countless other ‘interventions’. 
“We’re talking about a government with a history of using chemical weapons against innocent people far more prolific and deadly than the mere accusations Assad faces from a trigger-happy Western military-industrial complex, bent on stifling further investigation before striking.

Here is a list of 10 chemical weapons attacks carried out by the U.S. government or its allies against civilians.


We can guarantee that the death toll from the US using these ten chemical weapons is WAY MORE than 100,000 people, and probably north of 2,000,000 people, with no end in sight, since radiation from bombs and Agent Orange, plus DU keeps on killing for tens of thousands of years, basically FOREVER. 

Now, who wants to tell Syria that they cannot use weapons of mass destruction? The USA? Get real. Let’s be an example. Then maybe we can start lecturing and being a global policeman.  

What would we have to do to be on the moral high ground? First we would have to stop using and promoting nuclear power, DU weapons, phosphorus bombs, neutron bombs, GMO seeds, clean up Agent Orange disaster we caused in Vietnam, Roundup, and much more… 

When we close down all nuclear plants, dismantle and get rid of all nuclear/biological/chemical weapons, and shut down the landmine industry, the GMO industry and more, plus clean up the chemical and nuclear weapons messes we already made, maybe then we can look around and take a breath, and talk about starting another war where DU WMD weapons will be used.  

Maybe after we apologize for our genocide, we can start lecturing and debate the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction such as DU weapons, against someone who possibly used them ONCE on a few hundred people, but maybe not. 

We know historically who REALLY used and promoted weapons of mass destruction, resulting in MILLIONS of deaths, and it was not Syria. We know who is using weapons of mass destruction every day, all around the world, TODAY, and it is us. 

Smell the WMD? Wake up people.  The enemy is us.

The British voted against getting involved in Syria. They have been the most staunch supporter of the US in all past imperial adventures all around the world. The fact that they are not there beside us, says a lot. 

The UN was created by the US to solve problems like this, and bring in peace keeper troops if necessary. But Russia and China have veto votes and will use them to counter the peace keeping mission of the UN. 

Syria is a good job for either the UN or the World Court in the Hague, which the US also pulled out of and said it would not use or be subject to, due to the risk of President Bush being accused of genocide or war crimes in an illegal war in the Gulf. 

If we bomb Syria, the people that will suffer the most will be the Syrian civilians, particularly the children, not the Assad regime. There are already 4 million Syrian refugees before we start bombing. Over 1 Million children are refugees, suffering due to this war already. 

Attacking Syria with drones or remote weapons will only increase the suffering and disaster for those people trying to live inside this nightmare. The Syrian civilians do not want us to bomb Assad. They live under a rain of bombs already. They do not want MORE bombs, they want LESS bombs. From their point of view, all bombs are equal killers of civilians. American bombs do not kill any less civilians. Bombs are equal opportunity killers and they end up killing people, mostly civilians at a 10 to 1 rate for ever target they do destroy. The Egyptians think it will only inflame an already difficult situation. They do not want the US in there.

This ‘intervention’ in Syria will cost at least 1 BILLION Dollars, or more. A war is not free. Who wants to throw this money away on a useless, counterproductive, WWIII starting, very risky action? 

How many jobs or job training could this 1 Billion buy, here in the USA? 

Is the US being immediately threatened by Syria because they allegedly used chemical weapons? NO. President Obama promised the Syrian rebels three months ago, to send them weapons. This has not been done. Why not? What is the holdup? If we are having problems sending the rebels a few guns, why is it so easy to start bombing someone by comparison? 

All surveys show the public is against bombing Syria by up to a 10 to 1 margin. Why are the politicians in both the Senate and House voting FOR war? 

What part of the US military industrial complex benefits from the US getting involved? Who are the lobbyists pushing for war? Follow the money and the truth is there…

Which Nation Is Worst And Using The MOST Weapons Of Mass Destruction? via @AGreenRoad

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