Will The 2020 Olympics In Tokyo Japan Endanger Health Of Athletes With Low Level Fukushima Radiation?

Dr. Busby warns about the dangers of low dose radiation found in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. He explains the details in his book. An air conditioning filter was found with over 100,000 Bq/kg of Cesium. The filter was on the 20th floor of a high rise building in the middle of Tokyo. 

The IOC awarded Japan the 2020 Olympics, to be held in Tokyo Japan in September of 2013. It is a well guarded secret that Tokyo is a radioactively contaminated area, which actually should be evacuated, just like the exclusion zones around Chernobyl. 

Japan Plans To Evacuate 40 Million Citizens; Russia Shocked; via A Green Road
Japan came very close to evacuating Tokyo, and some experts say that it should still be evacuated, because it was hit hard by radiation right after #3 exploded and released a massive amount of radiation. 

Watch the two videos to find out more about this.. In the video below, Arnie Gunderson, a nuclear expert, gathered five samples of soil from Tokyo at random and tested them for radiation. ALL of the samples tested positive for radioactive contamination, high enough to be required to be disposed of as hazardous nuclear waste in the United States. 

Few people realize that when Unit #3 at Fukushima Daichi exploded, the wind shifted and the black smoke and explosion contents from #3 went directly over Tokyo. #3 had MOX fuel, which contains plutonium, the most toxic substance on Earth. For two days, the winds blew over Tokyo, while their Iodine 131 radiation levels spiked really high, well over allowed drinking water limits. 

Massive amounts of plutonium, cesium, uranium, strontium plus 1,000 other radioactive elements fell on Tokyo, the surrounding hills and their water supply, and those radioactive elements can still be measured today, at dangerous levels. Radioactive gases such as Xenon, Krypton and Argon wafted through everyone’s lungs. ‘Hot’ radioactive particles and nano sized buckyballs were breathed in by everyone on the planet. For more information about this, click on the following link, and look for articles related to Unit #3 at Fukushima. 

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

So why are the citizens of Japan not being warned? Why is the mass media so quiet about this? Could it be that the expense of moving 30 million people and relocating them out of Tokyo makes it so expensive that it is unfeasible? 

Could it be that the horror of this disaster is so large, so huge, that the ONLY reasonable solution is to cover up the whole thing? Could it be that they are sticking with the #3 hydrogen explosion story because they do not want the world to know what REALLY happened there? 

Could it be that the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster is so bad, that this is why it makes sense from the nuclear industry perspective the ‘best’ solution is to pretend that everything is normal, and that all of Japan is ‘safe’? 

Could it be that in order to try and save face, and possibly delay Japan from the coming financial collapse, plus generate some much needed income, one solution was to hold the Olympics in Tokyo, despite the hazards to athletes, visitors and citizens? They succeeded in accomplishing that goal. But there will be consequences for the citizens, visitors and athletes. You cannot stay in a contaminated radiation zone that should have been evacuated, just like the areas around Chernobyl were, without risk… 

Another solution was to generate large amounts of desperately needed cash was to sell nuclear reactors to other countries, with a goal of saving Japan from complete financial collapse. They are succeeding in that goal as well, short term, but what price will be paid long term in those countries after they experience what Japan is experiencing now?

Bottom line, Japan is bankrupt. They and the financial world that invested 5 Trillion in a dead end, life destroying nuclear power industry just have not acknowledged the reality of the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster yet. 

The negative financial impacts are going to be felt in future years in an accelerating manner, no matter what positive ‘spin’ or propoganda is produced by the nuclear industry, their associated supporters in the corporate owned mass media, universities and the pro nuclear apologists. 

So what can the average organization or individual do about this seeming nightmare scenario? In regards to the Olympics, it is possible to file a General Rule 69 Violation against the International Olympic Community for Endangering Olympic Athletes and visitors. 

It is also possible to boycott the 2020 Olympics, not watch it on TV and urge others to do the same. Make your voice and influence heard. 
The rule is there. Look it up at www.USOlympic.org  

Kevin Blanch is predicting that the 2020 Olympics will not happen in Tokyo. Listen to his reasoning in the video above. He has predicted a lot of things, and he has been right on for everything we have seen so far. Time will tell. 

It is possible to spread this article around by copying the url below. It is also possible to sue the IOC, Japan, TEPCO and all associated nuclear entities, because they KNOW what they are doing. Who are they trying to fool? They know Tokyo is contaminated with radiation and plutonium specifically. 

How many athletes and visitors will end up being harmed or killed by going to Tokyo for the Olympics in 2020? Will they really end up happening there, or will they be canceled as Kevin Blanch predicts? Time will tell.  We end with a poem by Or-well. 

September 10, 2013

The TepJGovCo Baby
gets the Olympic Spirit!

“Hi Everybody!
Look! They gave me an Olympic Torch –
LED and a battery, so I don’t get scorched!
And I got a TV so I can watch,
as I’m not allowed out past our porch
because dirt is now something kids shouldn’t touch –
but we’ll all feel good seeing others play sports
and we can all dress up in t-shirts and shorts
and run and jump around in the house –
except I can’t as my nose bleeds if I do too much –
but it’s OK because hormesis makes babies strong
and I’ll be an Olympian before too long!
Remember – in Fukushima there’s nothing wrong!
Let’s sing the Tokyo Olympics Song!”

How in hell do cartoon babies get sick?
It’s Sad Spirit Crime to mess with these scripts!
Someone get our Yakuza Liason on this!
We’ll re-shoot without the “hormesis” bullshit
and no hint there’s anything wrong with the kid!”

or-well says
that’s what happens when you use contractors
and even cartoon lies can’t hide bad character
in upside-down Nuke World
full of psychopath actors.

EndWill The 2020 Olympics In Tokyo Japan Endanger Health Of Athletes With Low Level Fukushima Radiation? via @AGreenRoad

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