Fukushima Harbor Fish Measured With 740,000 Bq/Kg Cesium

TEPCO released radiation figures, which can also be found at the ENE link below, with peak radiation readings of 740,000 Bq/Kg in fish that were caught inside the Fukushima harbor as of March 2013.

The picture below shows the location of the places where fish were caught.The highest reading yet, was originally detailed at ENENews.com 

January 18, 2013
Cesium in fish off Chiba coast exceeds radiation limit for first time — 200 kilometers from Fukushima plant — Due east of Tokyo February 18, 2013
NHK: Highest radiation levels ever detected in fish at Fukushima plant — Over 5,000 times gov’t limit February 28, 2013

Tepco Handout: http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/fukushima-np/f1/smp/2013/images/fish

It is important to understand that these radiation readings are the highest yet recorded in fish, since the Fukushima mega disaster happened on 3/2011. Radiation readings in fish and in ocean water should be coming down, not going up. 

Something VERY BAD is happening at Fukushima that is causing these higher radiation readings. No one seems to know what is going on. No one seems to know how to stop this mega disaster from polluting the ocean with huge amounts of radiation.

An ice wall will not work since the 3 coriums escaped from the reactors and are now deep beneath the Earth. Building an ice wall that will take two years to complete will only delay dealing with reality, as the situation at Fukushima becomes much worse.
In response to what seems like a worsening radiation problem over time, South Korea has banned all fish products from Japan, coming from a total of 8 regions. 
But it is not just about fish around Japan. Globally, the last two years after Fukushima have seen a collapse of the seal, walrus, polar bear and salmon populations all the way from Alaska to the bottom of California. One researcher found that all 100 herring in a sample catch were all exhibiting the same signs that the seals, walruses, and polar bears were. 

More details about the effect of low level radiation on animals is available at the links below, as we are summarizing them here. 

Something big and horrible is happening in the Pacific ocean, and the ‘authorities’ do not seem to want to find out what is behind it. 

Bottom line, it took more than two years for South Korea to take action. It would not be surpising for other nations to follow the example of South Korea, which seems to be trying to protect it’s citizens.

Let’s summarize, shall we? 

Back about 2 years ago, Fukushima was declared ‘cold shutdown’. Since then, radiation levels in fish have been increasing, not decreasing;

In Jan. 2013, fish had     250,000 Bq/kg maximum levels
In Feb. 2013, fish had    500,000 Bq/kg maximum levels
In March 2013, fish had 740,000 Bq/kg maximum levels

By now, the radiation levels are probably over the lethal levels; no fish will survive in the testing area with radiation going up at the rates indicated above… 

The Japanese are not taking this mega radioactive disaster seriously. Our conclusion, based on the above FACTS, is that the nuclear industry, the regulators, the nuclear scientists and Japanese government  are covering up 99% of what is going on, even to this day. And that is not a hopeful sign for solving this mega nuclear disaster. Denial is such a terrible waste of time. 

Fukushima Harbor Fish Measured With 740,000 Bq/Kg Cesium; via @AGreenRoad

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