Mass Die Off Of Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars, Salmon In Pacific Ocean California To Vancouver

Sept 2, 2013

A mass die-off of both Sunflower stars (Pycnopodia helianthoides) and sun stars (Solaster dawsoni) was observed in the waters around Vancouver, BC at the end of August and the beginning of September, 2013. This is video from Kelvin Grove, BC on September 2nd, but similar scenes are seen at Whytecliff park, and other popular local dive sites.

 Sept 17, 2011

North end of Stillwater Cove Sonoma County. All I could find were dead Gumboot Chitons, and mussels that were attached to seaweed, not likely casualties of the Red Tide. 

The CA DFG claims red tide killed massive amounts of Abalone, Sea Stars and Chitons. There are just a few pictures of a 40 yard stretch of beach that is located at Fort Ross circulating on the internet. These seem to be the ONLY pictures you can find of this “massive” die off. Something smells fishy to me.

Uploaded on Sep 16, 2011…
Abalone die off Sonoma Coast California…

Although the exact reasons for the abalone deaths are not known, invertebrate die-offs have occurred in the past along the northern California coast due to lack of oxygen and/or poisoning when similar weather and bloom conditions existed but not at the magnitude of this event. Divers are encouraged to avoid diving in the affected areas.

The ocean current that brings Fukushima released radiation to the US, is called the Kuroshio current.…

Almost all scientists and nuclear ‘experts’ who have a financial connection to the nuclear industry claim that the Fukushima radiation is ‘dispersed’. The say the radiation will never present any danger to humans. But they do not mention bioaccumulation or bioconcentration up the food chain….They also claim that Fukushima is back to normal, released only 10% of Chernobyl and that the plant is in cold shutdown. So there is nothing to worry about, right?……

If all of the Fukushima radiation is dispersed and back to normal, then why did milk in the US show higher than safety limits radiation, (and possibly still does)? Why did the EPA recently raise ‘safety’ limits of food and water by up to 23,000%? 

Why do studies about bioaccumulation of radiation show definite hazards and dangers both due to Chernobyl and Fukushima?

Fukushima: 2012 Hawaii And Arizona Dairy Milk Test Up To 800% Higher Than Safety Limits; via @AGreenRoad

Bioaccumulation Of Radiation In Fresh Water And Salt Water Fish After Chernobyl And Fukushima; via @AGreenRoad

Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Concentrates 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae; via @AGreenRoad

If Fukushima is in ‘cold shutdown’ and everything is back to normal, why are the fish around Fukushima being measured with drastically higher amounts of radiation, starting in January 2013? Something really, really bad is happening at Fukushima. It is not in cold shutdown, as everyone keeps claiming. Radiation levels are rapidly INCREASING, at HUGE amounts. 

Fukushima Harbor Fish Measured With 740,000 Bq/Kg Cesium; via @AGreenRoad

Why are there massive die offs/weird diseases of seals, walruses, polar bears and herring; all matching and having the same health issues? Sores, hair falling out, lethargy, internal damage… on a scale never seen before, and it is happening all the way from Alaska to Southern California?

70% Of All Sea Lions Dying In California; Fukushima Radiation The Cause? via @AGreenRoad

Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects? @AGreenRoad

Even salmon numbers have plummeted, for no apparent reason, other than that this happened right after Fukushima.

Why is Greenpeace the only organization reporting that there is a radiation problem, when no nuclear industry related scientists are? Why couldn’t they find any lab in Japan willing to do their radiation testing for them? Why was Greenpeace not allowed to go closer than 20 miles from Fukushima? Why are all of the scientists and nuclear experts with funding coming from the nuclear industry claiming the exact opposite of what Greenpeace is? 

Few people know that animals in Europe, Finland, and other countries are still showing radiation contamination from Chernobyl today, generations after the nuclear disaster there, and those animals are at least 1,000 miles away from the Chernobyl accident site. 

Just because the US is far away from Fukushima does not make us or animals somehow ‘safe’, just by magic. 

Radioactive Boars And Deer (Still) Unfit To Eat 950 Miles From Chernobyl; via @AGreenRoad

Dangerously Radioactive Wild Boars Roaming Around Italy; via @AGreenRoad

Why is the sewage sludge in Japan showing rising levels of radioactive Iodine 131 even today, in September of 2013? This radiation should be completely gone by now, if Fukushima is in cold shutdown, because the half life of Iodine 131 is only a few days, not 3 years.  

Japan Radioactive Iodine 131 In Sewage Sludge Levels RISING Since March 2011 To 2013 – Why via @AGreenRoad

Why is TEPCO admitting that massive amounts of radioactive water is going into the ocean, at a rate of 400 tons a day, starting from 3/11, and not ending even today? They are saying they have an emergency, and they cannot handle it, and they don’t know what to do about it. This does not sound like a ‘cold shutdown’ and decommissioning. 

Fukushima – Growing Alarm, Things Going Downhill Fast; 1,600,000,000 Bq/Liter Cesium 137 Radioactive Water Going Into Ocean; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima – Thousands Of Storage Tanks Leaking Highly Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean via @AGreenRoad

400 TONS of Radioactive Water ‘Leaking’ Daily, Radioactive Hotspot Found On Ocean Floor 70 kms From Fukushima Daichi; via @AGreenRoad

Bottom line, there is something very bad happening at Fukushima. The situation there is totally out of control, and it is getting much worse, rather than a cold shutdown and everything is back to normal. 

99% of what really happened at Fukushima has been covered up, denied or hidden. There remains much to be discovered by the world about this nuclear mega disaster. None of what will be revealed will be good news, when it finally does come out.   


Mass Die Off Of Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars, Salmon In Pacific Ocean California To Vancouver; via @AGreenRoad 

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