The Land Of Hope Movie

In this two hour movie, a terrifying earthquake strikes in a small residential area, where an old couple, their son, and daughter in law are living a peaceful life together. 

There is a nuclear station near the village, which explodes because of a level 9.0 earthquake. The residents who are living in this small residential area must evacuate.

The old couple owns a farm in the village with the evacuation line draped across their front yard. The father wants to stay, and doesn’t want to leave all his memories behind, but his son wants him to go. His son’s wife, named Izumi, became
They are terrified of the radiation coming from nuclear power station and decide to evacuate from their small village. But the old couple stays there.
The ending of the movie is sad. The old couple kill their animals in the farm, because they will be killed by the authorities if they don’t.  The milk is contaminated with radiation due to the Fukushima melt downs. Then the old couple kills themselves, because they lost everything, forever, including all hope in the future.


The Land Of Hope Movie

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