IRID And METI Take Over From TEPCO – Work On Behalf Of Japanese Government To Solve Fukushima Mega Nuclear Crisis

Not only did prosecutors not press charges against ANYONE for the Fukushima disaster, they exonerated everyone involved and said they just did the best they could. 
But, at the same time, the Japanese government proclaimed that it was ‘taking over’ from TEPCO in terms of solving some emergency problems at Fukushima Daichi, despite having the best nuclear minds from Toshiba and Hitachi helping out there. 
Now it looks like the Japanese government is switching out some of the players at the nuclear table. They are putting in about 600 individuals from the IRID institute which is associated with METI in order to try and get a handle on the Fukushima Daichi emergency situation. 
The Japanese “have a vested interest in seeing Fukushima Daichi cleaned up so it stops being a source of bad press for the industry. Since these same players also want to get back to business as usual, selling and generating nuclear power, it does come with some potential conflicts of interest. The institute was established in spring 2013 and given some form of official authorization from METI on August 1st. The institute has about 4 billion yen in funding for 2013 and will have about 600 total members or staff. It does seem a bit odd that the nuclear village is getting taxpayer money to figure out how to fix their screw up.”

It seems that Fukushima is more than a ‘bit’ odd, because the nuclear industry is getting paid to fail, first by allowing many ‘defective’ reactors to be sold and installed on Japanese soil, despite clear knowledge by engineers reporting to GE that the Fukushima nuclear plant design had terminal defects in design and capability. GE KNEW that in case of a nuclear accident, that these nuclear reactors would FAIL, 100% of the time. (They have also been installed in the USA.)
Once multiple reactors at Fukushima Daichi failed and melted down, with a complete 100% failure rate, the nuclear industry was paid to try and clean up the mess they made, by the Japanese citizen taxpayers. GE (so far) has been let off the hook completely, because it had Japan sign an agreement that no one could sue them in case something bad happened.

Of course the nuclear experts claimed that this disaster could NEVER happen, so no measures had to be taken, such as building sea walls high enough to counter KNOWN tsunami heights.

The defective GE nuclear plants and the defective sea walls, plus defective infrastructure designs guaranteed failure of the highest magnitude, so no one should be surprised, except that no one was charged or jailed as a result of all of these obvious failures. 

The nuclear experts that got hired by taxpayers seem to be failing at that job of cleaning up a cold shutdown plant as well, so now a different team, also from the nuclear industry, is being brought in and THEY are being paid to fail as well. 
Nuclear bombs destroy the human genome and kill hundreds of thousands to millions of people instantly. They can wipe out all life on the planet in minutes, through an accidental push of one button. 
Japan has had direct experience with two nuclear weapons being used on two of their cities, yet the current government under Abe is pushing to become a nuclear bomb possessing nation and to change their Constitution from being a neutral nation like Switzerland, to being an aggressive nation with nuclear missiles like the US, threatening to strike first at a moment’s notice, for no reason at all. 
Nuclear power plants destroy the human genome just by operating, while manufacturing deadly plutonium for nuclear bombs as long as they are turned on and working. Yet, despite experiencing the worst nuclear accident in the history of the planet, the Japanese government is pushing to restart the closed down nuclear plants in their country. 
Nuclear plant meltdowns destroy 25,000 square miles of land at a time, in addition to the human genome and the entire future of the human race. Nuclear accidents happen about once a year somewhere on the planet. 
Multiple nuclear plants melted down in Japan and they experienced two nuclear bomb disasters, but that is not stopping them from inviting their citizens back into highly radiation contaminated zones and pretending that everything is back to normal. Doing that means that the nuclear industry and the government have failed again, just in another direction, made three times worse, due to their unique history. 
The Japanese seem to be making a choice that they have to fail. The nuclear industry and the Japanese government is willing to sacrifice millions of their best people in the process of failing yet again and again. They are failing because they are willing to develop nuclear bombs. 
They are failing because they are starting up a failed nuclear technology that will do nothing but exterminate the whole human race. 
They are failing because they are unwilling to tell the truth of what REALLY happened at Fukushima, and are covering up 99% of the truth. 
What does Japan expect from following a guaranteed triple fail policy and long term strategy, other than another long term failure that will be three times worse than the one they are experiencing now? Multiplying together failures does not equal success, it just ensures failing even disastrously more in the future. 
To solve a problem, one must think and act differently from the way one thought and acted when the problem was first created… Japan could lead the world in carbon free, clean and green renewable energies, such as wind, solar, tides, and geothermal, because it has plenty of all of these, more than enough to power the whole country. 
A good first step would be to tell the world the truth of what really happened. This allows for some real and creative solutions, instead of using band aids over gaping chest wounds that are being denied. 

IRID And METI Take Over From TEPCO – Work On Behalf Of Japanese Government To Solve Fukushima Mega Nuclear Crisis; via @AGreenRoad