Watch The Unbelievable 19,000+ Earthquakes In Japan That Happened During 2011 Alone

Watch the video and see how over 19,000 earthquakes hit Japan just in 2011.  The following chart link shows the subduction zone all along the Japanese coast, and the earthquakes superimposed on top of that.

The Japanese nuclear authorities, experts and the Japanese government wants to restart 50 plus nuclear reactors in Japan, after they were almost all shut down after the 3/11  9.0 earthquake and tsunami. The nuclear industry said that this mega nuclear disaster ‘could never happen’.

Does restarting any nuclear plant make any sense at all, considering that Japan is filled with earthquake faults and experiences thousands of earthquakes each year? 

Does it make any sense to start ANY nuclear reactor back up, when the insurance companies will not even insure them at any price, anywhere in Japan? Restarting the nuclear reactors in Japan means that the Japanese citizens are ‘naked’ and exposed to all of the risk of another meltdown or accident around anything nuclear in Japan.

Bottom line, in any country, citizens are going to pay for a nuclear accident, no matter what, because the nuclear industry never pays for ANY accident, the cleanup, or any of the losses. 

TEPCO Controls Mass Media, But Loses ALL Nuclear Plant Insurance Coverage; Via @AGreenRoad

Just the ONE single nuclear accident in Japan at Fukushima Daichi will eventually cost the citizens of Japan between 1 and 10 Trillion Dollars. The Fukushima nuclear mega disaster is going to bankrupt Japan, just like it bankrupt the Soviets and caused their country to collapse financially, according to Gorbachev. 

Fukushima Crisis Total Cost; $1 – $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road Blog

And as of Sept. 2013, officially, somewhere between 80,000 to 240,000 nuclear radiation refugees are still living in temporary emergency housing. Only a very small number of the permanent replacement housing that was promised to the radiation refugees has been built and only a small number of radiation refugees have been compensated financially. Many tens of millions of Japanese citizens are living in zones so contaminated with radiation, that were declared evacuation zones in Soviet Russia.

Nuclear energy is accelerating the genetic disease, infant mortality and birth defect rates globally. Nuclear energy is an environmental disaster, a financial disaster, and a recipe for a global life extinction event, if it is allowed to continue.

All nuclear power plants must all be shut down and put away, in the same way that a too dangerous toy must be taken away from a child and put in a safe place where no child can reach it.

Watch The Unbelievable 19,000+ Earthquakes In Japan That Happened During 2011 Alone; via @AGreenRoad

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