Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons

The Queen Of England is part of an ancient imperial royalty controlled nation that occupied and conquered many nations through the use of superior weapons and powerful armies. England is an imperialist, conquering nation. 

As part of that royal and imperialist conquest and takeover of many foreign nations, the Queen ended up owning many lands and resources. This also means she is into nuclear power and nuclear weapons, because this gives her more power to throw around the world in conquest and adventures. Thus, the Queen owns and controls many uranium mines in many countries.

Since the queen is heavily invested in nuclear, she is not about to give up on nuclear power, nuclear weapons or being able to ‘control’ the world along with the US, when it comes down to it. 

The nuclear fuel chain leading from uranium mines, to nuclear power plants and then to nuclear bombs and DU weapons, is after all, nothing more than a smokescreen to build nuclear weapons that give her the power to rule the world and control other nations who are not so equipped. 

Nuclear weapons and DU munitions are nothing more than raw power, expressed in an insane genome destroying way. No one that is sane can ever use these weapons of mass destructioon, or it results in MAD, mutually assured destruction, but they can be used to bully, intimidate and threaten other nations, especially those without nuclear weapons. But that does not stop the US or the British from using DU weapons all over the world, with horrible consequences. There are consequences to spreading DU dust around the world…

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A king or queen is not going to willingly give up power and control, much less nuclear weapons. So the story of getting rid of DU weapons and nuclear power plants in any country is a really a story about rebelling against a dictatorial king or queen. 
This nuclear story is part of the history of the United States, which seems to have forgotten about the downsides of monarchies and imperialist adventuring rulers, such as the Queen and former King Of England. The US mass media seems to be worshiping the British monarchy.  The US media is adoring their whole family plus everything they stand for. Why? What do they stand for, other than being part of the 1% that is against the 99%? Kings and Queens are against bottoms up control. Doesn’t that mean that they are against democracy and freedom? Isn’t that why the founding fathers fought against the King of England? 
Why would the richest oligarchs in the world willingly give up their wealth, control and ownership of the world? Of course, some day it has to happen, because everyone dies, so no matter what, everyone gives up all of their wealth, power and position when it comes right down to it. Death is the great equalizer.

But royalty is different. They shelter their income and assets in tax free zones. The wealth of Kings And Queens passes through to the next generation without dilution or inheritance taxes. Thus, they ‘Royals’ keep getting wealthier and more powerful, by taking it away from those who do pay death taxes and regular taxes.

But while here on Earth, just a few people, like the Queen, seem to enjoy the ‘juice’ of having power, money and control, and then going after more of this, because there never seems to be enough for the super rich.  
Despite giving back some of the English ‘colonies’, after having raped, pillaged and exporting most of their wealth back home to the Queens coffers, sixteen commonwealth nations that were supposedly granted independence, still have Queen Elizabeth as their head of state. Why would she only give them back part of their country, and remain as the head of it, if the intent is freedom, economic self determination and democracy? What are the financial  and other ‘control ties left in place, despite the seeming appearance of democracy?
Why is the US media worshiping and fawning over the British royalty, when the US actually stands for rebelling against and overthrowing dictatorial, invading and imperial monarchies such as the Queen or a King? After all, that is how the US was founded, remember? The US overthrew the rule of the King of England. The ‘founders’ of the US fought English troops to gain control of this nation, with the help of the French and some Indians. Now they are our ‘best’ friends? Nothing has changed in England; the King/Queen is still there, and they still control EVERYTHING, despite the seeming appearance of a democracy. 
If the US mass media is going to worship and idolize monarchies, why not fawn over and talk about the Saudi King and his royal family? Why not put a King into power here in the USA and give him complete control, while abolishing the Constitution? Is that what everyone wants?
The queen of England the rest of the world’s super-rich have hidden between $21 and $32 trillion offshore to avoid taxation, but they will throw any ordinary mortal into jail in England or the US, if we mere mortals try and not pay taxes to support their 1% lifestyle and taxpayer corporate welfare subsidies that goes along with it. Try and get an offshore tax haven as a mere middle class worker; it cannot be done.. It is illegal for you to do this, but the super rich, that is how it is done. 
If you want to know where the power is, follow the money. Nothing happens in the world of the 1% without lots and lots of money. And nothing changes in the world of the 1% without their ‘permission’ because they do not want to lose their money, power or control. And this control and power extends into nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons industries, and uranium mines on a global basis. Let’s dive into this a bit further, shall we?
“Should Chernobyl happen at Sellafield or Sizewell the royals have escape planes standing by 24/7, private Pacific islands to go to and billions in foreign banks. In case of a nuclear disaster the evacuation of the Queen’s family and ministers is reviewed and rehearsed every year – sometimes twice a year. The Queen’s subjects will be abandoned without so much as a royal wave. 
The Uranium Queen
photo., October 17, 1956. The Queen opens Calder Hall 
Once upon a time in a quaint fairy tale, we were told nuclear power stations would provide electricity ‘too cheap to meter.’ We then learned that when the Queen opened her first uranium (nuclear) power station it had had nothing to do with providing electricity. Nuclear power stations are built to produce nuclear weapons material for Her Majesties Government. 
From the very beginning of nuclear power Her Majesties Government planned and plotted to hide the horrendous cost of running nuclear power stations with massive subsidies, of the taxpayers money, distributed under the cloak of Her Majesties Official Secret Act.
The Queen’s Uranium Mines
The Queen owns uranium mines in America, Canada and Africa. The uranium mining company Rio Tinto Mines was formed for the British Royal Family in the late 1950’s by the Queen’s “Africa adviser” Roland Walter Fuhrhop. Described by a fellow German as “an ardent supporter of Hitler and an arrogant, nasty piece of work to boot.” The Queen’s adviser (better known as “Tiny” Rowland) had been a passionate member of the Nazi youth movement. Rowland became Africa’s most ruthless businessman. Africa is a prime source of the uranium used in the Queen’s nuclear reactors. 
Between 1957 and 1976 British reactors produced enough nuclear waste/weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete. 
Although we had more nuclear weapons material than we could ever use, without choking on our own nuclear fallout, the Queen’s cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear power and waste companies, funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers billions.”
Follow the link above, and read more about the ‘royals’ and what it means to a country, to have the royal 1% in charge or influencing things behind the scenes, in secret.

The small group that is running the world is only 0.0001% of the population. According to Rothkopf, the superclass above the 1%, constitutes approximately 0.0001 percent of the world’s population, and is comprised of 6,000 to 7,000 people. The Queen is one of those in this superclass. 

The question of how to dismantle this power and money structure created by and for the benefit of these 6,000 individuals is a good one to focus on.

Of course, the Queen could willingly give up all her riches and live on what the people choose to give her, through their representatives. But that would make her a servant of the people, not their master, and so far, the Queen has not shown any inclination in this direction. But, there is always hope, correct? One never knows, as miracles can and do happen.

At the very least, she could divest her holdings and ownership in weapons of mass destruction and instead, invest in clean, green, zero carbon technologies and companies. That would help enormously, and show her commitment to a clean, green, peaceful future, instead of one dominated by her personally, through violence, death and radioactive contamination, FOREVER.

A few rich people have given all their wealth to ‘charity’, but the problem is, they gave it to the Bill Gates Foundation, which supports nuclear power and Big Pharma, so that really makes no difference at all.

A barter system would dismantle this 1% controlled system, because barter does not involve money. Money is how they feed off of people, like vultures. Even a local community based money system would help to get rid of the 1% system, because the 1% ALWAYS suck money out of a community and never give it back. They are very good takers and poor givers.

Aborigine cultures were all based on the barter system, and that is how much of the world worked for tens of thousands of years, so it is possible as well, if groups or communities really put their mind to it. And Jesus Christ taught this way of living, didn’t he?

If we want to keep our technology, we can do much more to embrace free and open source technology and other means to accomplish the same end. A Green Road is open source, at least so far.

Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons; via @AGreenRoad

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