What Will It Take To Save Humanity And Join The Galactic Community?

Until humanity puts away the global suicide toys called nuclear power plants and we dismantle all of the nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and disband our numerous nationalist armies, NO ONE is coming to save us.

We have to grow up and become mature, peace loving members of the Galactic community, or die by global nuclear suicide.
They give us 1 chance out of 100 at this point.
Will we make it? Who will step up to try and make a difference? What are you doing to make a positive difference?
It only takes a few people to make a positive difference. Most of humanity does not seem to care enough to even vote, much less vote in people who will make a difference, such as the Green Party, which accepts no corporate campaign ‘bribes’.. 
Most people are not even aware of how close we are to the cliff of suicidal nuclear Armageddon. Most people believe all of the lies of the 1% and vote against their own self interests, putting back in power the corporate owned, ALEC controlled politicians, over and over again. Insanity is doing the same thing that does not work over and over again. Does humanity deserve to live, if it keeps doing insane, suicidal things?
Our future is bright and the promises of joining a much larger galactic community are there, but we have to move from being a violent teenager ready to push the nuclear button at any given drunken/drugged/accidental moment, into a peace loving global community.
We also have to dismantle all of the nuclear power plants, as Dr. Kaku points out, or humanity will commit global suicide in a massive 400 plus nuclear plant meltdown when the Carrington Event happens. 

If we can shut down all nuclear plants, and dismantle all nuclear weapons of mass destruction, HUMANITY WILL MAKE OPEN CONTACT with other life forms from other planets, on a massive scale. Then, and only then, we will get the toys that civilizations advanced 25,000 years beyond us have to offer, and join the much larger galactic community.

Could it be, that who we are waiting for as our saviour, is US?

What Will It Take To Save Humanity And Join The Galactic Community? via @AGreenRoad

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