Uranium 238, 235 Or 234, Decay Chain And Negative Effect On Health; Like Machine Gun Firing 850 Bullets Per Minute, Muzzle Velocity 983K Feet Per Second

At the air vent to an abandoned uranium mine, the radiation count is over 10,000 counts per minute.

‘Natural’ uranium ore is radioactive. Just because it is ‘natural’ does not mean it is safe. American Indian cultures cautioned that areas with uranium rocks should be avoided. Just like radon, radiation from uranium ore can increase your risk of all kinds of health problems. Uranium emits mostly alpha radiation. The daughter decay products emit beta and gamma radiation. 

Uranium is found in granite counter tops and that can be measured with a very sensitive Geiger Counter. It is also found in soil in very small amounts. Uranium was used to produce colors in glass, red, green, yellow and more. Many products, such as tiles, porcelain, teeth, glass and more were colored with uranium in the 1930’s, but that made these product radioactive. 
Do not use uranium products, as the uranium and daughter decay products can leach out, plus they leach out radon gas. Poisonous chemical products such as polonium and lead can and do act as poisons in the body, as the uranium decays. 
All man made radioactive elements go through this same decay process. When nuclear authorities say that only a little Iodine came out of a reactor accident and that it has a short half life, that is a lie, because over 1,946 elements, isotopes and actinides come out of a reactor accident, and they all have decay chains like the following one. So the negative effects on health resulting from the emissions of the nuclear industry are not just from one element or isotope, but from over 1,946 of them. 


Thorium 234 
Protactinium 234m 
Uranium 234 
Thorium 230 
Radium 226 
Radon 222 
Polonium 214 
Lead 214 
Bismuth 214 
Polonium 210 
Lead 210 
Bismuth 210 
Lead 206 (Stable)


Each one of these radioactive elements and isotopes has a ‘half life’ varying from seconds to millions of years. When a radioactive element decays from one element to another inside the human body, it releases a burst of radiation and heat that acts like machine gun bullets.
Uranium 235
Tellerium 137
Iodine 137
Xenon 137
Cesium 137
Barium 137
Each radioactive element has many of these heavier or lighter sub elements, which all have different decay chains, as described above. So if someone starts to try and simplify this and say that one radioactive element only has one decay chain, you can correct them and say that radioactive elements each have numerous radioactive ‘cousins’ and each of those cousins decays into different decay chains, much like the two examples above. 
Both of the above radioactive uranium elements start with some form of uranium, but they end up decaying in completely different ways. This is how and why there are not just a few, not just a couple dozen, or a couple hundred horribly bad things coming out of any nuclear reactor. There are almost 2,000 man made radioactive elements coming out of any nuclear reactor or bomb. 

1,946 Lethal Radioactive Man Made Isotopes Are Created By Nuclear Plants And Atomic Bombs; via @AGreenRoad


rogerthat November 4, 2014  “The ‘forgotten’ uranium isotope – secrets of the nuclear bomb tests revealed – Chris Busby – The Ecologist, 4th November
Papers reluctantly released by the UK Government in the bomb test veterans’ legal case for compensation reveal what it has long denied, writes Chris Busby – that bomb fallout is rich in uranium, and that most of its radioactivity is concentrated in the ‘forgotten’ but highly active isotope U-234, explaining much of the substantial, long term damage to veterans’ health.
Secret documents released to me as a result of an order by the Judge in the nuclear test veteran pension appeals (the late HH Hugh Stubbs) reveal valuable evidence about uranium in fallout.
The documents show that fallout from atmospheric nuclear testing contains enormous amounts of uranium. This should be no surprise as nuclear bombs contain a lot of uranium, and most of it remains unfissioned after a nuclear explosion.
But what will come as news to a great many people is the importance in the fallout of an isotope of uranium that few of us have even heard of: uranium-234, a highly radioactive alpha emitter which concentrates in the ‘enriched uranium’ (EU) used in nuclear bombs.
All uranium binds to DNA and causes cancer and genetic effects in the children of those exposed – but U-234 is especially hazardous. A restricted document…


U-234 nuclei usually last for hundreds of thousands of years, but then they decay by alpha emission to thorium-230, except for the small percentage of nuclei which undergo spontaneous fission.
The path of production of U-234 via nuclear decay is as follows: U-238 nuclei emit an alpha particle to become thorium-234 (Th-234). Next, with a short half-life, Th-234 nuclei emit a beta particle to becomeprotactinium-234 (Pa-234). Finally, Pa-234 nuclei emit another beta particle to become U-234 nuclei.
U-234 nuclei usually last for hundreds of thousands of years, but then they decay byalpha emission to thorium-230, except for the small percentage of nuclei which undergospontaneous fission.
Images for Radioactive Uranium Decay Chain




Fukushima’s Harsh Warning by Chris Busby


Without even decaying into other radioactive elements, uranium acts much like a machine gun within the human body. According to BeforeItsNews; “One milligram of uranium, which is smaller than you can comfortably see, radiates outward 850 particles and energy squibbs a minute. They will kill or maim you. Think of them as small radioactive bullets. Some move at remarkable speeds with a muzzle velocity of close to 983,568,960 feet per second or 299,792,458 meters per second. 
There are many machine guns in the world that fire about 850 rounds a minute. [2] These weapons all jam and run out of ammo – except this one. To a group of red blood cells or liver cells “standing” next to the little evil Uranium particle it must seem like hell on earth; only worse. The destructive fire from these uranium rounds never stops.



Imagine this is a hot man made radiation particle inside of your body, or inside the body of a child. Those radiation machine gun bullets are invisible, but with the cloud chamber above, you can actually ‘see’ the radiation as it fires out of the hot radioactive material. This is also what happens INSIDE your body, and your children’s bodies. 

Inside Kill Job 

The rounds have a range of about 20 cells in all directions. The radioactive isotopes make a perfect killing machine. We are struck with the 850 rounds a minute per milligram throughout our lives as a deadly reality from the pro-nukers (you all know one.) Shun them. Criminalize them. The pro-nukers have shortened all of our expected life spans by the amounts of Uranium isotopes in all of our bodies. 

Your Real Choices 

Of course, you can’t see the radioactive particles; so you can’t dodge them. Whole body radiation counters are in very short supply and not readily accessible, if at all. As a result, you are left in the dark. You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I. No one is exempt. These Radioactive Particles are all over the world now. We cannot escape the “Rads” or radiation from the isotopes. There is no such thing as a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card in this extinction level event (ELE) called Fukushima.” 


Uranium Is Pyrophoric And Burns On Contact With Air; Used In World War II as Tracer Ammunition; via @AGreenRoad

Atomic Bomb Testing Veterans and Agent Orange Victims; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Nano Bucky Balls Weaponized With Uranium, Plutonium, And Cesium; via @AGreenRoad

Thorium And Uranium Proven Highly Effective At Breaking DNA Strands – Cause Cancer, Birth Defects, Still Births, Etc; via @AGreenRoad

Uranium Explored, And Uranium Containing Glass Tests At 1,500 CPM; via @AGreenRoad


Uranium is absorbed by the body, because uranium mimics magnesium. Uranium dust and gas floats around the world invisibly, so you cannot see it coming, and you get no warning. 
A lack of magnesium can result in muscle soreness or cramps, but so can radioactive uranium, as it goes into the muscles and destroys them from the inside out. Taking magnesium after a nuclear accident before the ‘plume’ reaches you may assist in preventing the absorption of uranium from the air, by ‘loading’ the body with magnesium, so the body cannot absorb as much of the radioactive uranium floating around.

Dr. Chris Busby talks about Pu contamination and Tokyo bay risk with Fukushima Diary 3/6/2015 2/2


Radioactive uranium can also be chelated out of the body. 

Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate

This is the same reason why doctors talk about taking KI tablets, to ‘load’ the thyroid with iodine before a radioactive plume arrives, and why taking potassium may ‘load’ the body so it will not absorb radioactive cesium, and why taking calcium may load the body so it will not absorb strontium as much. 
On 3/11, Fukushima threw out TONS of man made radioactive elements, including uranium, into the atmosphere and ocean, as well as land. The 2,400 open air nuclear bomb tests accomplished the same thing. Is it any wonder the cancer, disease and genetic disease problems have increased radically since the atomic age began? 

2014 Update – Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, etc; via @AGreenRoad

Now imagine spreading uranium nano dust in the form of depleted uranium in shells, bombs and bullets all over the world, even in the middle of cities. Once these DU rounds hit their target, the shells turn into a ceramic dust and gas, and this radioactive uranium/plutonium mixture gets blown around by the wind for long distances, including across the oceans.
We end up with radiation coming from accidents, normal ‘venting’ and from all testing of DU rounds, practice exercises, and conflicts or wars all around the world, in addition to dust from uranium mines, processing centers, reprocessing centers and nuclear waste storage facilities.


In the video above, the US use of DU weapons globally is leaving a legacy of birth defects and health problems. A study by the University of Ulcer, there has been a change in male to female birth ratios and severe birth defects in babies. A huge increase in adult cancers, leukemia, birth defects and increases in deaths before birth is also noted. 
Women are being told to not have babies in Fallujah, Iraq for example. The results are worse than the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in terms of negative health effects. Dr. Chris Busby is interviewed starting at about 3 minutes in about this issue. 
What do you think the health effect will be that comes from spreading this toxic heavy metal and radioactive element all over the world at the HUGE rate that humanity is producing and releasing uranium dust/gas into the environment? 
Remember that the US male and female soldiers who are involved with firing off the DU bullets will suffer in exactly the same way as the Fallujah residents, because these US soldiers breathed in the gas and dust just the same way as the Iraqis, Afghans and many other city residents do all around the world. The US is in effect is waging a low level nuclear war all around the world, with no end. Because uranium has such a long half life, this horror will go on for millions of years. What kind of legacy is the US military leaving for it’s own future generations, as well as for other countries all around the world? 
Uranium 238, 235 Or 234, Decay Chain And Negative Effect On Health; Like Machine Gun Firing 850 Bullets Per Minute, Muzzle Velocity 983K Feet Per Second; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/10/uranium-238-decay-chain-and-negative.html
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