The Cold War Is Over! Why Are We Still Aiming 5,000 Nuclear Missiles At Russia?


There is a myth promoted by the military industrial complex that people and nations are somehow safer with nuclear missiles pointed at each other. Does this make logical sense to you? 
Via Wyakin November 17, 2013 “Try to envision performing maintenance on a Titan 2 missile in Damascus, Arkansas on a steel platform and a wrench is accidentally dropped into the hardened nuclear missile silo which punctures highly volatile pressurized rocket propulsion fuel under a 9 megaton weapon (9,000 kilos; In comparison to Big Boy, this is 562 time larger) presenting the possibility of the incineration of all of Arkansas. These type of accidents occur often and are not reported. Should the public be informed? If you think yes, then do what you can to uncover the veils of secrecy, not just in the arena of NPP but a nuclear military.
Eric Schlosser Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety:
Hence, the struggle is about ending NPP, and also their unregulated military counterparts. Peace.”

Via pjrsullivan November 17, 2013 “A poster mentioned Damsacus, Arkansas September 18, 1980, when a 9 megaton Titan missile caught fire and exploded in the missile’s launch tube, hurtling the warhead, in pristine condition, 600 feet from the launcher. The launcher’s 740 ton lid was blown off from the explosion from the missile fuel. Read more about it here:

Via Wyakin November 17, 2013 “I referenced this incident in the broader context of man’s technological hubris and the secrecy which prevents enlightenment of broader swaths of the public. There’s been discussion here recently on action vs. talk.
Both have legitimate use and purpose. A debate on the facts of NP or NW cannot occur if the facts are nowhere to be found. Nuclear bureaucracies tend to classify information not because of national security, but because the information is embarrassing to the government, and in many cases, the facts are simply outrageous.
I encourage all to read Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety, by Eric Schlosser.
“…a ground-breaking account of accidents, near-misses, extraordinary heroism, and technological breakthroughs in America’s nuclear arsenal system. Schlosser discusses how the combination of human fallibility and technological complexity in the nuclear area still poses a grave risk to mankind.”
For those who cannot afford to buy the book or just want to listen to the informative 30 minute interview by Host Kathleen Stephenson starting at about 3 min. it can be found here:”

The Cold War was over when the Berlin Wall came down. Before that time, we were on hair trigger alert with nuclear weapons because of the hyped up fear of the Soviets and the evil dreaded Communist threat. The Soviets were made out to be a like a big, bad boogy man. Communists were hiding under every child’s bed. Well, then the Berlin Wall came down and the Communist Soviet Union was dismantled. Communism died on that day along with the Soviet Union. 
Reagan claimed credit for all of this, although the real reason that the Soviet Union fell was due to the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, and it had nothing to do with Reagan. If one person can dismantle an evil empire just by shouting into a microphone, why not send a person around to all of the evil, totalitarian countries and just shout at them? What effect will one person making a speech have against a dictatorship? None… 
As the Cold War ended and the Soviet Communist system fell apart, it was replaced by Russia, with a democratic capitalist system. However, the nuclear missile system pointing at Russia was not turned off. Why not? The United States is still pointing five thousand or more nuclear missiles at Russia. 
It would be easy to sign a disarmament agreement and get rid these hazards to all life on the planet. Two democratic, free and open countries (Russia and the US) own almost all of the nuclear missiles in the world, and they are pointing them at each other. President Obama promised to get this done at the beginning of his term, and where is the progress?
Just to make things really crazy in your head, the USA now loves Communists, like Communist Vietnam and Communist China. The US probably has no nuclear missiles pointed at them…. Why not? 
These Communist countries are our most favored trading nations, where we have exported millions of US jobs. Communist China is where the US buys all of it’s stuff, made with slave labor in sweat factories or farms that use kids. We would not dare to launch nuclear missiles at Vietnam or China, because then where would the US buy all of it’s slave trade, sweat factory stuff?
There is no more need to import slaves into the US. It is MUCH cheaper to export millions of US jobs and hire slaves right in their own countries, through ‘free trade’ agreements. We do not even have to feed, house, clothe, or give them any medical care…
Slavery is MUCH cheaper in this ‘foreign’ way. It is also much more sanitary. We do not have to see the slums, the pollution and the degrading horrible working conditions. Out of sight out of mind. Who cares if hundreds of them die from factories collapsing on them, or factories are burning these slaves to death, much like the Shirtwaist factory fire here in the US? 
We could easily nuke democratic Russia though, because all they make is Vodka. Americans drink beer, not Vodka. Russia would not be missed. And we have to hate SOMEONE, don’t we? We are taught to hate and kill from birth through the mass media. We do that hating and killing especially well against our very own. 
So why are we still armed to the teeth, with all of our nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert, if the Commies are now our best friends, and the Russians are a democratic Capitalist country? Theoretically at least, the Russians are our allies against Communism. In the past, the US completely disbanded it’s army and everyone went home. But not anymore… now we have to keep increasing the military budget, each year, no matter what, whether there are 20 wars, or none at all. 
Why would we still be hostile to Russia and hate their guts? Why are we still aiming our 5,000 nuclear missiles at them? It would be like us aiming nuclear missiles at Canada, or Germany, Italy or Spain.. We fought a war against fascist Italy plus Germany, and we love them now. We are not pointing nuclear missiles at Germany or Italy. Why does the US military still hate democratic Russia so much? Does this make any sense to you yet? 
Are we the greatest nation on Earth because we aim more nuclear missiles at the wrong people, while at the same time telling everyone else that they cannot have any? Are we the greatest nation on Earth because we use depleted uranium all around the world, in a non stop low level nuclear war waged in large cities Fallujah, Iran or all over Iraq, or in European countries, plus the USA, while condemning foreign leaders for using weapons of mass destruction? 
Those who are abused as children, grow up as adults to abuse others and project things suppressed inside onto ‘outsiders’. The US is full of abused people, enslaved to violent family, church and TV ‘programming’. The US is abusing many nations, such as North Korea The US is still in an active state of war with N. Korea. The US needs N. Korea to be an ‘enemy’.
The US will never sign a peace agreement with N. Korea, because then there may be no one left to abuse, blame, shame, threaten, or point nuclear missiles at anymore. Then what would happen to all of those no bid contracts that the military gets? We cannot have peace, because that would cost the military jobs and profits. We must now have endless war, forever and ever. We must have increasing military budgets, forever and ever. 
We call this insanity ‘National Security’. The USA has friendly countries to the North and South. The US has a huge ocean protecting it from invasion on both the East and West sides. It does not even need a standing army, much less 5,000 nuclear missiles. The Communists that we are so afraid of, have only a couple hundred. 
But paranoia and widespread sociopathy creates the need for more weapons, more threats, more secret prisons, more torture, more assassination drones, more false flag events, more fear pushed out via propaganda and the corporate controlled mass media. It is estimated that one out of 100 people in the US is a sociopath. 
The US spends more money on the military industrial complex than the entire rest of the world combined. What price is the US paying for 60% of the total US budget going to the military? 
We are drifting headlong towards disaster. We practice ‘psychic numbing and manic denial’ about what is really going on, as Helen Caldicott says. This manic stuff on TV about dancing, movie stars, celebrating royalty, the founding fathers and other myths about faux freedom, is all about denying reality. With all of this dancing, the real issues are never addressed or solved, so they get worse and worse. 
The most dangerous thing that ever happened is TV, because it is the best way to brainwash people. While watching TV, people get addicted and hypnotized. People watching TV go into alpha brain wave states (which is used by all hypnotists), and then the brain turns off. All information ‘programming’ or pro corporate propaganda is fed into it through the neo cortex, where it lodges in the midbrain, and then people respond to this hypnosis ‘programming’. 
Jesus was a Socialist. He said to his followers to leave their possessions behind and follow him. He told them to sell all of their possessions and live in common, like the hippies in communes. Church leaders should be telling all Christians that they should be living in communes and not own anything if they are really going to follow JC.
All spiritual leaders basically say the same thing; do not focus on possessions, money or power, as they are all spiritual traps that lead to dead ends and catastrophe for human kind. 
Pure free market Capitalism with no limits or controls basically forces corporations to commit global suicide and to kill everyone, because the focus is on beating everyone else, and maximizing profit short term, which means hiring slaves and not giving them any benefits, rights, or protecting the environment, ever.
There is no corporate owned mass media talking about what the cost is of this one eyed focus on short term profit. Meanwhile the planet is destroyed and all life exterminated with low level plutonium contamination, GMO’s, DU, chemicals and depleted soils, just to name a few. 
US politicians are almost all corporate prostitutes. Even President Obama took money from the nuclear industry, the financial industry, and then surrounded himself with those people who to this day, give him advice on what to do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money by the Trillions is absolute power, and that is the current financial banking and military industrial complex. They OWN and control not only the US government, the money system, the education system, and the mass media, plus all of the variety of global monopolies. 
In Australia, elections are paid for by the government, last only 3 weeks, and everyone gets the same amount of money to run. No corporation can ‘donate’ to a politician in Australia. No corporation is a ‘person’ in Australia. Voting in Australia is required, or you are fined for NOT voting. Australia has free medical care for everyone as a RIGHT, not something that you are fined for, if you do not pay a corporation for it somehow. 
The US is at this point is little more than a killing Matrix profit making machine. The profit and death machine gives nothing back, except death, slavery, disease and things like low level radiation contamination, Agent Orange and DU diseases, plus thousands of chemicals, dead foods, and GMO’s. 
But if you are against this violent, cold, heartless killing Matrix machine that includes the whole nuclear industry, you are labeled an evil ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’ and threatened with being deported, because you are not a true US Patriot. That is the ‘good news’ fed to people via TV. 
Caring about people as Jesus commanded is somehow being made out to be evil, Communist or bad. Again, Christians and all churches should be leading the charge for a single payer healthcare system, like Australia has. Jesus commanded his followers to visit those in jail, feed the poor, house the homeless and take care of the widows, etc. What is that besides Socialism? 
Certainly none of the churches are taking in all of orphans, homeless children, widows, the sick, the disabled, the elderly, or anyone else in need, although they do help some people on occasion. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, addicts, criminals and tax collectors, considered the dregs of society. His followers were considered ‘dogs’ back in those days.
Jesus also commanded all of his followers to be completely peaceful, and to never kill. NEVER. He said not to fear those who could take your physical life, but to fear only those who could take your soul. He even healed the ear of a soldier who came to arrest him, after one of his followers chopped it off. Jesus would never command his followers to go invade other countries in order to promote democracy and freedom, plus setting up over 1,000 military bases globally. So why is the fundamentalist evangelical church community now pushing so hard to take over in all of the military branches?
JC did not resist even though he could have, when the priests strung him up on a cross and killed him. In other words, he taught that the physical body is just a shell, and our true home is Spirit. Again, Christians and churches should be leading the charge against gun ownership, mines, chemical weapons, nuclear missiles and the countless deaths plus violence that all of these cause. But the reverse is the case, and fundamentalist Christians seem to be attracted to the military .. Why is that? 
Why is the US death toll from guns acceptable at 30,000 people killed per year, when Japan has a death rate from guns of 5 people per year? The US loses many more people to killing ourselves and each other inside the US in ONE year, than any total losses of soldiers dying in wars that we are fighting overseas. 
We are so PARANOID about someone attacking us, but we kill our own at a rate far exceeding what any other nation could do to us, and we kill our own children in a way that is MUCH worse than any terrorist could accomplish. A terrorist at best can kill a 2,000 US citizens, on his best day. We murder our own at a rate of 30,000 PER YEAR. 
But then that is not enough. We also managed to be so paranoid and fearful of some boogy man attacking us, that we dismantled all of our freedoms, our democracy, and we have thrown out the bill of rights. Why? 
We need to ‘protect’ our insane right to kill each other and assassinate ‘suspected’ terrorists (including US citizens aged 14 years old) with drones. Plus we spend TRILLIONS to go after the few terrorists that are still left after carpet bombing other nations into the ground with depleted uranium bombs, that poison those nations for a MILLION YEARS. What kind of insanity is that? 
Over 1 million people have died so far, since Chernobyl. Fukushima was MUCH worse than Chernobyl. Millions and possibly billions will die in the next 40 years due to Fukushima. American soldiers globally are using DU weapons that are like mini Chernobyls, or mini Fukushimas that poison everything for a million years. 
After Fukushima, the government did not tell anyone that anything had melted down for three months. Because no one was told about the radiation, people fled right into the densest path of radiation because the government was denying everything, and not telling anyone anything. The government even denied giving people preventative iodine tablets, and did not give anyone anything. The only people that got the preventative iodine were the doctors in hospitals and the management at TEPCO.
On March 14, 2013 Dr. Helen Caldicott spoke to over 150 people at an event Sponsored by the Princeton Coalition for Peace and several other organizations at the Princeton United Methodist Church. 
In this passionate 60 minutes discussion Dr. Caldicott touched on areas of abolishing all nuclear weapons and power plants, the dire impacts of global warming, new updates on the effects of radiation releases at Fukushima, Japan and the need for people to become more politically active. 
Dr. Helen Caldicott is the former President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, which is a Nobel Peace Laureate and she is a widely recognized anti-nuclear advocate who founded several associations dedicated to opposing nuclear weapons and power, and war and military action in general. Dr. Caldicott is an Australian physician who left her medical career in order to call attention to what she refers to as the “insanity” of the nuclear arms race and growing reliance on nuclear power. 
Dr. Caldicott founded Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) which is dedicated redirecting government spending from nuclear energy use to unmet social needs. As President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, she helped recruit 23,000 doctors to educate the public and colleagues on dangers of nuclear weapons and power. She also worked abroad to establish similar national groups focused on education about medical dangers of nuclear weapons and power. 
The umbrella organization, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. She was also the Founding President of the STAR (Standing for Truth About Radiation) Foundation and founded the Nuclear Policy Research Institute (renamed Beyond Nuclear). Dr. Caldicott also founded the Helen Caldicott Foundation for a Nuclear Free Future which hosts a weekly radio show called If You Love This Planet. Dr Caldicott host that radio show that airs on dozens of U.S., Australian and Canadian stations. 
Dr. Caldicott has been awarded 21 honorary doctoral degrees and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. She has received numerous awards, including the Humanist of the Year award from the American Humanist Association in 1982 and Women’s History Month Honoree by the National Women’s History Project in 2009 . The Smithsonian Institution named Caldicott one of the most influential women of the 20th century
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