Phantom; Rogue Nuclear Submarine, Rogue Nuclear Missile, Rogue Nuclear Bomb Crew

How many people understand that it only takes ONE nuclear missile, one nuclear bomb, or one nuclear sub launching just one nuclear tipped device to start a nuclear war in which all of humanity dies from the launching of everything that everyone has? 

The movie ‘The Phantom’ lays out one scenario that is based on actual real life events, in which the world came within seconds of an all out global nuclear war. This movie is available on Netflix or in movie rental places.

How close have we come to this all out global nuclear war scenario, and how many times? According to some experts, we have come within minutes or seconds of a total all out global nuclear war not just once, not just twice, but MULTIPLE times.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, it took an officer disobeying direct orders of his captain to avoid an all out nuclear war. We got within minutes of a nuclear war there, and these two examples are not the only ones, and they are not rare, isolated exceptions. 

The movie ‘The Phantom’ lays out another one of these scenarios. There are always a few war hungry people who are willing to start a global nuclear war, or to die for their cause, no matter how insane it is. 

There are always a few terrorists around, willing to sacrifice their own lives to something that will seek revenge for whatever side they are on, by exploding a nuclear bomb or missile on someone, somewhere. Numerous terrorist attacks have been launched on nuclear plants, around the world, including inside the US. 
The problem is; how does a nuclear nation keep the crazies away from the nukes? 
A nuclear war always starts with just one nuclear weapon, exploded high up in the upper atmosphere, in the middle of the nation being attacked. The EMP pulse from that nuclear explosion wipes out all electronics, communications, and circuit boards in the nation being attacked, thus limiting a counter attack. Then the rest of the armada of nuclear missiles and bombs follows, wiping out all major cities, nuclear sites and major strategic targets. 
Russia has many thousands of such nuclear missiles. 
The US has many thousands of such nuclear missiles. 
There are enough nuclear missiles to wipe out all life on the planet multiple times over, just between these two nations, but other nations have them too.. 
Bottom line, it is impossible to prevent someone from setting off a nuclear bomb or nuclear missile forever. It is only a matter of time before some crazy small group of individuals such as the movie portrays above manages to be successful. 
If they cannot get a nuclear bomb, it is actually very easy to disable the cooling on a nuclear power plant, and the result is actually much worse than a nuclear bomb. 

Either way, the only option humanity has is to get rid of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, or they will surely get rid of humanity at some point, sooner or later.
Phantom; Rogue Nuclear Submarine, Rogue Nuclear Missile, Rogue Nuclear Bomb Crew

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