Northern California Beach Reading 412 CPM on 12/20/2013

From Rense; “The above video was taken today with an Inspector Plus Geiger counter by ‘Dave’, giving readings on a Northern California beach due West of San Mateo. The beach is south of Princeton Harbor which in turn is just south of Pillar Point where ‘Mavericks’ big surf comes in. The best description is the San Mateo Coast. Just south again from Princeton Harbor begins the City of Half Moon Bay.

Radiation readings have been taken here for two years, with everything showing normal background radiation levels. Now, all of a sudden, the radiation levels have jumped up.

As you will see, the normal background radiation above the small bluff at this beach is about 30 CPM (Counts Per Minute). The video is self-explanatory and we are greatly indebted to Dave for making it and sending it in. Today’s readings on the beach were taken standing up…with the Inspector about 5 feet off the ground. 

Last Friday, three days ago on 12-20, Dave went to the same beach in California, but with a plastic bag for his Inspector. He placed it down about 2 inches above the sand and got radioactive readings up to 17 TIMES OVER BACKGROUND… about 500 CPM. ” (412 CPM to be exact)

For comparison purposes, the La Push beach, in Washington was measured in June, 2011, and it came out as just normal background radiation. (He used a very good, timed method to figure out what the radiation level was)

What does the 400-500 CPM reading mean? Well, it depends, but here is what this may mean if we are talking about an ‘exterior’ dose, thanks to nukeprofessional:

Remember that this does not apply to plutonium or uranium, as they are not only radioactive, but poisonous as well. Plutonium is 2 million times more poisonous than arsenic. You do not want to get anything radioactive inside of you, bottom line. Radiation getting inside of you is much more hazardous than outside. According to Dr. Goffman MD, even one nano radioactive particle stuck in your lungs can initiate lung cancer, especially something like plutonium, the king of all radioactive killers. 

According to Christine Dillon Strickland, “500 CPM is VERY dangerous radiation zone. Anyone in that area should take every precaution… and MOVE as soon as you can.” Since this is just a localized area with this high radiation reading (at least so far) moving away might be as simple as just staying away from this beach. But her advice is basically, to not stay in area with this high of a radiation reading, because it indicates dangerous gamma and/or beta radiation.

This is not the first report of radiation hitting the coast of California.. Enviroreporter filed a report that showed radiation possibly hitting the coast as early as 2012.

The Turner Radio Network also revealed that the Canadian government knew Fukushima radiation was reaching the west coast, but did not tell anyone. 

“December 23, 2013 — (TRN ) — An official government report by Fisheries and Oceans Canada proves that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, is hitting the U.S. and Canadian coasts RIGHT NOW. It began striking southwest Alaska in 2012 and arrived at Vancouver Island, BC, six months ago but Fisheries and Oceans Canada did NOT reveal this despite knowing the radiation gets worse by the day. They continued to keep silent even after their own official report proved these facts in October, 2013. We have the official report; now you do too.”

US authorities knew about the plume too, but did nothing to warn anyone. They never passed out iodine pills, and neither did the Japanese government, despite knowing that they were needed. 

New model shows U.S. hit by Fukushima cloud that dispersed little over Pacific — Gundersen: Authorities knew about hot particles and didn’t warn the public; Could have worn air masks, instead it’s stuck in their lungs; Helicopters did secret survey along coast

The above report proves that many people got exposed to VERY high radiation levels. This same plume went over the USA.  It is not a question of when Fukushima radiation will get to the US. Fukushima is here already, in the form of plutonium, iodine, strontium and uranium, just to name a few. Now it is just a question of how much MORE radiation will be released over the next million years, and how many more will die or get sick from it. Fukushima is here!

ABC News reports in the video above about how Fukushima could STILL cause the evacuation of all of Japan and the entire West coast of the USA.  

The Pacific ocean is a mysterious place it seems. Various theories and models have been put forth to show how radiation that is gushing out of Fukushima into the ocean, in a Niagra Falls fashion (at a minimum of 400 and up to 40,000 TONS per day) is going to circulate. The following map may be the best projection of how the radiation will move. Why? This map is based on 28,000 rubber duckies that were lost at sea. The duckies later washed up on shores all around the world. 


This map predicts that Fukushima ocean water radiation will reach South America, the Arctic ocean, and then go into the Atlantic as well as reaching Australia plus Europe eventually. No part of the globe will be spared from Fukushima. Tons of plutonium was released from Fukushima. That plutonium then showed up in Lithuania where they measured it and concluded it came from Fukushima. 

It is important to understand that the radiation airborne plume went around the world and everyone breathed in some plutonium/iodine/uranium/strontium hot particles. Now we are talking about the ocean radiation plume gushing out from Fukushima. 

Where is this radioactive plume going, and what is the radiation level of the water and sandy beaches in the US? Who is measuring the effects on the ocean food chain where Fukushima radiation bio accumulates? Who is testing the food that US citizens eat, that is imported from Japan, or caught in a radioactive Pacific ocean?  

More expensive equipment can test to see what this radiation is, and break it down into specific radioactive elements. There are some beaches around the world that are radioactive due to thorium or uranium in the sand, such as this one in South America;  
400-500 CPM from a radioactive element that is either inhaled as a hot particle or held next to your body is a very dangerous thing, especially if it is plutonium, uranium or other toxic heavy metal.  This is a level that people should stay far away from, and wear protective gear if they do go there to test it; mask, gloves, rubber boots, Tyvek suit, etc… For more information, click on the following links; 

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Uranium Mining and Enrichment – Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water, Geiger Counters

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

Bottom line, in any area where you test more than 100CPM, do not get this sand, dust, dirt or water on your body, or on your clothing. Take off your shoes outside the car and put them in a plastic bag before putting them in the car. Try not to get any sand in or on you or in or on your vehicle. 

Wash your clothing that you used to go to the beach separately from everything else, and rinse the machine in between it and the next load. Take a shower and wash the hair several times to wash off any hot particles, as much as possible. 

Until we know more, treat the sand at the very least at this beach as a radioactively contaminated ‘hot spot’ area, until you know for sure that it is not, just to be safe. This may be just one small local area that is radioactively ‘hot’, or it may be the whole coastline from Alaska to Mexico.. No one knows at this point, because no one has tested anywhere else on the west coast beaches recently, to our knowledge. Maybe this has something to do with the radioactive waste dumped in the ocean with the permission of the NRC forerunner, the AEC?

47,800 Barrels Of Radioactive Waste Dumped West Of San Francisco Between 1946 To 1970 – Farallon Island Radioactive Waste Dump; via @AGreenRoad

We encourage people who have a Geiger Counter (or something better), to test the beach for radiation on the west coast, everywhere from Alaska to Mexico, especially near the water’s edge, between the high and low tide marks. Take a video of your test, and post videos of your testing result on Youtube, with creative commons license, so they can go viral quickly.

What follows is an example of what citizen scientists with Geiger Meters must start doing in the US, especially with beach sands on the Pacific coast. 

If you do go to a beach that tests ‘hot’ like this, test your shoes, clothing and hair before entering your house or you may radioactively contaminate your car, your home and your whole family just from going to the beach. To be safe, just act as if you just got contaminated with radiation and dispose of everything after coming out of a ‘hot’ zone like this. In any area that tests ‘hot’, keep the dogs at home and off the beach.. Critters are radiation sponges with their fur.. Keep it safe out there.. 🙂
The key to getting more information if you get a high radiation reading is to collect at least one sample  (1/4 cup – 1/2 cup) of sand, seaweed, starfish or etc. in a sealed container or a zip lock freezer bag, but do it safely, in case it is radioactive. Use a plastic glove or spoon, don’t touch the sand, etc, especially if you know it is ‘hot’ like this sample tested above. Then send or bring that sample to someone who has more sophisticated equipment. We can help with this process, if you like. Contact us at agreenroad at gmail dot com 

12/29/2013 Update; We tested two beach sand and seaweed samples today. The first beach sand tested was 1/2 mile south of Cliff House, SF, (right around the corner and south of the Golden Gate Bridge) and the other samples was taken in Marin County, (north of the Golden Gate Bridge) from the tidal mud flats next to some floating homes. All samples were wet, and with a ten minute timed and average pancake detector reading (RM80), all samples tested 5 CPM above average background radiation. Reading taken 12/29/2013.

12/30/2013  Another ‘citizen scientist’ tested Sonoma County beach sand. That sample measured nothing above background radiation. No information on whether this was a timed test or not, nor the exact location as of now.

12/30/2013 A third AGRP citizen scientist measured the sand in BC. “I went to the beach again today, Esquimalt Lagoon in Victoria BC with an average ground reading in seaweed and sand between 30 and 50 cpm.. but got background reading about 1/4 a mile up the road at Fort Rodd Hill Park of 70 cpm.. I don’t feel this is anything to worry about, even though normal background in this area normally reads between 7 and 14 cpm.”

1/4/1014; From, (a radiation testing lab); “A lot of concern has been expressed about recent reports and videos showing high levels of radiation on a beach in Half Moon Bay, just South of Pillar Point Harbor. It has been attributed to Fukushima. Local officials have been quoted as saying they donʻt know what it is, but donʻt worry about it. See local story.

Here is what we have learned so far: The radioactive areas of the beach seem to be associated with dark sand below the high tide level. (but above low tide) The levels detected are about 5 to 10 times what you would normally expect to find on a beach.

The radionuclides are in the NORM class of radioactive substances, not from Fukushima. NORM stands for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material. We put a sample in a Multichannel Analyzer and found Radium 226 and Thorium 232. See the measured spectra via the link…”

In the 2008 paper Radioactivity of sand from several renowned public beaches and assessment of the corresponding environmental risks by Radenkovic, et al, published in the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, notable concentrations of Ra226, Th232, K40 were found in LA-area beaches (see table 1). Going back even further 1959, Tracing Coastal Sediment Movement By Naturally Radioactive Minerals is a report by Kamel & Johnson, from Berkeley, which states “This radioactive thorium is added naturally at discrete places along the coast where rivers flowing through thorium rich granite out- crops reach the coast or where the thorium rich granite itself outcrops at the sea coast.”

What this means is that 412 CPM reading on this beach is definitely a confirmed radiation event. We have received confirmation of the high radiation reading on that specific beach, as well as confirmation of other areas testing ‘normal’.  

This is the first time that citizen scientists have worked together and accomplished a goal across many states; which is REALLY awesome. Good job everyone!

Remember that the EPA is supposedly in charge here. Here is the California region representative. So far, the EPA has not come back with anything, despite sending someone out to test. So much for a government response. But that does not surprise us, as that is what happens every time. 

Shelly Rosenblum
Radiation And Indoor Environments Teams
U.S. EPA / AIR-6
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
415-947-4193 fax: 3583

The local public health agency went out and tested the sand, and said it posed no danger. 

For those who doubt the veracity of this citizen radiation monitoring network reading, just remember that Safecast and all other citizen radiation detection networks are also all just WRITTEN down, no video exists of anything there. It is not a perfect system, meters do give false readings sometimes. That is why it is important to verify initial high readings with another meter and not freak out just because one person, with one meter got a high reading somewhere.

Anyone can put whatever they want into the written database and fake it all. Disbelieve, believe, do you want you want with this beach sand reading. Some people seem to be having a HUGE problem with it for whatever reason. We trust citizen scientists more than the ones working for the nuclear industry. Fighting each other just allows them to win. Why waste any more time or energy on one citizen fighting another over a Geiger Counter reading?  Fighting about this nano particle sized issue is fruitless, useless and a great waste of energy that could go to move this all forward another step. 

Let’s stay positive, not attack each other, and keep moving forward and see where all of these developing, learning, growing citizen radiation monitoring networks take us. 

Remember that the nuclear industry would love nothing more than for everyone to just walk away from all of this activism and just sit at home, doing nothing, and take their word for it that everything is just hunky dory and leave the radiation detecting work to them. 


Northern California Beach Reading 412 CPM on 12/20/2013; via @AGreenRoad

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  1. This is important, The video taken by Dave records levels around 150 cpm, but nowhere does he take reading from the ground. Jeff Rense describes him taking measurements of 500 cpm, but nowhere is this confirmed or substantiated. As this is such a mind-blowing reading it is important that it is. Thanks


  2. You are correct.. that is why are are asking people with Geiger Counters to get out on the beaches (but safely) from Alaska to Mexico and measure the sand, seaweed, critters washed up, (if any are left). If it reads higher than background, collect some in a sealed container and contact us so we can facilitate getting it tested to find out what is in it.


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