Our Horrifying Planet: How To Destroy It

At long last a blueprint on how to eradicate all of the disgusting life that calls this putrid world home. Oceans, forests, and plains can be scrubbed of all life if everyone heeds the call of what must be done.

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By substituting radiation, it still works. Fill a bowl with spent fuel rod pellets from a nuclear reactor, fill a seal with spent fuel rod bits, toss some radioactive waste fuel pellets into the river, etc… 
For those who do not know, this is called gallows humor. It is laughing at, and making light of a heavy, dark, depressing subject. The subject of the humor ranges from bleach to possible global life extinction events or things that will destroy whole species.

So laugh and be grateful we humans have a very strange sense of gallows humor, because the animals, plants and other living things on the planet don’t.

Finally, there are bleach alternatives available in all grocery stores that are much less harmful to the environment than bleach is. Check it out. Look for Awesome Oxygen in powder form in the laundry supplies section. For best results, mix with hot or warm water. It works!

Our Horrifying Planet: How To Destroy It; via @AGreenRoad