2014 Beach Sand Radiation Readings; San Diego California To British Columbia

The following January 2014 beach sand radiation readings are from beach locations ranging from San Diego, Half Moon Bay California, Portland, Oregon, all the way up to British Columbia. Radiation readings will be updated if things change during the year inside of this article. 

Half Moon Bay (Surfer’s beach), California: 374 CPM

San Diego Beach 42 CPM 1/6/14

Ventura County Beach 50 CPM  1/2/14

Golden Gate Bridge (southside): 50 CPM  

Beach used by Fukushima is Here; 30 CPM 1/2/14

Marin County near houseboats mudflat; 30 CPM 1/2/14

British Columbia beach; 30 CPM

(AGRP network above)

Crescent City, California: 54 CPM

Eugene, Oregon (University of Oregon campus): 58 CPM

Charleston, Oregon: 54 CPM

Portland, Oregon (Columbia River): 76 CPM

Salinas River State Beach: 112 CPM
Above radiation readings Source; Adan Salazar, Infowars.com, January 14, 2014

Feb. 2014 – Seattle, Washington, 42 CPM near water, 20 inland. http://youtu.be/VC9pS5kDkdg?t=10m

The above radiation readings (unless already verified) need confirmation and verification. They should be considered to be rough, estimated, and initial pass readings. 

For those who missed it, the above is a video of Geiger Counter reading of 150 counts per minute maximum at chest level in California on the beach, taken on 12/20/2013. Dave took a reading 2 inches from the sand and got 412 CPM. Full article at http://goo.gl/bDYZvG

The Half Moon Bay (Surfer’s beach), California: 374 CPM reading verifies the 412 CPM beach sand reading above, again. The only question remaining on this beach is what causes the high radiation readings. The health dept claims the radiation is due to red plastic cutlery. Safecast reported it is due to thorium. 

Safecast Confirmation Of Radioactive Beach In California; via @AGreenRoad

The normal background radiation should be in the range of 28 to 31 CPM, so all of these radiation readings are above background radiation level and above the normal error rate. Now it is important to have someone figure out what is causing this rise in radiation levels.  

The good news is that there is now a baseline of beach sand radiation readings, so over time, citizen scientists can monitor these same beaches and compare the radiation readings in the future, to this reading. We now know that beaches from California to Oregon are not extremely radioactive. The one beach that tested ‘hot’, turned out to be from a thorium source.

What may also be important is to monitor the dried seaweed radiation levels, because it concentrates radiation, just like sea animals can. Different species will concentrate in different amounts. A lot needs to be tested because one sample can test normal and the next can test 50 Bq/kg, and the next can read 2,000 Bq/kg. Different species will show up with different amounts, so it important to test as many different types as possible to see what is going on in an area.

Unless someone tests 1,000 individual critters of all species involved (seaweed, fish, crabs, shellfish, and then do it on a monthly basis, it is hard to draw any really firm conclusions about average radiation levels in anything, or how they are changing over time. 

It is also important to understand that even ‘natural’ radiation is potentially hazardous; both radon and thorium have negative health effects. For more details on the health hazards of thorium and radon, click on the following link;

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure

To alleviate the doubts and fears among a growing number of US citizens, it is becoming critically important for a trusted lab to do massive amounts of testing on a regular basis in this kind of situation, in order to inform the citizens about what is REALLY going on, instead of empty assurances that everything is safe on the Pacific coast, despite whole species collapsing and disappearing. 

What is really difficult to measure and hard to figure out is; what effects is the 400 to 6000 pounds of plutonium that came out of Fukushima, having on the whole ecosystem and on human beings? 

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

Several scientists have documented that plutonium went around the world, and plutonium from Fukushima was measured in Lithuania. The Safecast equipment used above cannot measure alpha particles of plutonium. 

Even much more sophisticated and expensive equipment than what Safecast used on the beach above has a hard time finding low doses of plutonium in animals, beach sand or plants. 

We know that plutonium is present all over the world. The question is; what effect is it having? How can we track very low doses of plutonium through the food chain and ecosystems that seem to be collapsing in the Pacific ocean?


2014 Beach Sand Radiation Readings; San Diego California To British Columbia; via @AGreenRoad

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