List Of All 70+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs And Other Radiation Accidents, Spills, Attacks;

The pro nuclear industry and their supporters like to claim that only 3 nuclear reactors have melted down in the history of the atomic age, but this is not the truth. Almost 100% of all nuclear reactor melt downs have been covered up or denied.

This article goes into details around just some of the many covered up and denied nuclear reactor meltdowns, through this AGRP investigative journalism report. The following list is not complete, because most melt downs were completely covered up, so finding the information on them is difficult. If anything this list represents just the tip of the iceberg. Contact AGRP if you have details about more reactor melt downs, so that they can be added to the list. 

Is it any wonder that background radiation levels are rising on a global level when so many nuclear reactors have melted down, and reprocessing plants plus normally operating nuclear plants are pouring huge amounts of radiation into the air on a daily basis.?

Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?

The following is as complete a list as possible of all nuclear reactor melt downs that have happened globally, since the beginning of the atomic age. This list is incomplete, and the total number of melt downs is not fixed, as the secrecy and/or relabeling around these reactor melt downs prevents a full accounting. This list includes a reactor fire, (Windscale) and 1 spent fuel pool meltdowns (Fukushima). “Criticality excursions” are included because when the steam and/or hydrogen explosion happens, this most often also means loss of all cooling and melting of the fuel rods. Calling a reactor rod melt down a criticality excursion or something else is just another trick used to make a reactor melt down seem like something less, and to deny it happened. 
What is surprising to most people is the fact that there are so many more than just 3 nuclear reactor melt downs. Pro nuclear apologists try to promote their industry with the myth of nuclear reactor safety.

What is even more shocking, are the hundreds, if not thousands of accidents, spills and radioactive contamination caused by the pursuit nuclear technology, hidden in plain sight. So the next time someone starts talking about how there were only 3 nuclear reactor melt downs, feel free to correct them by saying; “You really meant to say 30 or more, right?”


All global nuclear plant melt downs listed at the following link;

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There have been many thousands of nuclear radiation accidents on top of the ones above and there are some very large nuclear disasters coming. For more information about these and other risks of nuclear power, go to;

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ChasAha April 16, 2015  Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) said,
“There’s no system foolproof enough to defeat a sufficiently great fool.”

Teller also said,
“Sooner or later a fool will prove greater than the proof even in a foolproof system.”
– repeated by Arnie Gundersen
(former Nuclear Power Plant Manager)

“I think that boils down the danger of nukes…”
– enenews user
(probably a regular guy)

“…advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either common sense or morality. That’s why many laymen are better qualified to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.
– Dr. John Gofman Medical Physicist
(Nuclear Power Pioneer)

IMO – One of the main things people need to try and understand or that they can take from this site is that we’ve all been lied to, from day one, about Nuclear Power and EVERYTHING that goes with it.”


What is the take away? Nuclear power advocates like to claim that nuclear power is ‘safe’. By diving into just a tiny fraction of the links above, it is very easy to see that the nuclear power plus nuclear weapons threaten all life on the planet, due to the complete lack of safety in this industry, plus the pathological need to pretend that it is safe, and thus causes no deaths or harm.

Nuclear technology needs to be gotten rid of completely. Either humanity will get rid of nuclear weapons and technology, or nuclear technology will get rid of humanity, one way or another. 


List Of All 70+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs And Other Radiation Accidents, Spills, Attacks; via @AGreenRoad

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