2014 – Fukushima Daichi Still Pouring Radiation Into Pacific Ocean, Mega Nuclear Disaster Just Beginning

As of 2014, three years after the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, there is still no plan to stop the massive amounts of radiation that keep on pouring into the Pacific ocean. The following updates are all 2014, March or later.

No plan to stop Fukushima from contaminating Pacific? Tepco adviser ‘doubts’ ice wall can stop groundwater from flooding plant — We’re concerned it may affect ‘environmental protection’ and cause ‘unintended consequences’ (VIDEO)
State Senator: Fukushima is “damaging the oceans and devastating the environment”; An enormous crisis that has no foreseeable resolution — U.S. Senator: People are concerned about Fukushima radiation entering our waters, I want to know agencies plan to respond to “issues that may arise”
NHK: Officials admit it may be impossible to stop leaking at Fukushima reactors — Will be investigating ‘bottom of containment vessels’ for holes — Gov’t asking engineers from outside Japan for help with melted fuel (VIDEOS)

There is also no plan to find the ‘lost’ coriums which exited the reactors and quite possibly the buildings as well. 

At Fukushima Daichi, 3 Coriums Melted Out Of Containment, Compared To 1 Melt Out At Chernobyl ; via A Green Road

The government of Japan is moving people back into highly radiation contaminated areas, while declaring them safe. 

2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad

2014 – Students Sent To Radiation Contaminated Fukushima Province Via ‘Exchange’ Program From All Around The World; via @AGreenRoad

AP: “This town is dead”… Locals feel Fukushima plant could explode any minute; Yearly ‘safe’ radiation levels exceeded “in a matter of a few hours” — TV: “Fukushima evacuees complain of health problems”; Nearly 70% of households affected

Fukushima Workers ‘Allowed’ 250 mSv/yr, Compared To 20 mSv/yr For US Nuclear Industry Workers; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Decommissioning Worker Conditions Deteriorating; via @AGreenRoad

What is the take away? Although the interest and attention of the world has gone on to other subjects, the Fukushima mega disaster has just begun. The negative consequences are just starting, and will continue to get worse from here, accelerating rapidly starting in the year 2015, for many reasons.

Dr Nakayama MD – Japan Contaminating Everyone By Burning High Level Radioactive Waste, 100,000 Bq/kg via @AGreenRoad

Japan Planned To Evacuate 40 Million Citizens; Russia Was Shocked; via @AGreenRoad

Tokyo; is it safe to live in or visit? via @AGreenRoad

AGRP is predicting that starting in 2015, a larger number of thyroid cancers will start appearing, followed by solid cancers, more leukemia and other diseases, higher infant death and disease rates, higher rates of birth defects, and more, all the way down to and extending past the the middle of Japan. Specifically, Tokyo and surrounding areas are included in this prediction. The cover up of this mega nuclear disaster has been extreme, almost complete and total. 
But the health consequences and genetic damage caused by low dose radiation, to people, animals, plants, insects and the environment, cannot be covered up or swept under the rug. Those negative consequences will continue happening more and more while the effects accelerate further, as we move on into the future, with no end in sight. The Universe is ‘nudging’ humanity in the right direction through suffering and consequences. Too many are not paying attention, and will have to suffer further, more extreme nudges. 

2014 – Fukushima Daichi Still Pouring Radiation Into Pacific Ocean, Mega Nuclear Disaster Just Beginning; via @AGreenRoad


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