20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far

Failsafe is a movie about the US policy of having a large number of bombers in the air, and a large number of US atomic missile filled submarines and aircraft carriers cruising the oceans at all times, with fully armed nuclear bombs and/or nuclear bomb tipped missiles aboard. What happens when a military plane crashes with nuclear bombs aboard, or a bomber drops one of these nukes accidentally? Accidents involving nuclear weapons and bombs are frequent. It is only a matter of time before a nuclear bomb goes off ‘accidentally’ somehow, possibly in a major city. 

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As the movie above shows by giving just one example, things can go wrong and cause a nuclear war to start, just by accident. The story is fictional, but in real life  it has almost happened, at least 20 times so far.
Via Pu239 May 1, 2014 The risk of nuclear accidents is rising, says report on near-misses. Chatham House report lists 13 instances since 1962 when nuclear weapons were nearly launched. 
There will be an end to near misses around nuclear weapons and nuclear war eventually. So far, there have been 20 or more documented near misses. There are many more close calls that we never heard about, because no one wants to talk about this subject or admit to a close call or near miss. 

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The difference between all out nuclear war and peace is only 5 minutes or less. Soviet subs are cruising off of the US coast, and if they launched, the US would have 2-5 minutes to respond. the same thing is happening off of the coast of Russia and Communist China. A false indication of a missile launch in any one of these countries gives very little time to figure out if it is a mistake or it is happening for real. That is not a lot of time to make a decision to either press the button for launching everything or holding off.
Combine a few minutes warning and an automatic computer controlled response and the odds of nuclear war keep increasing. Wikipedia; says that “Dead Hand (Russian: Система «Периметр», Systema “Perimetr”, 15Э601),[1] known also as Perimeter,[2] is a Cold-War-era nuclear-control system used by the Soviet Union. General speculation from insiders alleges that the system remains in use in post-Soviet Russia. An example of fail-deadly deterrence, it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors.” Could it be set off by a meteor hitting Russia? 
Our human global village can only have so many close calls before it all goes from very bad to MAD, which stands for Mutually Assured Destructoin. Eventually, one of these close calls will spark World War III via nuclear weapons. The next all out nuclear global war ‘close call’ could be as close as one day away. It does not take a Cold War to launch all nuclear weapons. The Ukraine situation proves that regional conflicts can easily progress into an all out nuclear war, just because two leaders with huge egos and wanting to save face will not back off. It only takes one egomaniac, drunk or sociopathic leader to push the launch button.
President Nixon is on tape calling for dropping a nuclear bomb on Vietnam. Had a general had been in the room and also wanted to launch, that would have been the beginning of WWIII.
As it was, in that case, Kissinger talked him out of it. Usually the opposite case is the situation, where the President has to talk the generals out of using nuclear weapons and they are pushing to use them. Humans are just one very weak link in the chain that rapidly leads to all out nuclear war. But having computers in control is no better. Computers would have started WWIII many times already, but humans rejected those computer commands and their orders to follow what the computers said on multiple occassions.

Some people might say that nuclear war is survivable. They would point at the Doomsday planes and underground bunkers as evidence. But in reality, there is no survival, because these ‘experts’ failed to account for what would REALLY happen after a nuclear exchange and MAD event. Details about this doomsday scenario are available via the following linked article.

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The nuclear arsenal held by several countries is a tipping point, and it is just one of many.

“The world has arrived at a nuclear tipping point,” a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace study warned. “We are at the tipping point,” former Senator Sam Nunn, co-founder of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, has said, “and we are headed in the wrong direction.”

The nuclear weapons tipping point is not the only tipping point. There are many more. Humanity needs to change course drastically. 
2014 List of 45+ Global Tipping Points, Many Of Them Have Been Reached Or Exceeded, Almost All Are Getting Worse; via @AGreenRoad
Humanity needs to abolish and get rid of all nuclear weapons as soon as possible. People have tried to get rid of nuclear weapons, and paid a huge price for it.. The global human village needs to honor the sacrifice that a small number of people have made before us. They made valiant attempts to save humanity from itself and paid the ultimate price. 

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Eventually, as the following movies show, a mistake, accident or on purpose launch of nuclear missiles will happen. These movies provide various scenarios about how a nuclear war could happen.

Fail Safe (2000) The World on The Brink of Accidental War! Cold War tensions climb to a fever pitch when a U.S. bomber is accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear warhead on Moscow:


Dr. Strangelove;  Through a series of military and political accidents, a pair of psychotic senior military officers — U.S. Air Force Commander Jack D. Ripper ( STERLING HAYDEN) and Joint Chiefs of Staff General “Buck” Turgidson (GEORGE C. SCOTT) hatch an ingenious, foolproof, and irrevocable plan to unleash a wing of B-52 bombers and their nuclear payloads on strategic targets inside Russia. And when the brains behind the scheme, Dr. Strangelove (PETER SELLERS), a wheelchair-bound nuclear scientist with bizarre ideas about man’s future, accidentally activates the bombing mission, the President of the United States (PETER SELLERS) is unable to stop it.Although he knows the secret code to stop the mission, the Royal Air Force’s Group Captain Mandrake (PETER SELLERS) isn’t much help since he’s come under attack at a U.S. Air Force base by a group of U.S. paratroopers who’ve been accidentally activated, too. So, despite all efforts to recall him, Major T. J. “King” Kong (SLIM PICKENS) personally sees his bombing mission to its fateful conclusion, even as the Russian Ambassador (PETER BULL) is summoned to the White House in hopes of averting a crisis and preventing the activation of the “Doomsday” machine. But the inevitable comes to pass as the efforts of the Pentagon brass and all the politicians in Moscow and Washington cannot undo the cascading series of cataclysmic events. MPAA Rating: NOT RATED 1963, renewed 1991 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The Day After (1983) is a well-made TV movie (the most watched in US history) about a full nuclear attack on the USA:
For an even more realistic and frightening movie on nuclear war watch the BBC movie Threads (1984). Warning: graphic:
Testament (1983) is another American made nuclear war movie and the aftermaths of survival:
The War Game (1965) is a well-made BBC fictional, worst-case-scenario docu-drama about nuclear war and what to expect during and after:
Panic In Year Zero (1962) is an American made movie on a family’s survival after a nuclear attack on the USA:
On The Beach (1959) is an all-star movie, set in 1964 in the months following World War III. The conflict has devastated the northern hemisphere, polluting the atmosphere with nuclear fallout and killing all life. Australia is the last refuge:

Humanity needs to abolish and get rid of all nuclear weapons as soon as possible. A few people have tried to do it, and paid a huge price for it.. The global human village needs to honor the sacrifice that a small number of people have made before us. They made valiant attempts to save humanity from itself and paid the ultimate price. 

20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far; via @AGreenRoad

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