USA Importing Radiation Contaminated Food To USA, Unfit To Eat

RT News reports that; “the difference between Japan and the United States is kind of startling. In Japan, at this point the permissible level of radioactivity in food is 100 becquerels per kilogram […] In the United States the permissible level is 1,200. So Japan’s limits are 12 times stronger than ours, which means that we could very certainly be importing food from Japan that’s considered unfit to eat there.”
US importing food from Japan that’s considered unfit to eat there? (VIDEO)
The following link contains a long list of seafood items that are exported from Japan that are not legally allowed to be sold in Japan due to too high radiation levels, but they are legally allowed to be imported into the USA. The list was updated as of 2013. Since 2013 is two years after Fukushima, nothing much will have changed one or two years later, so it can be assumed things are still the same today as they were in late 2011, after the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster. 

US to Resume Radioactive Beef Imports from Japan

Radioactive beef, fish, rice and vegetables are being sold that are raised or grown in Fukushima Province, which is contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster on 3/11. Even a Geiger counter which normally does not measure radiation in food is picking up the radiation levels in the food, via video above.. 
What is the real radiation level in these foods? What are they hiding? The government, mass media and nuclear industry say that everything is normal and ‘safe’. This is the new ‘normal’. Fukushima is here. In July, beef from Minamisōma was found to be contaminated with radioactive cesium above the legal limit, according to the Daily Yomiuri.[5]… 
In the USA, ‘safe’ radiation levels for food are up to 1,200 Bq/kg. In Japan, ‘safe’ maximums are 100 Bq/kg. How can 1,000 be the maximum allowed in food, when 100 is the maximum allowed in Japan? Both cannot be true.. 
The US just raised the maximum allowed level of radiation allowed by up to 26,000% without any public debate or news media discussion. Are you enjoying your radioactive food and environment? Invisible poison kills despite not being seen, smelled or tasted… Poison is poison. Protect your children. Get informed. Become empowered. It is not just radioactive food that is being imported from Japan; for more information, click on the link. 

Radioactive Cars From Japan Being Refused And Shipped Back By Multiple Countries; via @AGreenRoad


The US has been importing radioactively contaminated food for a long time now. After Chernobyl the US imported radioactive food from European countries. This same thing is still happening, but now the number of countries able to export radioactively contaminated food to the US has doubled. 
Oct. 27, 1988, a sample of macaroni from Greece contained Cs-137 levels of 11,100 pCi/kg (410 Bq/kg). body

Tanzania Produce Grown With Uranium Dust

November 16, 2012 at 3:33 pm · Reply

South Korean Seaweed with radioactive Iodine and Mushrooms from the Ukraine
“…too high level of radioactivity (794 BQ/kg) in fresh chanterelles…”

“…radioactive iodine (171 mg/kg dry matter) in dried seaweed from South Korea, via Austria….”

Via arclight November 17, South africa -1.6 million people living with dangerous radioactive contamination of food air and water!
“Meat, fish, milk, maize and other crops produced near Wonderfontein Spruit in Gauteng are probably harmful to people as they are seriously contaminated by, among others, radioactive pollutants. This pollution, resulting from overflow from sludge dams during 100 years of mining, affects the area between Randfontein and Potchefstroom, where more than 400,000 people live. International experts say people who eat or drink these products could suffer liver or kidney failure or get cancer. It could also hamper children’s growth and cause mental disability. “
Browse pdf for usa connected foods..
Product: 080290 – Nuts edible, fresh or dried
In 2006, the biggest markets for this product exported from South Africa were the Netherlands (26 %), the USA 4(25 %) and Japan (10 %). Despite the dominance of the Netherlands and the USA, the market was well diversified with a number of countries attracting 10 % and less of South Africa’s exports. ..” page 17
Via arclight November 17
Official Journal of the European Union February 2011 – Radioactive contamination of foodstuffs 


What is the take away? Just because someone says all of their food or products are ‘safe’ and radiation tested, does not mean much, if anything. First, one has to know what they are testing for, and what their minimum detection levels are. Are they testing for gamma, beta or alpha radiation? Are they testing for cesium, strontium, plutonium or something else? Are they testing internally or externally, because there is a huge difference between the two. Are they testing it dry or wet, whole or mashed up? Are they testing it in a lead shielded container or out in the open somewhere? 
One has to know what kind of equipment they are using, who calibrates it, how old that equipment is, and who is doing the testing. The best testers are independent third party neutral certification officials, and they basically do not exist around food or drinks. 
Finally, one has to know if they test EVERY item, or just one sample out of a thousand, etc?
If one knows the answer to all of the above, and one trusts the tester to be honest and neutral, with sufficient training plus experience to be able to do the test properly, then and only then can a person rely on that test for that item. Bottom line, since this is rarely if ever possible, it is really up to each consumer to test food and other items for radiation these days, and that can get expensive. 
USA Importing Radiation Contaminated Food To USA, Unfit To Eat

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  1. It really depends on what you define as dangerous. You get more radiation living on the west coast of the US for a week compared to the east than by eating meat this contaminated.


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