Japanese Government Radiation Monitor Station Reads 2,000% Lower Than Nearby Locations

The Japanese government and nuclear industry plus regulators such as the IAEA have been and are still engaging in a very organized and concerted effort to cover up the severity and extent of the Fukushima mega nuclear crisis, which is still ongoing. This is not a new effort, but one that has been continuing since the beginning of the atomic age, when Cold War secrecy and cover up were the order of the day. The Cold War against Communism has ended, but the secrecy, lies, cover and deceptions continue.

One of the industry tactics is to pretend that highly contaminated areas can be ‘cleaned’ or decontaminated enough so that people can move back into them. In these radiation contaminated areas, the government has installed radiation meters that show artificially created ‘low’ levels of radiation. The government and nuclear industry then uses these artificially created low radiation readings as a justification to force people to move back into those radiation contaminated towns, because they claim that these towns have been ‘decontaminated’ or cleaned of radiation.  

The problem is that none of the above is true. It is not possible to ‘decontaminate’ a highly radiation contaminated town and all of the surrounding areas and then keep it this way. Dr. Helen Caldicott MD explains that even if city or farm can have the radiation reduced by wiping, removing soil, etc, it rapidly becomes recontaminated with more radiation by the surrounding areas due to wind blown dust, leaves, rain, rivers, streams, soil washing off the hills, and more.

Reports: Fukushima decontamination proving futile — “The truth is, scientifically, they will never clean it up… It’s impossible” (VIDEO)

In addition, the Japanese government makes sure to clean or decontaminate the small micro areas around their official radiation monitoring posts very well, so that they register only artificially low levels of radiation. Some reports (links below) expose that these government stations are calibrated so they read even lower than other equally sensitive radiation meters put next to them.

Reports (links below) keep coming out about radiation meters put next to these government stations that read double or higher amounts of radiation in the same place. More reports (links below) expose that radiation meters find 2,000 percent higher radiation levels even a short distance away from these official government radiation meters. 

Officials only focus is covering up crisis — TV: On playground, we found radiation levels 2,000% higher than displayed by gov’t monitoring post (VIDEO)
Via GlowInTheDark September 8, 2012 “This is a radiation level of Kitashiobara village where the children in the video had visited. I wonder if parents were shown a similar graph before making a decision to send their children to highly contaminated place. I think the radiation levels in the graph (link below) is average and 60% less than the actual figures since the data comes from government installed fake (radiation) monitoring posts.”

TV: Radiation monitoring stations useless — Actual levels 5 times higher than what’s displayed — Official: But it was you who wanted them! (VIDEO) November 19, 2012


There is an active and organized attempt to cover up and deny the existence and severity of the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster as well as the consequences coming from that ongoing nuclear disaster. On top of that, the government and nuclear industry are trying to claim that high radiation contaminated areas are safe to move back into, and that decontamination is possible in those towns via fake radiation monitoring stations set up by the Japanese government and the associated nuclear industry agencies. 
The government and nuclear industry claim that these stationary radiation measurement stations accurately measure the average radiation levels in those towns, when they actually have very little to do with the amount of internal radiation absorbed by people who live there or the external radiation measurements in those towns. Surrounding areas such as the woods that have not been decontaminated and have very high levels of radiation, so high in fact, that people are afraid to even go there. 
2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad
Via We Not They Finally May 28, 2014 “Yeah… used to think that evil was bad. Then it became evil plus stupid. Then it became evil plus stupid plus insane,.. plus murderous.”
The nuclear industry is acting in  a way that reeks of extreme desperation, in response to the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster. The consequences of radiation disasters are getting worse and worse as they get bigger and bigger, but these disasters are being hidden or denied completely for many reasons. 
Japan Suffered 3 Mega Disasters, Now Suffering From 4th Mega Nuclear Disaster, USA Will Be Next; via @AGreenRoad
The nuclear industry keeps claiming no one died and no one will die as a result of a multiple Fukushima reactor melt outs and spent fuel pool fires, plus a plutonium MOX fuel explosion from the #3 building. Hubris is combining with fear of public condemnation plus a very large desire to protect the virgin appearance of nuclear safety. The actual Reality of what is happening as a result of the numerous nuclear disasters caused by the nuclear industry is exactly the opposite of the reality that the nuclear industry portrays to the public via their industry mouthpieces that are bought and paid for.


Japanese Government Radiation Monitor Station Reads 2,000% Lower Than Nearby Locations; via @AGreenRoad
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