NONE of 12 US Government ‘Fukushima Task Force’ Recommendations Have Been Implemented By NRC, 3 Years After 3/11

It has been three years since the mega multiple nuclear plant meltdown nuclear disaster called Fukushima. Hearings were held and a commission was formed to recommend safety modifications from the lessons learned due to analysis of the Fukushima disaster. The Fukushima Task Force held hearings, took testimony and researched what caused the multiple meltdowns of nuclear reactors, despite promises from the nuclear industry that this ‘could never happen’.
As a result of those hearings, investigations, and research, the Fukushima Task Force tasked 12 things to the NRC to be adopted and implemented by the nuclear industry. The NRC was specifically asked to do it, because they are the regulator that is the body authorized to require the nuclear industry to implement those 12 items.
Three years after the 3/11 disaster, NOT ONE of the 12 recommendations provided by the US Government Fukushima Task Force has been implemented. Instead of strengthening nuclear plant safety standards and providing more safety to communities in order to prevent another Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, the NRC nuclear regulator and the nuclear industry ‘experts’ in their great wisdom and caring for the health and safety of communities, did the exact opposite.

The nuclear industry worked on weakening safety laws and rules around nuclear reactors by demanding that evacuation standards be eliminated or relaxed. They also got the EPA to increase the allowable amount of radiation a person can be exposed to raised by 26,000%, in case of an accident or spill, thus eliminating the need for evacuations completely. So instead of preventing nuclear disasters, the nuclear industry is basically saying that nuclear disasters will continue to happen, and they don’t want to be responsible for evacuating people or ensuring that the food and water protects the health of children or adults after that. 
“And in the time since the March 11, 2011 disaster, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), led by Chairman Allison M. Macfarlane, was tasked by Congress and the NRC with implementing 12 post-Fukushima “recommendations” for the nuclear-power industry to follow. This included everything from upgrading plants to “prevent or mitigate seismically-induced fires or floods,” “improve spent fuel pools” and “improve reactor inspection and oversight process.”
Of these 12 recommendations, the NRC took no action – none whatsoever – to require U.S. nuclear plant operators to implement a single recommendation from the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee via the “Fukushima Near-Term Task Force. One of them blandly stated he was not worried in the least about nuclear safety issues and had plans to take trips around the world rather than stay at home and address the critical issues that the NRC should be addressing. –

VIa nuclear pollution June 10, 2014  In more recent C-span “Fukushima Task Force” hearings…..

(1) Sen. Boxer of California was stellar reminding everyone that NONE of the 12 ‘Fukushima Task Force’ recommendations have been implemented yet.
She also showed a frightening photo of the recent fire blazing within 1/2 a mile of San Onofre nuclear power plants’ spent fuel pools, which are at double capacity. (3600 spf’s)
(2) Sen. Markey of Massachusetts was also stellar. He said whistleblowers contact him all the time, and 75% of whistleblowers who go through the formal method of whistleblowing end up with poor performance appraisals.
Sen. Markey also sponsored the “Dry Cask Storage Act” to get spent fuel now in water into dry cask storage.
REMINDER: 4 of 5 NRC Commissioners voted AGAINST dry cask storage.
He was also concerned that Chinese nationals were allowed into U.S. nuclear power plants.
(3) These pro-nuclear Senators were vocally supportive of the nuclear industry. Vote them out if they are your senators.
– Sen. Cardin (D) Maryland
– Sen. Vitter (R) California
– Sen. Whitehouse (D) Rhode Island wants to promote advanced nuclear technologies like small modular reactors.
– Sen. Sessions (R) Alabama was particularly pro-nuclear…stating the old lies that there have been “zero deaths” due to nuclear energy and that nuclear energy has a “tremendous safety and environmental record” and is “no carbon”
Sen. Inhofe (R) Oklahoma said dry storage of spent-fuel is not substantially safer and would cost the industry $4 billion dollars to put spent-fuel into dry casks. He criticized Germany’s transition away from nuclear energy.
Sen. Barrasso (R) Wyoming said he believes storing nuclear waste in wet pools is “safe” and Wyoming has a lot of uranium so we “must continue to build new nuclear power plants””
WATCH the hearings in video above, or at;

What is the take away? The nuclear industry ignores the public servants sent to Washington to represent the public. The nuclear industry keeps making empty promises and guarantees, but then takes no action to prevent nuclear accidents and melt downs, so they keep on happening and getting worse and worse. Now it is not just one reactor melting down, it is multiple reactors and spent fuel pools as well. 
List Of All 30+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs; via @AGreenRoad
Because the NRC is staffed by nuclear industry ‘insiders’, they have no interest in actually protecting public and community health or safety, but are more concerned with promoting the nuclear industry by flying around the world on junkets paid for by US taxpayers. 
NONE of 12 US Government ‘Fukushima Task Force’ Recommendations Have Been Implemented By NRC, 3 Years After 3/11; via @AGreenRoad

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