Sword Of Damacles; How Easy Is it to Build a Dirty Bomb? Dirty Bombs Are All Around Us – WIPP, TMI, Fukushima Chernobyl Victims All Hidden And Covered Up

Sword Of Damacles; How Easy Is it to Build a Dirty Bomb? Dirty Bombs Are All Around Us – WIPP, TMI, Fukushima Chernobyl Victims All Hidden And Covered Up


The BBC Documentary The Dirty Bomb above describes a ‘dirty bomb’ attack, which we are not prepared for in the USA. Terrorists can pick any city and explode a dirty bomb, and there is no plan to deal with it. There is no evacuation plan.

There is NO public shelter system in the USA for nuclear bombs, or even for dirty bombs going off.  There is NO PROTECTION. Bottom line, you are on your own. Does this sound shocking to you? Well, find out the truth, click on the link and find out what happened to all of those public nuclear bomb shelters. 

5 Reasons Why Public Nuclear Bomb Shelters Are Still Needed In The USA Today, Why Were They All Closed? via @AGreenRoad

Fallout Shelter History, Construction Details, Radiation Shielding, Locations; via A Green Road

How To Live in a Public Or Private Nuclear Radiation Fallout Shelter


Would the public be warned or notified? NO major US city is ready for a nuclear bomb attack, nor for that matter a dirty bomb attack. Don’t believe it? Read the following article to explore how badly prepared the US is, compared to Communist China for example. 

Did Japan Plan For Worst Case Evacuation Of 40 Million Citizens After Fukushima? via @AGreenRoad

Odds are great that in a large city if a nuclear dirty bomb attack were to happen, no one would be warned, and almost no one would be notified. Does this sound hard to believe? There are huge stockpiles of plutonium sitting around in many locations all around the world. Just a couple of pounds of plutonium in the right hands can either make a nuclear bomb which will completely destroy a large city, or it can be used to kill a bunch of people just by making it go critical.. What does this mean? A short video describes this process…

The Demon core killed and/or injured nuclear scientists using this exact scenario, via a self-sustaining prompt critical chain reaction.  So the scenario in the video above is both realistic and possible.

Dirty bombs or the equivalent of them have happened more than once, as recently as the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, which exposed Tokyo to the equivalent of more than a dirty bomb in terms of radiation released and absorbed. Yes, a few hundred thousands of people were evacuated, but see if you won’t agree that many more millions of people should have been warned to get out of harm’s way.

Timeline of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Evacuations; 10+ Million People Should Have Been Evacuated On 3/11

So all of the hoopla about how well a US major city is ‘prepared’ for a dirty bomb attack is just that; smoke and mirrors. What would probably happen is that the whole thing would be mostly covered up, only a few people (rich and powerful) would know what really happened and they would be evacuated out or go into their bomb shelters and be safe. Everyone else would be on their own, just like the 30 to 40 million people still stuck in Tokyo, Japan, or the millions stuck living around Chernobyl, in highly radiation contaminated areas. 
Tokyo; Anyone Who Could Afford To, Left After Fukushima Meltdown; via A Green Road


Some people believe a huge coverup may be happening in plain sight, around the Fukushima disaster. Of course, this coverup is systemic and chronic. Every nuclear accident has a dynamic that follows the same line of delay, minimization, confusion and denial. 
For those who want to find out more, here are a few links that go into more detail. This is not the first time that radiation accidents have been totally covered up, and it will not be the last, sadly.

WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence; via @AGreenRoad

TMI Coverup 
Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up
What really happened at Fukushima?
Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown? 
Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks via A Green Road Blog 
At this point, maybe you are starting to put the pieces together, about how really dangerous nuclear anything is, and how ill prepared the US is, compared to even Communist China, which has far fewer nuclear anything at this point. 

CNN Reports That Thieves And Terrorists Can Easily Steal Dirty Bomb Materials; 140 INCIDENTS SO FAR

CNN covers news about thieves stealing dirty bomb material. Few people understand how easy it is to get, because radioactive materials are spread all over the USA in so many ways, in so many products. Anything radioactive, once spread out, becomes a dirty bomb, even if it happens accidentally. A nuclear power plant is a HUGE dirty bomb, and terrorists have taken over numerous nuclear power plants all around the world already.   

Multiple Nuclear Reactors Taken Over By Terrorists, Protestors And Rebels, 140 Incidents; via @AGreenRoad

Here is just one example that shows how easy it is to get your hands on dirty bomb making materials if you really want them…

CALIPHATE GOES NUCLEAR: ISIS Seizes 88 Pounds of Uranium From Mosul University

The Iraqis also admitted this week that ISIS looted the Muthanna chemical weapons complex in June.


PBS News reports how easy it is to make a dirty bomb and set it off. Experts predict that a dirty bomb being set off in a major city is all but inevitable. A dirty bomb set off in Times Square could close that part of the city for years, or longer, if decontamination is even possible.

The cost would be in the billions even if no physical damage was done to any buildings. The federal government estimates that there are 77,000 amounts of radiation material sufficient to build a dirty bomb, found in 2,700 places. There is enough radiation to be used in a dirty bomb in all of these places, maybe more. How does one guard all of those locations? The NNSA is trying to protect the public by deploying first responders and trying to locate and safely store radiation threats. 

What most people don’t understand, is that dirty bombs are going off all the time in the US, some accidental, some on purpose. WIPP just let off the equivalent of a dirty bomb that exposed many US cities to plutonium, and no one cared. Almost no one noticed. Because radiation is invisible, and plutonium is almost impossible to detect even with a sensitive radiation detector, the people in charge can say almost anything they want about how much was released, what was released, and what danger it poses to people. 


What the news media does NOT report on, is the radiation hazard from setting off DU rounds, or testing them in places like the US. The number of rounds set off just by the US is the equivalent of fighting a low level nuclear war each year. 

Dr. Rokke Former Military Reveals Dangers Of 2,000 TONS of (DU) Depleted Uranium Dust In Middle East; via @AGreenRoad


WIPP was built as a pilot project, to demonstrate how low level waste could safely be stored for 10,000 years, with nothing bad happening. Of course, nuclear is so safe, and so many safety procedures were in place, that nothing bad could happen for the next 10,000 years. The only problem is that a nuclear waste drum exploded and/or caught on fire, releasing plutonium and other radioactive wastes to the environment for many days.

“Patented explosives” reported inside plutonium waste drums at US nuclear facility — TV: So volatile, experts comparing it to ‘bomb’ — Official: I’m appalled we weren’t told about real and present danger — Over 5,000 drums a threat — Invisible reactions may have already occurred (VIDEO)


Patented Explosives
LANL chemist Steve Clemmons [found] the drum’s contents match the makeup of patented plastic, water-gel and slurry explosives… “All of the required components included in the patent claims would be present,” Clemmons wrote… “I am appalled that LANL didn’t provide us this information!” [wrote DOE official Dana Bryson]… On May 27, when they learned of the memo about patented explosives… WIPP abandoned plans for the next day to sample the area where the breach occurred, fearing it was too dangerous. “In a phone call withLANL, they indicated that there is a possibility that any sampling of the kitty litter/drum contents could cause another event,” [wrote] David Freeman, Nuclear Waste Partnership’s chief nuclear engineer… “We have a formal letter on LANL letterhead implying there is a real and present danger in the WIPP underground,” Bryson wrote.


WIPP Expert: “Very likely” multiple nuclear waste drums exploded, risk of more occurring; It was clearly something major… signs of fire at container holding over 500 billion Bq of Plutonium and Americium — Nuclear Engineer: “This is a huge dirty bomb” (VIDEO)

Time Is Short June 27, 2014 “If someone was in southern New Mexico, exploding 55 gallon barrels of Anthrax into the air, hoping the wind would pick it up and carry it across the Southeast and kill tens of millions of people, the US military would be on it immediately, the world would be transfixed watching it on the news and everyone would be rushing in to put a stop to it.


Anthrax is nowhere near as lethal as plutonium. Not even close.”

WIPP Did NOT Protect Workers or Inform Public About Plutonium Dangers Immediately After Radiation Disaster; via @AGreenRoad

Radiation spikes at WIPP nuclear facility — Hits highest levels since initial hours of radioactive release in February — Document link removed from official website — Gov’t analyzing samples for “potential impact on human health”

It looks like WIPP has not been contained or handled. It is now 4 months later, 6/2014, and another major spike of radiation release came out of WIPP. Are more high level waste barrels blowing up down there? Is this leaking past the overloaded HEPA filters? Did the rube goldberg vent pipes spring a leak? Of course, the govt. says no immediate harm, all radiation is like bananas. WIPP is nothing more than a dirty bomb going off, constantly, without end.

If a terrorist had released the amount of radiation that WIPP released and is still releasing, they would have been arrested, and the ringleaders would have been hung by the neck by now. It would have been on the news non stop from then to now. But because it is the nuclear industry doing this, they are rewarded with more no bid contracts, and are paid to fail some more. Meanwhile, the mass media is silent as a burned out, empty church. 


via stockJune 24, 2014 “Not like a full on nuclear bomb, but something on the lines of Fuku 3 is possible with a prompt moderated criticality. As the drums explode in the near term, and rust out in the 5 years term, all their contents can mix and seperate by densities, plutonium being one of the most dense. Picture a “hot pocket”, on a grand enough scale a mini-cirticality would make the nearby water, yes it is there vaporize to a steam bomb, which would pressurize the whole underground area. A very small nuclear bomb was tested underground in 1957 at 2000′ deep, it was only 1.7 kTon. That sucessfully contained the explosion at least for any immediate release. Those bombs had around 7 to 14 lbs of plutonium. WIPP has 500,000 barrels of 55 gal equivalent, assuming 10 lbs per gallon, that is 550 lb per drum. WIPP has 275,000,000 lbs of contaminated stuff, but a bomb is just 7 lbs. Granted, not all the waste is plutonium also plenty americium, as well as the old favorites, cesium, strontium, et al. Got that warm and fuzzy feeling yet?
After the whole underground area was highly pressurized with no where for the pressure to go the temperature would also go way up and no telling how many other chain reactions would occur, we could have a chain reaction of chain reactions. Consider also the 3 straight up vent shafts, probably filled with what else, salt. Could these chain reactions launch those tubes full of salt, I sure think so, and then smolder with a mini…”

There are many ways things can and will eventually get much worse at WIPP. All of the warnings were ignored, all of the hazards were denied, and all of the experts were not listened to. This ‘small’ accident is just a warning of what is to come, an appetizer so to speak, of a huge Fukushima type mega disaster that is the potential of a site like this. Not only does it have ‘illegal’ high level wastes, but it also has numerous hazards that have clearly been identified. Just one of these things going wrong can spell disaster for this site.

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad


The normal way that the public is told of a nuclear accident is long after it has happened, after the worst of the radiation plume has passed overhead. WIPP was no exception to this ‘rule’ of nuclear accidents. 

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

We Not They Finally June 24, 2014 We weren’t told where it went, either. We were living in Albuquerque at the time. (Thank God we got out of New Mexico!) We didn’t even know what had happened because there was no immediate announcement. Then suddenly, overnight, both of us were severely impacted! (Which I guess can happen to people — but both at once and out of the clear blue? We still haven’t a clue which radionuclide does that.) Then we got fatigued — like ALL THE TIME. Then I noticed that I had spontaneous bruising on various parts of my body that could not have been manually injured.
So we got “hit” — yet we weren’t downwind from Carlsbad, rather 274 miles to the north and supposedly with no wind currents coming our way. Didn’t matter. Some release happened that “hit” us and we’ll probably never be told. What did strike me when the initial DOE report came out, is that nearly the first thing they always say is “no harm to human health.” But with this, they didn’t say that — rather that everything at WIPP had been done negligently from the start. That startled me, and made me realize that it was WAY worse than whatever had been announced publicly. Since we left New Mexico, our energy is coming back and the spontaneous bruising disappeared. We wish New Mexicans well, but we’ll never return. Too “hot.”


Via or-well June 24, 2014 Nuke catastrophes do tend to go “…on and on and on…”
You can’t keep a good nuke-tastrophe down,
either below the water or deep in the ground
sitting beside a river or cooling pond
or by the World Ocean Life depends on;
when nukes decide to go they are gone,
into the atmo and then into lungs
and bio-accumulating in things –
like whatver grows, breathes or feeds
so that tends to include the food we need –
and no writ or warrant can put them in jail
so nuke regulators make industry bail
wherever and whenever nuclear fails
because they’re not the dog, they’re just the tail
and we need to be hammers pounding that nail.
A one-coffee rant.


The fact is, numerous nuclear accidents have happened already in the US, but most of them are not covered in the news, and no one even knows about them. Because radiation is invisible, it is fairly easy to deny anything bad is happening or that anyone is exposed to anything dangerous. But assuming no nuclear accidents have happened, what are the odds of a major nuclear accident happening in the future? 

What Is The Statistical Probability Of A Major Nuclear Accident Like Fukushima Happening In The USA? via @AGreenRoad

List Of All 30+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs; via @AGreenRoad

Lists of 100+ Worst Nuclear Disasters And Radioactivity Release Incidents; via A Green Road

To get into more details around nuclear accidents, click on the following link…

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel


Many people believe that they are ‘safer’ now than when the Cold War was in existence. Actually, the opposite is the case. There are still thousands of nuclear weapons poised to launch at the push of just one button. If one country launches even one nuclear weapon, for ANY reason, accidentally or on purpose, everyone will launch everything. The only protection is a system of nuclear bomb shelters, which the US has dismantled for everyone except for military and political leaders, and/or dismantling all nuclear weapons, which is being resisted by the same military that only builds bomb shelters for themselves. 

Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear War

20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far; via @AGreenRoad

Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Why does the military brass and the top political leaders and their families all get nuclear bomb shelters, and the public doesn’t?


By now, you have realized that it not IF a nuclear accident will happen in the US, it is when the next one will happen and how many millions of people will be exposed to how much radiation and for how long, without even any warning. More emergency preparations are needed, and the communities around nuclear facilities need to become much more informed and aware of the many hidden, radioactive dangers lurking right in their neighborhood.  But a Geiger Counter and keep it turned on with an alarm function running at 100 CPM. You will be warned before anyone else is. 

Plan To Expand Emergency Zones And Safety Preparations Near Nuclear Reactors; via @AGreenRoad

Push your local community to adopt more stringent reporting requirements, such as online transparent Geiger Counters on all vent stacks with battery backup systems, and mandatory reporting of any tritium releases, plus expanded emergency zones. Until humanity gets rid of all things nuclear, it is like a Damacles Sword dangling overhead by the tiniest and weakest of threads, ready to drop at any moment.


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Sword Of Damacles; How Easy Is it to Build a Dirty Bomb? Dirty Bombs Are All Around Us – WIPP, TMI, Fukushima Chernobyl Victims All Hidden And Covered Up
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