[PBS] The Mystery of Chi Energy, Known As The Life Force And Chinese Healing System – Bill Moyers

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1: The narrator, a US medical doctor, talks about how there are two separate healthcare systems in China. One is traditional, and relies on ancient herbal remedies developed over thousands of years, along with using chi energy. The other system relies on western medicine, and uses drugs, radiation and surgery, just like in the west. Both systems are used, with the patients choosing which system to use, not the doctors.  
3: There is no monopoly, just a choice of different healing systems that patients can use. Both types of healing systems are located INSIDE the same hospital, so there is no monopolistic exclusion of healing modalities as there is in the US. Patients can and do combine the two systems if that is what they want to do.  One system is not trying to get rid of the other or call the FDA or police on the traditional healers because they are practicing medicine without a license. Both systems are considered equal, but VERY different. 
5: He then shows off the largest herbal pharmacy in China, located inside of the largest and most famous hospital in all of China, in the heart of Bejing. The herbal pharmacy has no drugs, just herbs and other whole substances put into boxes that line the walls. The delivery of drugs makes a small mountain in the hallway, as large bags of bulk herbs are unloaded from the street into the pharmacy back entrance.
10: The pharmacy makes up small bags of herbs for patients that they take home and boil and then drink out of a thermos. Patients in the hospital are prescribed herbs which the herbal pharmacy cooks up and puts in thermos, which are then delivered to the patients rooms. The patients then drink this herbal phytomedicine throughout their stay in the hospital. Since it is a large and concentrated medicinal dose, the herbs generally do not taste good or bland, as one might experience with beverage teas for example, and the amount of herbs used per teacup is much larger than the amount found in a teabag. 
13: Then the narrator brings Bill into the surgery room, where brain surgeons cut a tumor out of the middle of the brain of a patient while she is awake and aware of what is going on, but she feels no pain, because they use accupuncture instead of drugs. In some hospitals, accupuncture and a mild electric current is all they use for getting rid of all pain, and in others, 50% of the normal amount of a western drug is used as anaethesia, plus standard accupuncture. 
15; Narrator explains that one of the primary underlying reasons why the Chinese system works is because of the chi energy system. If it is out of balance, health turns into dis-ease. If chi balance is restored, then health is restored along with the chi being balanced. Western medicine has no idea what chi is, where it comes from or even how to measure it, much less determine if it is unbalanced or not. 
16: Accupuncture is based on chi energy flowing through meridians. If a channel becomes blocked, it creates a disease, so the needles open up the chi energy flow, and restore health, much like turning on a light switch, turns on a light. No switch, no light. Switch on, light is on. Western medicine does not study or recognize these chi energy pathways, much less use them for anything, despite the fact that they can be measured with a volt meter. 
17: The chi energy starts flowing again and the patient can feel it, if the proper point is pierced. The doctor can ‘feel’ the needle hitting the chi meridian because it feels ‘stuck’ and won’t pull out, compared to missing it. It is like fishing where you feel a nibble, or a bite. It takes years of practice to get good at this. 
19: Millions of Chinese use accupuncture to treat their diseases, using doctors who do only that, and no western drugs at all. 
20: Massage is also used directly by doctors on their patients instead of needles to restore health, using their hands instead of needles to restore chi balance by unblocking energy meridians. 
24: Tai Chi can also be used by individuals to keep chi in balance, and it is a form of moving meditation, exercise and martial arts all at the same time. 
30: Health in the chinese system is a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This balance depends on what one thinks, feels and says. Being out of balance with thoughts and feelings influence or blocks chi, which then creates disease either emotionally, mentally or physically. 
34: There are two forces in the universe, and they cannot exist without each other; yin and yang. The balance is what is health. Too much yin, too much yang, then disease results. Find the imbalance in yin and yang, and restore the balance, and one restores health. Doing art is one way to restore balance between yin and yang, but so is exercise, so it acupuncture, so are herbs, so is massage, etc. 
44: chi gong energy master.. a master can move chi energy in another person to the point where they are completely immune to any physical force being used against them. They can control another person using chi energy. It takes years to learn how to even start to use this energy, and a master may have practiced for 30 years. 
46: Chi Gong energy healing. A medical doctor can move the chi energy in a patient without even touching him. 
54: The US medical doctor is asked if any of this works and he answers that he does not know, but that Eastern medicine has to be married to western medicine and there has to be research to find out if it can save money, if it really works, and if it has less or no negative side effects compared to drugs for example. The offspring of this marriage of the two systems would be a brand new system of healthcare. Neither system as all of the answers. 
55: Many people in the US want their doctor to be a teacher, a holistic advisor, rather than someone who just hands out drugs and does surgery. What the US doctor learned from the Chinese medical system is how the mind changes the body, how important spirit is,and how the Chinese system is more holistic, compared to just studying the physical body as western medicine does. 
[PBS] The Mystery of Chi Energy, Known As The Life Force And Chinese Healing System – Bill Moyers

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