Who Is Dr. Goodheart And Why Everyone Needs To Find Their Inner Hero

Who Is Dr. Goodheart?

Dr. Goodheart addresses the needs of the young at heart, adults, seniors, children, babies and teens.. Dr. Goodheart is fictional person who can talk with animals, plants, and the Earth. He is tuned into his intuition and follows his heart, via an inner guidance system that is always right, always true and always does what is best for the highest number and 7 future generations.

Dr. Goodheart has a passion for life and is engaged in a peaceful battle to save the Earth, humanity, both in the ocean and on land, including all life on the planet. Join Dr. Goodheart as he fights (using only non violent methods) to keep the Earth and all living beings safe from harm. He is the next evolution beyond the famous fictional medical doctor who only spoke with animals on the harm. 


The real Dr. Goodheart is inside of everyone in the form of archetypes. Everyone has a Dr. Goodheart inside, as he is your inner Hero/Heroine, Healer/Physician, Inner Gut Feeling, Intuitive Sense, Guide, Spiritual Warrior, Inner Child, Protector, Higher Power, or Agape Love.. Have you found, connected with and/or become more aware of your inner Dr. Goodheart archetypes? If not, maybe it is time, because they can add a lot of power and value to your life, your relationships, your business, and more.

Listen to Andy sing about his inner hero and how everyone has one inside…

Andy MacKenzie Singing Your inner hero

Via Ontological November 21, 2014 ” Hero/Heroine defined….

•one admired for his or her great courage or noble qualities.

•an “object of extreme admiration and devotion.”

An individual, organization, or entity that is motivated by shared sense of the public good who takes responsibility for the life and circumstances of those around them, and whose actions or efforts improve the circumstances of others and defends against hostile forces regardless of risk to self and without thought of personal gain.” 

Everyone has this hero or heroine quality or piece inside. Add to this fearless and heart based quality, a focus on what works for 7 future generations without causing harm, and you have a Superman, or Superwoman, literally. 


Like Dr. Goodheart, all content on this site should be considered ‘fiction’, satire, humor and/or parody, unless you believe otherwise. Of course, what is on mass media, corporate owned TV ‘programming’ channels may also be considered fiction, corporate PR/spin, possibly even propaganda, wouldn’t you agree? Many people’s view of the world may also be an illusion, and thus fiction. What is a mystery, what is real, what is truth, and what is illusion? Only an inner hero can help us to decide, because the world is so full of confusing and contradictory information, misinformation, spin and propaganda.


It is up to the Dr. Goodheart inside of everyone to decide what is truth, what is reality and what is illusion, parody, satire or fiction. Life may ultimately be considered a sacred mystery as everyone journeys inwards into higher dimensions and a life based on love, truth, bliss and light, while creating or experiencing happiness, joy, peace, humor and the wonder or mystery of life along the way.
Ultimately, it is only you that decides what is reality and what is illusion, parody, satire or fiction. Life may ultimately be considered a sacred mystery as we journey inwards into higher dimensions and a life based on love, bliss and light, while creating or experiencing some humor along the way. But the invisible archetypes can add real world value, despite being fictional, and here is one example of how it works. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and do the exercise below, even if you don’t own a business, as it will help you get in touch with one or more of your inner Dr. Goodheart archetypes. 
How to Find Your Inner Hero, Grow Your Business and Heal The World
Which reality do we choose to experience, believe, become more aware of or grow into as we keep an open mind to the mystery of life? A mystery, such as the sacred and very powerful archetypes, which could be considered to be worthless fiction by some, may actually hold the most sacred, most powerful and most consciousness raising truth for you, as you explore the inner and outer mysteries of life. Many famous people have pointed at A Green Road, less traveled.. Here are just a few examples of many. 


Robert Frost penned a poem call “the Road Less Traveled”.

The last 3 lines of that poem are:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 
– Robert Frost
Another famous writer is quoted as saying; 
Do not go where the path may lead
Go instead where there is no path
And leave a trail. 
– Emerson

The moral taught by these writers is to not blindly follow the freeways of life where everyone else is traveling. Instead, forge your own way. Follow your heart. Follow your intuition into the woods of your own heart. Discover and explore the mystery and wonder of love, your inner hero and your own Dr. Goodheart archetypes. There is no beginning and no end to this process of unfolding inside of the mystery of life. The mysterious path that one forges by diving into the heart has no end, no beginning; it is infinite in scope and dimension. 
Build your trail, which can develop into A Green Road. Build something that will be sustainable and not harm seven future generations, so that many people may follow your footsteps and build cities of shining light, which is the birthright of everyone living in the global village. To find out more, click on the link below. 

Rainbow Tribe Sacred Commons Wisdom Versus Intelligence And College Degrees

Eternal Life And Lessons From The Tallest, Largest, Oldest Life On Earth; The Redwood Tree

As more and more individuals do this, they will be called the rainbow tribe, which will help heal the Earth and teach the way to live with methods that are in harmony with Nature’s laws, rather than fighting them. Learn more about the science of sustainable health here at AGRP. 
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Who Is Dr. Goodheart And Why Everyone Needs To Find Their Inner Hero