9/21/14 Largest Ever Global Climate Change Protest; Close To Zero Coverage By Mass Media, What Is The Goal?

The Biggest Climate March Ever! “Months ago, our community decided on a crazy goal — the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Yesterday, it actually happened.Hundreds of thousands of people marched in New York and in over 2000 other communities around the world. It was a beautiful expression of our love for all that climate change threatens, and our hope that we can save this world and build a society powered by 100% clean energy.” 

Click on link below to see massive Climate Change marches and protests from all over the world.. 

Via eatliesndie September 26, 2014  It was big in Melbourne. 30,000 they say

(There is no mention of a carbon free or nuclear free future yet, correct?)


Everyone in these marches and protests is agreeing about and asking for 100% ‘clean energy’. But what does that term ‘clean energy’ really mean? Depending on who you ask, clean energy could be defined as:

clean coal
clean gas
clean nuclear
clean oil
clean biofuels
clean algae
clean catalytic wood burning
natural gas

The problem is that all of the above emit CARBON DIOXIDE, which is a global warming, acid gas. And isn’t that the problem, not the solution?

Clean energy; is it REALLY ‘all of the above’?  Isn’t that exactly what the huge corporations and politicians are doing now, which is pursuing an ‘all of the above clean energy’ campaign? Where is that ‘all of the above’ policy getting us? C02 levels are still rising, pollution is still increasing and the oceans are becoming acidic. Do you need proof of this? 

2014 List of 45+ Global Tipping Points, Many Of Them Have Been Reached Or Exceeded, Almost All Are Getting Worse; via @AGreenRoad

AGRP hears a lot of well meaning folks, media reporters and huge environmental groups such as 350.org asking politicians and corporations to ‘do more’ around ‘clean energy’, but what does that REALLY mean? Could it be, that this whole ‘100% clean energy’ campaign is really about greenwashing? Or, maybe it is just ignorance about what ‘clean energy’ really is, but that is REALLY hard to believe when it comes to environmental groups, who should be on top of this very elemental, basic scientific fact. 
Why didn’t the organizers and various groups involved demand something more specific, such as a nuclear free, carbon free energy future for example? Only this specific future reverses the 45 plus negative tipping points above, which is the whole point of all of this protesting and marching, correct?

If we are only going to burn more ‘clean energy’ via clean coal, clean oil, clean gas and clean nuclear, then the negative tipping points just accelerate further and faster, correct? If one goes with the carbon free, nuclear free future clean energy definition, then only the following types of energy would fit into the definition of ‘clean energy’:

water power
energy efficiency
energy reduction technologies
Zero point

None of the above emit carbon or radiation, and none of them need ‘decommissioning’. None of the above can blow up or melt down and destroy a whole nation. For more details about the specifics of what makes up a zero carbon, zero nuclear future, click on;

Environment, Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, Zero Point And Renewable Energy

The only contingent that focused on the above during this huge global climate change march was the anti nuclear groups contingent, and they were not included up front with Al Gore and Ban Ki Moon.

From Saturday afternoon meeting, to early Sunday morning preparations, through speakers and the march itself, this gallery documents the historic People’s Climate March and the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent.

Their specific ‘clean energy’ position was never mentioned on any major news media and not one of the following news media mentioned them or their specific position either, but if you can find a mention, please let AGRP know.

As a matter of fact, the major mass media news networks were mostly absent from this huge, epic, bigger than ever before global event in over 2,600+ locations. According to the biggest mass media ‘players’, this biggest ever global climate change protest and marches never even happened, as they never provided any live coverage of it. If a global protest happens, but there is no live coverage, does that mean it does not exist? 

For more on this, see the links and sections below. 



RT: “Cole Stangler, In These Times, joins Thom Hartmann. Starting just before noon outside of Central Park – the People’s Climate March was one of 2,600 other protests around the world Sunday – which together made up the single largest climate-change rally IN HUMAN HISTORY. New York’s protest lasted for hours as marchers traveled over two miles through downtown Manhattan – carrying banners – signs – and floats. 
Everyone from U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon to legendary biologist Jane Goodall was there – and the message was clear: if we want human civilization to survive the next few centuries – the world needs to take action on global warming right now. This week – world leaders – including President Barack Obama – are meeting in New York City for a U.N. Summit on climate change. And if yesterday’s massive protests are any indication – there is a deep well of popular support for a world-changing climate deal. The people have spoken and they want action on climate change. The only problem is – the mainstream media isn’t listening.”
Source; description under video
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


TV News Misses Yet Another Opportunity To Cover Climate Change

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


‘Largest-ever’ climate-change march rolls through NYC

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


An Australian Climate Change Protest With a Difference Gives a Bums-Up Salute
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


Democracy Now Coverage; http://democracynow.org – As up to 400,000 filled the streets, Democracy Now! did an exclusive three-hour global broadcast from the heart of the People’s Climate March in New York City. We air highlights of the special. 
To watch the full 3-hour special, visit:http://www.democracynow.org/live/peop…
Again, no mention of nuclear anything in the 30 minute video, but Kevin says he was interviewed by DN below.. hopefully his interview is in the 3 hour segment. So sad that he is not in the 30 minute segment, nor is any other anti nuclear activist. 
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


Daily Show covers Climate Change March… Al Gore and Ban Ki Moon featured, plus mayor of New York. CNN covers the parade. Daily mentions gamma radiation by showing cartoon characters.. There is no mention of how dangerous nuclear energy is or how it affects global warming.. very close to zero about nuclear.. D score, but thumbs up for mentioning nuclear, which is way more than anyone else did, so maybe he deserves an A for effort, because he said the word gamma radiation.

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.



(WARNING: Some Adult Language)
Kevin Blanch points out the CNBC truck, and the reporter who is at the march, but they interview no one and hide behind the truck, according to Kevin. (Adult Language)

UPDATE 5-Climate protesters arrested in march on Wall Street

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.

Kevin Blanch covers the beginning of the arrests of peaceful protestors, as the crowd chants (The whole world is watching) and makes the comment that the REAL criminals are running free.

Kevin is all about a nuclear free future…


How Fox News Is Covering the Climate Change March
Sunday news shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox failed to cover the People’s Climate March, a massive protest against climate change being held September 21 in New York City in conjunction with events in more than 150 countries worldwide.
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free. According to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and FOX, this massive march and protest that happened in 150 countries, and in 2,600 places, NEVER HAPPENED.

More in depth coverage about WHY the mass media did not cover this epic event, nor the Occupy protest. Does America have a free press, covering all sides of issues and spectrums of thought and protests, or not? Based on the evidence presented on this day, the US does NOT really have a free press. 

Operation Mockingbird; How The CIA Controls The Mass Media News; via @AGreenRoad

US Media Cross Ownership, FCC Regulation History, And Potential Solution; via @AGreenRoad

Fake Mass Media News; The Many Ways The Viewing Public Is ‘Programmed’ And TV Programming Is Censored; via @AGreenRoad

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via @AGreenRoad

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via @AGreenRoad

How Corporations Control Governments, Media, Politicians; Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man; via @AGreenRoad

Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn’t Get Bigger; via @AGreenRoad

The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons, Faux Media and Fraudulent Science; via @AGreenRoad


9/22/2014 Scenes From Wall Street Protest – Climate Change March

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


9/21/2014 – 350.org  People’s Climate March Livestream coverage; 3 hours of video, haven’t watched it, but AGRP will bet that there is no one saying anything negative about nuclear power or it’s relationship to global warming, because after all is said and done, this organization seems to be all about promoting nuclear power as the solution for global warming, due to it’s total lack of saying anything at all about the subject of nuclear power, and it’s relationship to causing global warming.

Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming, Acid Rain, And Acid Oceans; via @AGreenRoad

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free. Please contact AGRP and prove this is not the case..


There were countless smaller groups meeting all over the planet around climate change and community activism on this same weekend. None of them made it into the major news media coverage, but AGRP covered one of these and presents a small snippet of one of those countless local community meetings here.. The point is that EVERYONE can participate and/or start a local action, no matter where they live on this small global village. When a large group starts something and plans several months ahead, go ahead and piggyback on that date and time and organize something locally, for all of those folks who don’t care to travel long distances, or cannot afford to.



9/21/2014 Are environmental movement ‘leaders’ trying to shut down, deny or ignore the voices of nuclear activists? There is no better evidence of this than Kevin Blanch being shunted out of the parade and to the back of the crowd, after being told that Fukushima is not worth mentioning in this global protest march for the environment, organized by 350.org and other large environmental groups. 
His quote; “the event was giant, epic amazing, I got kicked out of the parade, I kissed Amy Goodman on the mouth, I was interviewed by 15 different new outlets, INCLUDING a kids network a 12 year old and a 8 year old. A N.Y.C. cop gave me a blessing, and I got into to it and put the fear of god in some climate wantabe hall monitors. WOW THE BEST ACTIVISM DAY IN MY 40 PLUS YEAR CAR. WOW WOW WOW IT WAL AMZAING INCREDABLE EPIC, GIANT, 801-452-1908”

9/20/2014 – As Kevin says above; “John Lennon was shot and killed at this hallowed spot and the music died that day.” John sang the song ‘Imagine’ (listen to it below). The song ‘Imagine’ provides a vision of the future; one free of chemicals, nuclear and carbon fuel, as well as money, heaven, hell, religions, borders, possessions, greed, hunger, artificial divisions and wars.

John Lennon sings Imagine

There is no way to get to John Lennon’s vision without getting rid of carbon fuels, nuclear energy and chemicals. But almost no one knows these things or they don’t care enough to do anything to move in that direction. According to Kevin and his guest, the younger generation is totally out of touch with reality, due to video games, self absorption, mass media TV and technology. Watch this part of the interview here..http://youtu.be/jAvk-Ma8UKY?t=4m42s

If Fukushima and nuclear energy is not worth protesting, what is? Nuclear energy and Fukushima is a HUGE GLOWING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Everyone is working very hard to ignore it and deny that these 1,000 toxic nuclear plant elephants exist; the huge corporate monopoly, the huge environmental groups, and the political system as well. They married, and are now in bed together. How did very sad situation this happen? To understand how and why this happened to Kevin and why there is no mention of anything antinuclear, you have to understand the history of the environmental movement, who leads it and their relationships, partnerships and money ties to huge corporations, including nuclear corporations, with HUGE amounts of money and profits at stake, via carbon credits and more. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

Via Jebus September 26, 2014 “Nuclear solutions to climate change are anything but – by Gregg Levine
That plan to limit CO2 production has already come under fire from fossil fuel-friendly corporations, trade groups and politicians who balk at the regulation, and from climate scientists and activists who point out that the president’s plan does not do enough to meet the maximum-2-degrees-of-warming goal, but a group you will not hear complaining is the nuclear energy sector.
Buried in the proposal and absent from many initial reports on the plan is a series of programs and pledges that encourage the preservation and possible expansion of the nation’s nuclear electrical generation capacity. The president’s proposed carbon rules assume nuclear power to be a clean, low-carbon energy option, and so put forth a nuclear industry Christmas list of subsidies, incentives and financial backstops that potentially funnels billions of public dollars into private industry hands and risks missing emissions targets while increasing the danger of a nuclear mishap.
Everyone needs to understand how corporations are conducting a MASSIVE PR campaign via the mass media, both by not covering this march, and by extensive coverage of everything pro nuclear.
VanneV September 27, 2014  “Tell EPA: Take nuclear support out of proposed carbon rule
September 16, 2014 Update: Comment period extended until December 1. Keep those comments rolling in and help spread the word!
Can just sign the letter as a petition.


To see any information about the nuclear free groups that were attending in the march, one has to go into a Facebook group. The contingent nuclear free portion of the march covered between 1 to 2 city blocks, but it was never mentioned anywhere that AGRP can find, except within these groups..

Don’t you find this just a little bit strange? 


To become more informed about why all environmental, peace, human rights, and justice groups should be making bold and clear statements that they are AGAINST nuclear power, click on the following link. Why aren’t the environmental groups educating their members about the dangers of nuclear power, the Carrington Event, and nuclear weapons risks? Any one of these things can wipe out all life on the planet in 24 hours, but all that is coming from most large environmental groups around this subject is the sound of crickets chirping. No one even knows what Fukushima is, no oe knows what will happen if the Carrington Event happens today, no one is aware that the US is on hair triggers via a first strike nuclear weapons policy. Yet, they still call themselves environmentalists, despite being ignorant and/or in denial about these things. 

Nuclear Power Is Too EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic, Even More So AFTER Decommissioning; via @AGreenRoad


Most people are being misled by the largest environmental groups and corporations about the REAL issues, and how much the world is being affected already. The solution they present is that voluntary action will work and that nuclear energy is the solution. Clean energy is used as a greenwashing ‘solution’ phrase, which includes nuclear energy, and potentially even carbon fuels. 
How Pro Nuclear And Anti 99% Corporations Control Eco Environmental Organizations Like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, 350.org via @AGreenRoad
What you will notice is that the leaders do not present any clear or specific solutions, and the people marching don’t have any specifics either, so how do the politicians know what to do, with no demands from the people or the environmental leaders, other than to do more of the all of the above ‘clean energy’, which is the present day policy of President Obama? 
The organizer of this event, 350.org may be against fossil fuels, but what they don’t disclose is that they are PRO nuclear, and nuclear power is just as bad when it comes to global warming as carbon fuels are. 
Why didn’t anyone talk about the global negative tipping points? 
Most people don’t know about the tipping points, even within the environmental movement. The whole clean energy movement has been hijacked, derailed and greenwashed by the largest corporations operating in partnership with the largest environmental groups at the highest levels. 
While it is hopeful is that a huge climate change rally and march happened. The worrisome conclusion is that the greenwashing by the organizers seems to have worked, and no meaningful, specific changes are being demanded by those attending. As Sting said in his interview on Democracy Now; there is a whole lot of greenwashing going on, and he has no patience for it. 

Greenwashing; Fake ‘Green’ Products, Services And Industries; Misleading Half Truths And Public Manipulations

Yes, people said that they are unhappy because they can feel, see and hear things are going off the rails, but nothing specific was demanded and any mention of nuclear energy was very absent, by design.  The lack of coverage by the mass media for the largest ever global climate change march in history, is a telling indictment of how corrupted they have become by the corporate dollars that flow into their coffers.

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9/21/14 Largest Ever Global Climate Change Protest; Close To Zero Coverage By Mass Media, What Is The Goal?

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