Salmon Run Devastated, S. California To Alaska, Salmon Radiation Test Results 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Globally, the overall trend is towards mass die offs of fishery populations. This article will focus on just one species, salmon. To find out more about the global die off of fish species in the world’s oceans, click on the following link.

There are many reasons for the die off of salmon on the Pacific west coast of the US. Dams, overfishing, habitat loss, global warming, fish farms, and more are all contributing. But since 2011, something very strange and drastic happened. This article will try to document and explain one potential cause for the drastic decline in west coast salmon populations since 2011, along with many other species, such as star fish, herring, birds, seals, sea lions, and more. 
To fully grasp and understand the potential cause of this multispecies mass die off, click on the following link… 

2014 – Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad


Despite the largest mega nuclear disaster in the history of humankind, (see link above for details), and the dumping of tons of radioactive elements into the ocean, Japan is exporting fish from Fukushima and other areas along the Japanese Pacific coastline to the US and other countries. Is all of that fish safe?

The FDA claims that it has not detected ANY radiation in any fish imported from Japan from 2011 to today. Prime Minister Abe also claimed that no radiation from Fukushima would escape from the harbor, and that it would trap all radiation going into the ocean coming from the multiple leaking and broken open reactors with melted down corium fuel inside of them.

The nuclear experts report that Fukushima was only 10% of Chernobyl in terms of radiation release. They say nothing melted out, blew up or caught on fire, and that it is in cold shutdown, plus it is being decommissioned like any other reactor. They claim no one died, and no one will ever die from this nuclear mega disaster. Do you believe? If you would like to explore this ‘truthfulness’ issue further, click on the following link…
Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%, Whistleblowers, And Solutions

The point of the following article is that it has been well documented that radiation contaminated food is being sold and eaten inside Japan, with the full cooperation and support of the Japanese government. If they are willing to do that within their own country, to their own citizens, what would they be willing to do around people that are not their relatives, friends and family members?

Fukushima Farmers Growing Food In Radioactively Contaminated Lands, Then Exporting It, Won’t Eat It Themselves; via @AGreenRoad

To really understand the stranglehold that the nuclear industry has on governments, on media and on people’s understanding, you have to understand the history of nuclear accidents, which have been covered up and denied since the very first one happened, right up to today. 

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists 
Now, if you are ready, let’s dive into what happened since 2011, to the salmon specifically… 


Canadian gov’t now plans to start radiation testing on fish off B.C. coast August 19, 2011
Somehow, they never got around to testing and then reporting anything to the public from then until now.

A small number of salmon were tested by ONE seafood retailer in 2011 and then nothing was repeated.. They reported zero radiation or just a trace…unknown what type of equipment they used or what method was used, or what part of the fish they tested.. Very vague and general assurances about salmon safety..

Here is a little bit about the company and its testing methods. Are you feeling more secure and safe now? No details are provided.. The devil is often in the details, so that open pit can be avoided by not giving any details at all. Often, giving general assurances, with no specifics or hard data, is called greenwashing.

Via Jebus May 3, 2012  “The harmful radioactive isotopes that were released in significant amounts from the Fukushima plant, primarily Cesium-134, Cesium-137 and Iodine-131, were not present in almost every case. The trace amounts that may have been present in rare cases fell below the extremely low, very safe levels detectable with current technology.” Sound familiar? This company saw an opportunity as the truth is being let out in small sushi bites. The art of damage control at it’s finest….
Hmm, there’s money to be made…. Eurofins signs an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Nihon Kankyo (Japan) 23 April 2012 Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical product testing services has signed an agreement to acquire a 52.6% majority stake in Nihon Kankyo K.K. (Nihon Environmental Services), a leading player in the environmental laboratory services market in Japan, on 31 March 2012. The transaction is expected to be completed this week.
Via Jebus May 3, 2012 “There will never be any radiation found in anyones food…Nuttin ta see here…”Eurofins expands global technology portfolio and geographic reach with Lancaster Laboratories – With the later acquisition of top US testing firm, Lancaster Laboratories, the Eurofins Group takes a leadership position in North America in two strategic markets: Pharm/ Biopharm product testing and Environmental testing.”

via Sickputer January 16, 2014 I appreciate the fish company testing, but many more samples are needed. Seven fish does not represent a large enough database to make any early assumptions of risk factors.

Cherry picking samples is a valid concern in such a small testing survey. Did they select 1 of each species and select the nicest fish in a catch? What about fish that look a little worse for wear? I’m not saying the fishing company excluded sickly fish, but I would be more convinced by unbiased samples of many hundreds of salmon. Millions of dollars for guaranteed unbiased testing is needed.

It is not just the salmon that are in trouble; it is also the top of the food chain whales that feed on the salmon that are dying and having trouble even raising any young. 

Killer Whales Dying In Pacific Ocean, No Babies since 2011, Population Dropping


A US nuclear lab tested a few salmon each year (2011 to 2014) and found nothing at all. 

They also reported finding nothing coming over from Fukushima in the air worth worrying about, all the way up to today. 

US Regulator: We’ve got to stop labs from testing for Fukushima radiation — “Tell them to back off” — Worried about them talking to press about ‘consequences’

NoPrevarication March 2, 2012  ..”scientists at the U.S. National Laboratories (Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, etc.) wanted to immediately assess the danger to the American public. The NRC told them to “knock it off” in other words, none of your business, we will handle this.”

What could cause this massive collapse all up and down the whole coastline of the Pacific ocean, all at once? It couldn’t be radiation, could it? No, there is no way that something invisible, poisonous, toxic and radioactive could do all of that.. or could it? What do the people who study this say? What have the studies found? 

Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation


Daisy207 January 16, 2014  “Why are they paying for testing? Send samples off to this lab which is staffed by salaried personnel and has equipment already paid for by tax dollars.

Just tell them they are obligated to do their job. If they won’t take the samples – call your congressman or woman – if that doesn’t work – start jamming the white house with calls. If enough people make this an issue – the main stream media might start to report on it. Start jamming NBC, MSNBC, etc with calls – tell them to start interviewing labs to find out who can accept samples and test them – there are not many and certainly not enough labs with proper equipment to do the testing now. And if any “scientist” says no problem – ask them for the data, to provide tables of analyses and MAKE THEM justify statements with “These data show”.


Via PhilipUpNorth January 16, 2014 Meanwhile: “Although the FDA contends that there is no evidence that radionuclides from Fukushima are present in Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood at a level that would be harmful to human health, it has not published results.”
Tokai Mayor: “We don’t trust the govt’s nuclear policies” — “We cant feel safe unless the mistrust is resolved” (VIDEO) October 27, 2011


vital1 May 3, 2012 This article “EU boosts food import controls after Japanese nuclear disaster” is a clever deception because they then proceed to quietly raise the EU maximum safety levels by 20x for caesium-134 and caesium-137. Governments worldwide have used this same tactic.
They then tell the public everything is testing below safety levels, nothing to worry about!
Here is another example, Japan this time.
So what food safety levels is this company using? The new 20x or 30x higher ones set by the government after 3/11, or the old per Fukushima levels?”

Both Japan, EU and US governments raised allowed radiation levels in foods and drinks by orders of magnitude, with no formal public debates or announcement after 3/11. Thus, all food is safe, because it did not trigger these new and higher levels of radiation. Are you feeling safer now? You trust your government and the nuclear industry, don’t you? 


February 17th, 2012 NOAA: No radiation levels that would “directly” cause seal deaths, Fukushima not a “primary factor” — AP misreports this as “scientists find no radiation” — Cesium levels not released

A fisherman said that salmon all up and down the west coast are almost universally not going up the rivers, and catch is down 40 to 60%. They are staying in the ocean and not going into fresh water in the places he is aware of. 
There may be one or two exceptions here or there, but the overall trend in all rivers from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California is that salmon numbers are down about 50%. Then most of the ones showing up in the ocean are not going up the rivers. 
These salmon are just hanging out in the ocean in front of the rivers. That is strange behaviour all by itself, very worrisome in fact. This is potentially HUGE… because if the salmon do not go up the rivers, they do not lay eggs and breed. The next generation of salmon; where do they come from if the salmon are not going up the rivers and laying eggs?
Mon, 2012-07-02 My wife and I are avid salmon consumers. We live in Seattle and have followed with concern the radiation leakage occurring in the Pacific from Fukushima. Due to the lack of current testing of presently caught salmon by either the US or Canada governments, we decided to have two sockeye samples tested ourselves. 
I purchased two Copper River sockeye samples from our local PCC Natural Markets Store (similar to Whole Foods, but located only in the metro Seattle area) last Thursday morning. I then packed them in ice and shipped them overnight to the Radiation Center at Oregon State University in Corvallis. They arrived in Corvallis on Friday morning. The Senior Health Physicist for the Center then ran radiation exposure tests on each sample with their High Purity Geranium detector (I also paid for this testing). I was sent the test results about an hour ago. 


The results showed the following: 
Cesium 134                             (bq/kg): 
Sample 1 –               9.02 x 10 = 90
Sample 2 –               8.91 x 10 = 89
Cesium 137                              (bq/kg): 
Sample 1 –                                  1.47 
Sample 2 –                                  1.26 
Oregon State University Radiation Testing Center Results..


According to Moonman on Enenews; November 13, 2013 “What i noticed fishing off the oregon coast was there was no herring or sardines in the salmons guts, only krill and crab spawn and a few needle fish around central Oregon. Tuna fishing was different this year too what little I did, seemed to me that the feed (fish) wasn’t around like previous years. I sold the boat after fishing for forty years; looks like death in a unimaginational scale out there to me. I will spend the rest of the time left with my family. I lost my living at 57. Who knows how long we got left with no real info; just cover ups in the good old USA.” 


Fukushima Harbor Fish Measured With 740,000 Bq/Kg Cesium March 2013; via @AGreenRoad

Unprecedented: Sockeye salmon at dire historic low on Canada’s Pacific coast — “We think something happened in the ocean” — “The elders have never seen anything like this at all” — Alaska and Russia also affected (MAP) 

One area reported a huge rise in salmon returning, but it was not a natural event. Ocean mineral seeding in 2012 had the result of creating huge numbers of salmon returning, due to adequate food in ocean being manufactured artificially, through mineral ‘seeding’, which could be seen much like a farmer fertilizing his land. 


Danger January 16, 2014 With all commercial fishing banned at Kodiak Island the Ayakulik river saw only 2,300 fish return to spawn by the end of the season. 2003 saw 24,000 return with full commercial fishing and sport fishing.
The 90% decline is occurring at sea. This is likely happening to all marine species. The losses of salmon are observable due to their fresh water spawn lifecycle.
2014 Salmon Second Mass Die Off In Progress From Fukushima Radiation? First Mass Die Off From Dams, Running The Gauntlet; PBS Nature; via A Green Road
The mass media and everyone except for a tiny minority keep saying everything is normal, safe and fine. The salmon fish runs are dropping further down, from the mass die off levels experienced in previous decades. 
If everything is so fine, where did the millions of salmon go that used to head up any river on the Pacific coast multiple times per year, feeding all of the native Americans who also used to live along those rivers? The millions of native people that lived on this US continent before the ‘settlers’ arrived for tens of thousands of years also experienced mass die offs, but no one thinks that is strange or unusual either. The new normal seems to mass die offs, plus 135 species PER DAY, just disappearing. 

Huge dead zones spreading all through the world in all of the oceans are now ‘normal’ and no one even things twice about them, despite them growing in size, severity and length of time. 
The Deep Pacific Ocean Is Broken/Dead; Devoid Of Life For Thousands Of Miles Where It Used To Be Filled With Life; via @AGreenRoad

2014 – Dead Zones In World’s Oceans And Large Lakes Report

Globally, there are many negative tipping points all converging together, but again, this is considered ‘normal’, average and pay no attention to it, because we are having fun watching TV and going to sports games, plus other important stuff. 

2014 List of 45+ Global Tipping Points, Many Of Them Have Been Reached Or Exceeded, Almost All Are Getting Worse; via @AGreenRoad

The new normal is mass extinction of over 100 species per day, but no one notices, because it is not on the sports channel, the news channel or on the nightly news, so it must not exist, right?

137 Species Being Lost Per Day, 50,000 Per Year, Versus Dolly The Cloned Sheep; Birth, Life, Death And Legacy

Ask Kevin Blanch, and he will tell you that most people are ignorant about what is going on, and they don’t want to know either.. If you try to tell them about these very real things, they turn and walk away, or give you strange looks and shut down completely, with a blank look on their face, because it is so far away from the ‘faux’ reality presented on the ‘faux’ channels that they watch. 
Crime and justice TV shows run daily, for 18 hours a day. They feature murders, kidnappings and brutality that is savage and heartless. But will any of these shows cover the millions of deaths caused by nuclear radiation? No. 
Will any of these shows cover the injustice of humanity causing the extinction of over 100 species PER DAY? No. 
Real reality is too awful and horrible to put on TV. People would actually quit watching TV if these horrors were to be aired 18 hours a day. They would get off the couch and do something, anything. 


Meanwhile, silent death is stalking everyone on the planet, in the form of internal radiation coming up the food chain, through foods such as salmon. The killer stalks silently, secretly and ignorant people know nothing about how this murderous genocidal maniac operates under the cover of darkness, because he is not shown on TV or on any of the crime shows, murder shows, or thriller cop shows.. Hmmmm, why wouldn’t this real life murder be shown on TV? 

Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad 
Dr. Miller talks about how the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends testing fish and other seafood for radiation.. They would not be recommending it, unless it was NOT being done, or it was not being done in adequate amounts. Maybe they are also pointing at sources that are biased towards always reporting good nuclear news, or they get fired. Meanwhile no seafood is being tested regularly in large quantities inside the US. 
Instead of testing the fish, maybe it is time to start testing US kids and adult kids for internal cesium loads, especially if they are eating lots of seafood products.


or-well September 18, 2014 



I’ve known those in large homes,
those in basements rented,
those who’ve lived on the glide
and those by Life dented,
been to celebrations wet with champagne,
and ones with few beers held outside in the rain,
known kids whose play is lost in confusion
in a welter of toys, amassed in profusion,
and ones whose toys are sourced at Goodwill –
of them all, whose play is most thrilled?
The ones joined at play by loving caregiver,
not ones abandoned to TV babysitter,
and the happy folks – big-careered, well-invested?
No more likely than those of possessions divested.
We know what makes happy. It’s not stuff or need,
false and implanted by society
nor using our level of energy.
Its doing something truly worthwhile,
sharing what makes us humans smile,
what binds us together as we naturally incline,
not pulls apart as the Elite define.
I could go on but I’ll just say thanks
that we don’t need electricity and no stinkin’ tanks
for human happiness or peace in the soul,
we need basic needs met and to see our kids grow.

Bird Song
Once we were dinosaurs stomping around,
knocking big trees flat on the ground,
giving big rocks a boot for a mile
as Jurassic mosquitoes made us quite riled.
We had teeth as long as a cutlass
and toenails that could rip you gutless,
we could smell much in our big sinuses
and had lots of room in our skull cavities.
All in all, more plusses than minuses
as no one questioned our depravities.
Stupid cosmic collisions and changing weather –
now all we’ve got is evolved feathers!
We have to fight worms for Goodness’ sake
to feed our young their daily intake!
We’re cute little birdies that chirp and tweet
and kids think it fun how we hop on our feet
and who objects as with song we Sun greet?
Oh yum we get seeds and bugs to eat
and sometimes at feeders we get a treat.
So what’s the problem? Why not let us live?
We help control insects and joy to you give.
Can’t you leave us some homes, not poison our food,
what have we done lately that you find so rude
our habitat everywhere you must denude?
Why do you kill us by enfeebling our brood?
The Sea, the Land, the Air is a mess –
can’t we even have Trees to build a few nests?
You’ll know when the Sky is empty and quiet
we’ve gone extinct and by your own fiat
other species will follow, even ones of your diet.


Yes, there are exceptions to mass die offs in local areas. AGRP can point at a few rivers along the coast that have increased runs of salmon, but the overall salmon river numbers from Alaska to Mexico are down since 2011. Yes, some of that loss may be due to the drought and global warming, but those things happened before and did not have this kind of effect on so many species all at once, all the way from Alaska to Mexico. 
But pray tell, why is not one scientist studying the effect of low dose radiation on salmon eggs, fry and young fish? Science is about looking at all potential causes of a problem, and not denying any of them, correct? Maybe scientists have a problem with studying radiation because it is not visible. Love is also invisible, and it too is not studied by scientists, so maybe they have a good excuse, as they study the visible world only; acid water, bacteria, viruses and fungus, but on pain of death, avoid all mention of radiation as something to study or look at. 
In today’s world, the sacred cow seems to be the nuclear industry and everything associated with it. No one can touch the sacred cow, nor study the negative effects of the nuclear sacred cow’s invisible and radioactive emissions on the food web. The nuclear industry has become a cult, with many a scientist acting as if they are very loyal and devoted cult followers. 
Don’t touch or study the sacred nuclear cow emissions, or casting out of the nuclear temple and financial death will be the punishment!  

Salmon Runs Devastated, S. California To Alaska, Salmon Radiation Test Results 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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