US, UK, France And Israel; The Only 4 Countries Opposing Global DU Weapons Ban

Video; “4 min documentary filmed and directed by Dearbhla Glynn, and made with the support of Afri and the Irish Quaker Faith in Action group, outlines some issues posed by use of the Depleted Uranium Weapons.
It brings us to Basrah, Southern Iraq, where much of destruction was caused during Gulf War in 1991. The ammunition used during the Gulf War contained DU.
Depleted uranium is a waste product of the uranium enrichment process, used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactor fuel. Once exposed it stays in the environment for up to 400 million years. 
DU becomes internalized through inhalation, ingestion and contact with the skin. 
Alpha radiation inside the body is the most potent carcinogenic agent known to science – twenty times more damaging than x-rays or gamma rays, causing cancerous diseases, congenital anomalies and malignancies.
DU use is not an issue known or spoken about outside of the military, and there is very little understanding of it or consequences of using the DU weapons. 
There are short interviews with Dr. Hamdan, Dean of Basrah Medical school, Dr. Hassan, Head of Oncology, Laura Bush Hospital, Dennis Haliday, former UN humanitarian coordinator, outlining some of these issue in the documentary.”
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Introduction and MC Isabel Macdonald. Precaution in Practice – an analysis of whether a precautionary approach to depleted uranium (DU) munitions is justified and how it might inform their acceptability, a paper by Doug Weir (ICBUW), but read by Wim Zwijnenburg because Doug was ill. 
Hazard Aware – an examination of military guidelines for reducing DU risks. Could they form the basis of new civilian protection norms? 
Wim Zwijnenburg (IKV Pax Christi) On DU and DNA – a discussion paper reviewing what we know about DU as a genotoxin and carcinogen. 
Dr Katsumi Furitsu and Gretel Munroe (ICBUW) Managing Acceptability – a historical review of UK DU policy: how the UK has sought to manage and deflect public and parliamentary opposition to DU. Doug Weir, on behalf of CADU.


US, UK, France, And Israel; Hall Of Shame

Only four countries actively opposed a UN Resolution on ‘depleted uranium’ munitions: the USA, UK, France and Israel, all nuclear WMD states whose use of DU leaves battle fields contaminated with toxic, radioactive residues for millennia into the future. The overwhelming support for the Resolution puts the WMD states on notice – DU munitions are no longer acceptable.

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US, UK, France And Israel; The Only 4 Countries Opposing Global DU Weapons Ban

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