UK, US, Chinese, Soviet Nuclear Submarines Leaking Radiation, Nuclear Ships Leaking Radiation

Any nuclear reactor, no matter how small or large, ‘leaks’ radiation in many ways. There is no ‘sealed’ nuclear reactor anywhere on the planet. The more nuclear reactors there are, the more radiation everyone will be exposed to bottom line. The more reactors are built, the more risk there is to humanity, due to worst case scenarios that are practically inevitable. 
The garbage that ends up coming out of any nuclear reactor after the fuel has been burned is  deadly dangerous radioactive and poisonous, emitting radioactive gases and particles as it decays. The high level nuclear garbage will remain toxic and deadly for 1 million years, but there is no place to put this high level nuclear garbage, so it is piling up all around the world. 
Is it really a good idea to keep adding to the problem by building more of these problem children, piling up nuclear garbage by sweeping it under the rug, and then hiding the negative effects of making everything nuclear and radioactive on top of it? 


Military ships and subs are built due to fear. But the fear of war should not longer exist, since war has been outlawed. So why are more military ships and subs still being paid for? Why not fund peace programs instead? Why does the US military budget keep growing, but the Dept of Peace gets 0 dollars? 
The End Of All Wars; Kellogg–Briand Pact Abolished And Outlawed All Warmongering
All sub or ship nuclear reactors release radioactive gases just during regular operation, and they release more radiation whenever a reactor is refueled, as they all must be on a regular basis. As reactors age, they start having more problems such as leaks and malfunctions. If a nuclear sub or ship is docked in a city, and it has the reactor worked on or refueled, that city is more than likely going to get a rather high dose of radiation, if they are downwind. All reactors work like this, even the ones in nuclear power plants. They also release much higher plumes of radiation when they are refueled.
There are approximately 1,000 nuclear reactors operating around the world, with 400 of them on land, and 600 of them on military nuclear powered ships or nuclear powered submarines.

Picture of a nuclear reactor on board a nuclear sub

Newer models of nuclear submarines are now being built, at a cost of 1 BILLION Pounds each, and taking about 10 years to complete. The design and build process;

Just like anything that is built and man made, everything eventually wears out and breaks; cars, planes, nuclear ships, and nuclear subs. Accidents happen and radiation releases are inevitable. How bad those accidents will be, and what the negative consequences are, no one knows. Worst case, a global nuclear war breaks out, and all of these nuclear plants, storage facilities, nuclear ships and nuclear subs will become targets of war and be blown up. Nuclear subs can and do have accidents severe enough to sink them. Many nuclear subs have sunk, and most were never recovered. 

Kursk Submarine Disaster


In case just a regular or nuclear war breaks out, the supposed benefits of nuclear powered ships, subs and nuclear power plants become the world’s worst nightmare, as each of these 1,000 plus nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools are sources of radiation that end up being worse than 1,000 nuclear bombs when they are attacked, bombed, and broken open or disabled. 
Any terrorists or war based attack that disables the cooling system on any nuclear reactor or spent fuel pool makes them melt down, catch on fire, and/or blow up and then melt out. The corium blobs will keep on burning with a radioactive fire that cannot be put out, ever. Not even water will put out a nuclear fire, as it keeps burning even underwater. 

ISFSI – List Of Orphaned Spent Fuel Pools In The USA, 2,800 Tons Of Stranded Spent Fuel With No Place To Go, 78,000 Tons Total

Humanity has created an Armageddon scenario, which fits together with making war illegal. What should be happening is that all armies should be disbanded, all weapons of mass destruction should be taken apart, and all regular weapons should also be junked or scrapped. Humanity can no longer afford to do war, because ANY war can now trigger a nuclear Armageddon that no one can live through. 

20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far; via @AGreenRoad

Soviet Nuclear Sub Almost Started Global Nuclear War in 1962; via @AGreenRoad

Bottom line, if a war did break out, and the enemy sunk all nuclear subs and ships, there is no way to build more quickly enough to fight back. ONE nuclear sub takes between 10 to 14 years to design and build. A war would have been fought and lost or won in that time. 
There is no reason to build any more military nuclear subs or ships. All money to build more of these military weapons should be diverted to peaceful purposes, such as building schools, providing free education and/or training for good jobs. Jobs programs can be funded and infrastructure can be upgraded. Renewable energy projects can be funded instead of building more nuclear whatever. 

Sonoma County Clean Power – One Of First In Nation To Offer 100% Zero Carbon, Zero Nuclear Local Energy Option To Customers

The war industry is a dead end as far as long term planning or future potential, because it means the end of humanity guaranteed. The faster humanity pulls funds from the war machine, the better.


List of US nuclear ships around the world


It is the second time that “HMS Tired”, as she has been dubbed, has been forced to spend almost a year out of action due to reactor problems. In May 2000 she was stranded at Gibraltar, where she stayed for 12 months, after being forced to make an “emergency call’ at the port following a radiation leak. It was later revealed that the submarine’s pressurised water reactor had suffered a crack in its coolant system, which could result in the uranium rods being exposed. A Royal Navy spokesman said: “HMS Tireless returned to Devonport Naval Base last week for repair following a small coolant leak that was contained within the sealed reactor compartment. 


The USS Jefferson City left Guam on Saturday November the 15th after being stuck in port since the summer due to a tiny leak of coolant water in it’s nuclear propulsion system. According to Pacific Submarine force commander Brook DeWalt no radiation leaked out into the environment. Commander DeWalt says the leak was contained inside the submarine and within it’s propulsion plant compartment
U.S. nuclear-powered submarine leaked radiation for more than two years, releasing the bulk of the material in its home port of Guam and at Pearl Harbor, Japanese and U.S. officials said Thursday.
But after reviewing records of the sub, the Navy told Japanese officials Thursday that the Houston had been leaking much longer, since June 2006, and had made port calls to Japanese bases at Sasebo, Yokosuka and Okinawa before the leak was discovered.


Soviet Subs Leak Radiation


China Nuclear Sub Accident? | The Diplomat
Jul 31, 2011 – A nuclear submarine in the port of Dalian in northern China has suffered an accident and is leaking radiation, according to a story that appears .


All ship nuclear reactors release radioactive gases just during regular operation, and they release more radiation whenever a reactor is refueled, as they all must be on a regular basis. As reactors age, they start having more problems such as leaks and malfunctions. If a nuclear ship is docked in a city, and it has the reactor worked on or refueled, that city is more than likely going to get a rather high dose of radiation, if they are downwind. All reactors work like this, even the ones in nuclear power plants. They also release much higher plumes of radiation when they are refueled. 
When the first Japanese nuclear power ship “Mutsu” was in its experimental voyage in 1974. At 800 km east of the cape Shiriya in Aomori, it began leaking radiation when its crew brought the reactor power up to 1.4% of full capacity. The alarm went off as it detected radiation leaks; fast neutrons made their ways out of the reactor shielding (streaming). This incident made national headlines. Concerned about the dangers posed by the ship to the community and the fishing industry, the locals at Ohminato harbor, where Mutsu was built, refused to let the ship return to the harbor.

Via Max Sievert March 14, 2014 “should the canister have gotten cracks or holes, that would be very bad. Uranium (VI) fluoride (UF6), usually referred to uranium hexafluoride is a compound of the elements of uranium and fluorine. It is a colorless, crystalline solid which is slightly volatile, radioactive and highly toxic.
” It is a very aggressive substance that almost any material and any biological tissue attacks.”
Uranium hexafluoride is stable in dry air but reacts violently with water. At atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 56.5 ° C, it is by sublimation directly from the solid to the gaseous state.
In the public debate in Germany these transports are in the criticism, particularly after the first May 2013 be carried on the uranium hexafluoride freighter Atlantic Cartier, a fire broke out in the port of Hamburg and there was considerable difficulties to delete this.


Canadian TV: “Breaking news… a confirmed leak” — Workers: Container of nuclear material “dropped and broke open” — Commander: “We have a leak, I’ve got to go” — Wife: My husband’s quarantined — Hours later: “To the best of our knowledge, there’s no leak” (VIDEO)
In May, another Atlantic Container Line freighter, the Atlantic Cartier, caught fire while docked in Hamburg. It was carrying nine tonnes of UF6. There was no leak but it took 200 firefighters to extinguish the flames.


Nuclear Ships And Subs Pose Huge Risk To Humanity; Could Easily Start WW III Accidentally via @AGreenRoad


Phantom; Rogue Nuclear Submarine, Rogue Nuclear Missile, Rogue Nuclear Bomb Crew

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Via rogerthat November 25, 2014 
Radioactive waste: Dumped and Forgotten
Published on Nov 24, 2014
This documentary was shown on German and French TV but not in England. For obvious reasons the English don’t want anyone to see it. This is the English version which we hope you will mirror and call attention to. It discusses the effects of sea dumping of radioactive waste on the health of people living on the local coasts, like the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea, which is the most radioactive sea in the world.
The documentary focuses on the British sea dumping in the English Channel Hurd Deep about 12 miles north of the Channel Island of Alderney. Alderney is also subject to releases to the sea from the French Nuclear Reprocessing Plant at Cap de la La Hague 12 miles East of the small island. Prof Chris Busby who was consulted on the health effects of this marine radioactive pollution visits the island with the producers and makes measurements of contamination on the beach.
Busby originally visited the island in 1998 with Jersey MP Stuart Syvret and found an excess of brain tumours and also general cancer mortality which was written up as a Green Audit paper and became part of a BBC news story at the time. They were both chased off the island. Manfred Ladwig manages to get Dr John Cooper, head of the UK radiological protection organisation, the HPA, to admit that they balance childhood cancer cases…

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UK, US, Chinese, Soviet Nuclear Submarines Leaking Radiation, Nuclear Ships Leaking Radiation

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