False Science Is The Official Science, Everyone Else Is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate Or Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing Is A Conspiracy Theorist

False Science Is The Official Science, Everyone Else Is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate Or Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing Is A Conspiracy Theorist Or Quack


Many colleges, schools and universities treat ‘science’ more like a religion, than as a version of history, with many different points of view, depending on which country one lives in, the religion or philosophy one believes in, family origin, culture and race. There are many different and varied Creation stories or myths for example, not just one. Why is science treated by schools and colleges as if it is the only Holy truth, and anyone disagreeing must be punished, fired, or accused of heresy? Why is science put above art, music, philosophy, or even comparative religion? 
Where are the ethics and morals within science? No human civilization can accomplish anything enduring within an agreed set of ethics and morals, but science has no morals, it has no ethics and it justifies genocide, just because the weapons are ‘scientific’, so they must be used. 


The God Within documentary – exposing the false philosophy of modern science

The world is full of false science, which proclaims that is it the only science and that it is absolutely right, guaranteed, no matter what anyone else says. If anyone disagrees, they must be punished, jailed, labeled a quack, conspiracy theorist, and/or disappeared. Science has been put on a pedestal and is being worshiped. 

Where there is absolute certainty, there is usually a huge amount of ego involved. Where there is a guarantee that nothing can ever go wrong, it usually does go wrong, catastrophically. The world and universe is full of mystery and complexity, which humans understand maybe 1% of, at best. 

Exploring the Inner and Outer Mysteries Of Life And The Galaxy


It is much harder to convince someone of a free truth that heals, than to sell them some very expensive lies that do nothing but harm or kill them.

Lies go around the world 50,000 times, before truth even gets out of bed.



All truth passes through three stages. 

First, it is ridiculed. 
Second, it is violently opposed. 
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
When looking at anything to see if it is true or not, focus on the existing built in money and/or power structure within that belief system. Now ask some questions….
What role does money and/or power play in that belief system? Would money and/or power tend to support the belief system or deny it, even if it is false? 
Would that money or power motivation support a particular belief system, even if it is false?  
Who is paying a person to say something, claim something, or study something? 
What connection does a person have to a particular profit or power motivated reason or organization? 
The truth is easier to see if this thought process goes along with the truth seeker, as a built in ‘compass’. 
It is not hard to see the truth, if one is willing to ask the difficult questions and not quit until one gets the answer. 


Just because something is peer reviewed, or it is an official government or UN agency does not always mean it has the absolute truth. There is more to peer review than first appearances, especially when huge profits and power plus high paying jobs are at stake. 

The Problem With Scientific Peer Review And Nuclear Industry Review Panels In Particular; Lysenkoism

(WHO) World Health Organization Censored, Secretly Controlled By IAEA With Pro Nuclear Industry Control Agreement


The vast majority of physicists and many scientists believe that humans are just biochemical robots, nothing more, as explained by the video above. There is no consciousness, no spirit, no free will, no soul, just the absolute guaranteed certainty and rightness of a particular belief system. 

Selfishness Versus Selflessness; Book Review Of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, Galt’s Gulch Project And Film Review Of Movies Based On Book

Transhumanist Silicone Valley CEO’s Believe Singularity ‘Life Extension’ Prophets, That They Will Live Forever As Cyborgs

Soul Versus Ego; What Is The Difference? Do Everything With No Attachment To Outcome
Comparing Theories of Relativity, Quantum, Creation, And Biocentrism – Which Is True?


False science chemical companies say that poisonous heavy metal flouride in water. Everyone must be forced to partake of the poisons that have been declared ‘good’ and holy by false scientists, who souled out long ago. If anyone objects, the police get involved and force those dissenters to ‘conform’ to the official science or be punished. 
Flouride Dangers; Dr. Paul Connett PhD; via A Green Road
The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water


False scientists declare that heavy metal poison mercury in teeth and vaccines is good for everyone, and all people must be mandated to receive them, or be punished. 
Dr. Weston Price DDS – Dental Health Industry Deception, Flouride, Implants, Veneer, Amalgam, And Root Of Dental Problems
Vaccination is officially made mandatory by false science, because one must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.  Why must the vaccinated be protected from the unvaccinated, when they are supposed to be immune to whatever they got vaccinated for? And the companies producing supposedly good and safe for you vaccines must be protected from the vaccinated through immunity laws, because so many people get hurt or killed by them, that they cannot survive without ‘special’ protections that no other industry receives. 
Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Discusses Vaccine Dangers, Toxicity, Contaminants, Heavy Metals, Links To Diseases And Epidemics


Roundup and other poison chemicals on or inside of foods is declared officially good for everyone, so it becomes official science, despite raping Nature and killing all living things that touch it. 
BT Pesticide Found In Humans; Coming From GMO Corn? New Study Finds GMO Soy Toxic To Kidneys, Liver And Reproduction


Hormesis false science believers (physicists) often say that all radiation is good for you and that it cannot hurt you. These hormesis promoters convince government and medicos to make that official science and then expose, inject, spray, or radiate people with all kinds of synthetic heavy metal radioactive poisons, while claiming that it is good for them.
List Of Hormesis And Radiophobia Theory Promoters And Organizations


When false science goes to war, violence and murder becomes peace, and it must be enforced with drone assassination strikes and CIA hit squads, who take out democratically elected leaders of other countries. Of course, peace loving dictators friendly to the US must be ‘installed’ because elections cannot be trusted to give the ‘official’ result required. In order to ensure peace, false flag attacks are staged via secret CIA ‘officials’ to start ‘official’ wars so that ‘official’ profits can be ensured for the ‘official’ politically correct corporations. In order to export freedom and peace armies must be ‘installed’ by force and edict in all countries around the world through 1,000 permanent bases. But a Dept of Peace cannot be funded, because there is not enough money for that and besides, that is quackery and fraud. 
CIA Used To Assassinate Foreign Democratically Elected Leaders And Install US Friendly Dictators
False Flag Attack List; Used Historically Countless Times; Warmongers And CIA Uses Them To Start Wars


False science in medicine declares via the FDA, that patent high profit drugs ‘safe and effective’ despite killing 100,000 plus Americans each year via negative side effects. But herbs, vitamins and other ancient remedies that cause no harm, plus are free must be expunged from the false science system, plus they are labeled quackery and fraud. Anyone refusing to go along with the false science is punished by the FDA and false scientists. Those doing the killing of 100,000 Americans per year are showered with money, gifts and honors befitting a king, but those offering real science and real cures are shunned, fired, jailed and punished in all ways possible. 
Big Pharma Documented To Kill 700,000 People A Year Due To Hyper Focus On Profits, Not Health And Safety Of People; via A Green Road 


GMO foods and animals are part of false science too. No long-term studies have been done around their health impact on humans, animals or insects, much less the environment. Yet, they are officially sanctioned and approved. Anyone who disagrees is sued and punished in court by huge super corporations who win due to sheer force, power and armies of lawyers who overwhelm anyone who dares to disagree. 

Seeds Of Death – Free Full Documentary Movie About Dangers Of GMO Seeds


None of the following global warming gases are having any negative effect, according to the ‘true believers’ of the 100 groups who are all paid by the carbon fuel monopoly, that promotes this false science. 
Top 100 Global Warming Denialist Groups Are ALL Funded By HUGE Corporations, Scientist Caught Getting Paid By Them For ‘Deliverables’

Is Global Warming A Hoax? 14,000 Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers Support Global Warming, Only 24 Don’t – Only 1% Of All Scientists Claim That Global Warming Does Not Exist

Of course, over on the nuclear energy industry side of things, the ‘true believers’ are claiming that there are no carbon emissions from nuclear plants, and that they can get carbon credits for what they do. 
Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming, Acid Rain, Acid Oceans, Extreme Weather, And Super Storms

2015 – 45+ Negative Global Tipping Points Report


Part of human history involves an evolution of belief systems and ways of looking at the world. It was not too long ago, that the official settled science was that the Earth was flat, smoking was good for health, and women were treated like property, just like slaves. Humanity is evolving and the only constant is change. 
Geocentrists and some Literalists in various religions still believe that a very young only couple of thousand years old Earth is stationary, located in the exact middle of the universe, and that the sun plus the rest of the universe revolves around it. 
A 2009 poll by Harris Interactive found that 39% of Americans agreed with the statement that “God created the universe, the earth, the sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and the first two people within the past 10,000 years”, yet only 18% of the Americans polled agreed with the statement “The earth is less than 10,000 years old”.[14]
Churches take dissent very seriously and try to censor, ban or burn any opinion that is outside of the ‘official’ version. Historically, people who disagreed where hauled into court via an Inquisition, and then punished. 

Wikipedia; “1616 ban against Copernicanism

Main article: Galileo affair
In February 1615, prominent Dominicans including Thomaso Caccini and Niccolò Lorini brought Galileo’s writings on heliocentrism to the attention of the Inquisition, because they appeared to violate Holy Scripture and the decrees of the Council of Trent.[68][69] Cardinal and Inquisitor Robert Bellarmine was called upon to adjudicate, and wrote in April that treating heliocentrism as a real phenomenon would be “a very dangerous thing,” irritating philosophers and theologians, and harming “the Holy Faith by rendering Holy Scripture as false.”[70]
In February 1616, the Inquisition assembled a committee of theologians, known as qualifiers, who delivered their unanimous report condemning heliocentrism as “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture.” The Inquisition also determined that the Earth’s motion “receives the same judgement in philosophy and … in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith.”[71] Bellarmine personally ordered Galileo… “to abstain completely from teaching or defending this doctrine and opinion or from discussing it… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.”
—Bellarmine and the Inquisition’s injunction against Galileo, 1616[72]
In 1664, Pope Alexander VII published his Index Librorum Prohibitorum Alexandri VII Pontificis Maximi jussu editus (Index of Prohibited Books, published by order of Alexander VII, P.M.) which included all previous condemnations of heliocentric books.[81]
The Roman Catholic Church currently operates the Vatican Observatory, home to multiple award winning scholars, showing their ultimate acceptance of heliocentrism by furthering the field.
Bill Maher, Religulous, Commonality Of All Religions, George Carlin; Mass Delusion and Need For More Interfaith Communications, Move Away From Projection

Russell Brand – Origin of All Religions – What All Religions Have In Common, Humanity Has A Bright Interfaith Future – Literalism Explored

Of course, some literalists also believes (and still believe) that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, Noah really built an ark that held all the millions of species of animals on Earth, and all of the laws in the Old Testament must be followed, literally, because God wrote the Holy Book, so every word in it must literally be the truth, and everyone must follow it, or be punished with death.  
Steve Falkenberg, professor of religious psychology at Eastern Kentucky University, observes: I’ve never met anyone who actually believes the Bible is literally true. I know a bunch of people who say they believe the Bible is literally true but nobody is actually a literalist. Taken literally, the Bible says the earth is flat and sitting on pillars and cannot move (Ps 93:1, Ps 96:10, 1 Sam 2:8, Job 9:6). It says that great sea monsters are set to guard the edge of the sea (Job 41, Ps 104:26). …[24]
Some Literalists believe in an extreme form of Capital Punishment, especially torture and executions by burning alive for all kinds of sins, including swearing at your parents for example, being a witch, and/or for disagreeing with how the church sees the world, or interprets the Holy Book. (Heresy)

Possible Grounds For Execution In The Old Testament… How Many Death Penalties Are There? What Is A Literalist?

Wikipedia on the Inquisition; “When a suspect was convicted of unrepentant heresy, the inquisitorial tribunal was required by law to hand the person over to the secular authorities for final sentencing, at which point a magistrate would determine the penalty, which was usually burning at the stake although the penalty varied based on local law.[8][9] The laws were inclusive of proscriptions against certain religious crimes (heresy, etc.), and the punishments included death by burning, although imprisonment for life or banishment would usually be used. 
Thus the inquisitors generally knew what would be the fate of anyone so remanded, and cannot be considered to have divorced the means of determining guilt from its effects.[10] The 1578 handbook for inquisitors spelled out the purpose of inquisitorial penalties: … quoniam punitio non refertur primo and per se in correctionem and bonum eius qui punitur, sed in bonum publicum ut alij terreantur, and a malis committendis avocentur. Translation from the Latin: “… for punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit.”[11]


The only constant in the world is change. The only certainty we can count on is having to question whatever it is we believe, and then evolve or resist change via denial or cognitive dissonance.

Titanic and Costa Concordia Examples Reveal Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance And Denial, Same As In Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster And Entire Nuclear Industry




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False Science Is The Official Science, Everyone Else Is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate Or Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing Is A Conspiracy Theorist Or Quack

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