Pandora’s Promise Was a Lie, Nuclear Exodus Documentary Movie And Trailer

Pandora’s Promise Was a Lie, Nuclear Exodus Documentary Movie And Trailer

A pro nuclear propaganda movie was made not too long ago, called Pandora’s Promise. To watch that movie, click on the following link. A Synopsis and review of the movie is included.

Pandora’s Promise Movie Review And Synopsis, Part I. Debunking The Lies And False Claims

Pandora’s Promise Movie Review And Synopsis, Part II. Debunking The Lies And False Claims

The following movie could be seen as a response to the movie above, as it goes into great detail about how and why many of the claims made in the movie are actually false and deceptive. No one likes being lied to. 
Find out what the truth is, instead of the pro nuclear industry spin, or at the very least, see both sides of the ‘story’.  A trailer for the movie is below, and the full movie is available by clicking on the embedded movie down below the trailer, further down in this article. 


-TRAILER- ☢Nuclear Exodus☢ Pandora’s Promise Was A Lie – Fukushima Documentary 2014

Summary: Following the unprecedented triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after Japan’s 3/11 earthquake and tsunami, a myriad of far reaching questions has arisen…
What’s the current state of the Fukushima nuclear reactors? How much radiation have they already released? What type of health impacts can we expect? Is our seafood supply safe? And what about the other 435 nuclear reactors around the world, 104 in the US alone – 22 of them the same exact design as those that exploded and melted down in Fukushima, are they safe?
Yet these are not easy questions to get answers to. The mainstream media and the internet are full of conflicting viewpoints & information. For example, UN scientists have already claimed that the health impacts of Fukushima will be negligible and statistically insignificant, which is parroted in CNN’s documentary “Pandora’s Promise”. However independent scientists tell a very different story; they project on the order of a million cancers within the next few decades in Japan alone.
So how does such a massive scientific discrepancy occur?
Nuclear Exodus explores the ties that inexorably bind the nuclear power industry to the military industrial complex, and how the lust for nuclear weapons causes governments to push nuclear power on their citizens, while covering up the true health effects of radiation exposure. It delves deep into the legacy, lessons of Chernobyl, nuclear waste management, nuclear terrorism, solar flares which could potentially trigger hundreds of nuclear meltdowns across the world – threatening life on Earth as we know it.
But can human civilization truly generate the electricity it needs without nuclear power, especially while reducing our energy dependence on fossil fuels? How far have renewable technologies come in 2014 exactly? And if some cataclysmic disaster did threaten the world, would there be anyway to realistically protect life on Earth? Could Mars actually be a feasible back up planet anytime soon?
These questions and more are explored in great depth during Nuclear Exodus: Pandora’s Promise Was A Lie
**This documentary is for educational purposes only. Contains scenes which some viewers may find very disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla Motors were not involved with the production of this documentary. This documentary was produced in accordance with fair use copyright law under US legal code Title 17 Chapter 1 §107 for educational, news, & non-profit purposes in order to promote the progress of science & useful arts. All rights reserved for the respective copyright holders.**

FULL MOVIE ☢ Fukushima Documentary 2014 HD ☢ Nuclear Exodus: Pandora’s Promise Was A Lie

Full movie available by clicking in screen above. 


Jebus May 2, 2015 The truth is free. About; Nuclear Exodus: Pandora’s Promise Was a Lie

This documentary is not just about Fukushima, it takes a look at the IAEA, WHO and the cover-up of the actual death tolls caused by radiation released by nuclear testing and Chernobyl. It exposes with video evidence that people are in fact dying to this day from Chernobyl related illnesses despite the claims by the IAEA and WHO. In your face evidence of people having their lives and families destroyed by nuclear energy. It is so important that people wake up because if Chernobyl was this bad, Fukushima is going to be astronomically worse.


Pandora’s Promise consisted of a couple of so called environmentalists, who claimed to switch sides. It was hard work finding a couple of environmentalists who would promote the nuclear industry, but they dug deep and found a couple. Compare and contrast that to the HUGE list of tens of thousands of professionals, nuclear physicists, political leaders and other leaders who have ‘switched sides’ and are now out in the open, anti nuclear activists. There is not even a contest..

List Of Pro Nuclear Physicists, Political Leaders, Actors Who Switched Sides And Became Anti Nuclear Activists And Whistleblowers; Russell–Einstein Manifesto

Another very long list of famous leaders and well known people who are opposed to nuclear power is here, in the form of their quotes;

Quotes From Famous People About Nuclear Energy, Weapons And Low Dose Radiation Dangers; via @AGreenRoad

Pandoras Promise experts seem to focus on the hormesis theory, without really calling it that. These links go to articles that disprove and debunk the claim that nuclear is safe, healthy and good for everyone. 

Radium; The Epic Story; via @AGreenRoad

Hormesis; What Does Not Kill You, Is Good For You


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Pandora’s Promise Was a Lie, Nuclear Exodus Documentary Movie And Trailer

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