Sweet Wormwood Herb Plus Iron Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In 24 Hours; Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, Smart Chemotherapy; by Len Saputo, MD

Sweet Wormwood Herb Plus Iron Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In 24 Hours; Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, Smart Chemotherapy; by Len Saputo, MD

Wormwood herb, Artemisia absinthium and wormwood uses. how to harvest wormwood, how to grow wormwood. Basic information about wormwood.


Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, Smart Chemotherapy; by Len Saputo, MD

Wormwood is a Chinese herb that is thousands of years old that has applications for malaria and cancer treatment. It is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells and bacteria accumulate iron far more than normal cells. Artemisinin works in the presence of iron to create free radicals that kill cells that hoard iron. Leukemia cells concentrate iron 1000 times normal lymphocytes and breast cancer concentrates iron 15 times a normal breast cell.
There are three forms of wormwood extract: artemisinin, artsunate, and artemether. It can be given either orally or by rectal suppository and should be pulsed with several days on and several off if taken by mouth because of intestinal tolerance. It is non-toxic and has been used on over 4000 patients without problems.

French article about sweet wormwood and Big C

Chemo For Cancer Does Not Work According To Dr. Glidden, Causes Cancer And 19 Other Negative Side Effects, Reducing Quality Of Life



“Artemisia annua – Cultivation methods of a plant with a great future” is a practical presentation of how to grow and use Artemisia annua. 
This demanding plant is known as a repellent against mosquitoes and is also used to prevent or cure malaria when drunk as an infusion. 
Malaria is responsible for a large part of the 30% of school absenteeism in Africa. Here then is the solution accessible to all to give African children access to a quality education. 
You will discover the sifting and sterilisation techniques of the soil, sowing, transplanting in pots, planting in the field, harvesting of the plants and reproduction. Finally, you will learn the posology to be applied against malaria.

Natural Cures Once Ruled the Land In the US Before Big Pharma Took Over

Read more at; http://tv.greenmedinfo.com/map-of-herbal-cures-pharmacist-map-of-herbal-cures/

When greed is the only motivation for medicine, and the disease symptom management industry is not motivated to prevent or cure any dis-ease because it is not as profitable, what happens to the health of the population? Would it surprise anyone if the greed based dis-ease management system became unsustainable, unaffordable and unworkable for the vast majority of people on Earth? 


The ideal and most sustainable medicine and healthcare system focuses on prevention 98% of the time. All medicine in a sustainable global health caring system is free, has no negative side effects and has a 100% cure rate. Why are these three ingredients required?

Much of the world’s population cannot afford expensive patented chemical drugs, as they make only $2 per day. Any sustainable health caring system has to be free, and not rely on doctors, who are also very expensive and unaffordable for most of the world’s population. As late as the 1950’s, even in the US, it was not uncommon for medical doctors to make house calls and to take chickens in trade for their expertise. 

Before profit motivations took over the US disease symptom management industry, most cures for dis-eases were based on natural medicines that came from Nature, in the form of herbs, and other natural holistic modalities.

The US pharmacopia used to be filled with FREE medicinal herbs that were used as medicines and could be grown in the backyard garden. But that same medical doctors Pharmacopia is now filled only with patented chemical pills and has no herbs left in it. Why is that? Herbs and other natural health modalities still work just as well as they ever did, but doctors never use them anymore.

The profit motivation and greed are two big reasons for the massive changes that have happened. Doctors and hospitals were going broke trying to make it on herbs and natural remedies.

Is it any wonder that very expensive patented drugs, surgery and radiation are the only things ‘allowed’ to be used by medical doctors in hospitals, in a monopolistic system? What do these things all have in common? They are all VERY EXPENSIVE AND PROFITABLE.

If it were not for insurance, no one except for very rich people could afford what happens in hospitals, and they would all be empty. One million dollar medical bills are not uncommon. 

The free and natural answers for all dis-eases are all there, for those people brave enough to think and act for themselves, and not get trapped in the Matrix of a for profit corporate think disease management system.


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Sweet Wormwood Herb Plus Iron Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In 24 Hours; Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, Smart Chemotherapy; by Len Saputo, MD


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