This Is What Winning Looks Like – Documentary Movie About Afghanistan War, US Troops Moving Out, Completion Of Afghan Troop Training

This Is What Winning Looks Like – Documentary Movie About Afghanistan War, US Troops Moving Out, Completion Of Afghan Troop Training

This is where and how the war in Afghanistan started, via a CIA funding terrorists in a war against the Soviets. The CIA then installed Karzi who was also a CIA asset as the ‘leader’.

CIA Funded Osama Bin Laden And His Mujahideen Army Through Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI)

The same group that the CIA funded back then, turned on the US troops when they invaded. So the terrorists that the US was funding at one point, fought the US up to the point of pulling out, and they are the same groups, although with different names attached, that are now fighting the Afghan army.


“This Is What Winning Looks Like” is a disturbing new documentary about the ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces as well as the reduced role of US Marines due to the troop withdrawal.
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via unincredulous June 1, 2015 “U.S. forces in Afghanistan 52:07 here’s a real shocker what is going on around the world. This Is What Winning Looks Like (Part 1/3) same as video above, in case it is ‘scrubbed’.
Major Steuber has a strong stomach. Taliban, too. “
Realistically, the Taliban were never eliminated in Afghanistan. As of 2014, the Taliban were still controlling and infiltrating villages. These ‘terrorists’ looked and acted the same as local villagers. But if you asked the local villagers about who was causing the real problems, they would probably answer that the real problem is caused by the Afghan police and Army forces, or that both sides are the problem, since civilians die at the rate of 10 to 1 for every soldier killed.

No matter who the civilians decide to go with, they suffer and die for it.

1:15 in…The white flag being carried by these Afghan troops in 2014 is a TALIBAN flag, hoisted above a town to show that they control it. The white flag is the official Taliban flag, not a flag of surrender. This was done at the same time when the US press and public in America were being told that the war in Afghanistan was won, and there were no Taliban left, so US troops could withdraw. 

Despite winning every battle, the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq were lost. Despite America spending TRILLIONS on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and losing lots of US veterans, the hearts and minds of the Afghani people were lost, due to multiple things that Americans did wrong or did not even understand when first going into these countries. 
51: in; In a meeting between local elected officials, they declare openly and in public that the war against the Taliban was never won, and that they are being left with the same problems that were there before the Americans came in, but without any weapons to fight them with.
The civilians are in the middle and do not pick sides, because if they do, they will be punished, jailed, tortured or killed, either by one side in the war or the other, depending on which side they pick. Thus if they help one side or the other, they have to do it in secret and not let anyone know.


Compared to the rest of the country, things seem to be much better in southern Afghanistan, where the army, National Guard and police patrol daily and work together to hold large cities, such as this one; Kandahar. But even here, the evidence is there that the Taliban are still in existence, although probably much less than in the northern areas where Afghanistan.

Source/credit Wikipedia

What would happen in this large city, if they did not have all of the checkpoints and overlapping heavy security forces patrolling every day?

After the US left 800 bases and outposts in Afghanistan, only 100 were manned by the Afghans, and the rest were abandoned. The first video above this one goes into much more detail around one specific Afghan army base and what it was like there, but this video stays really general and never gets into specifics. There is a ‘handler’ always present, making sure that no one ever talks about what it is really like. Everything is staged for the camera and set up by the handler. 
20: in – Public education schools set up by the Americans were abandoned all over Afghanistan, because the Taliban threatened to kill anyone who kept on going to these public schools after the Americans left with death, acid baths, or assassination. The Taliban won this war, because education is what really matters, not winning battles or even wars. If you can control the education as the extremists are doing in many countries, they can win long term, no matter how many battles or wars the US wins. No one seems to understand this, and very few care whether there are madrasas spread all over the Middle East, raising millions of new recruits for terrorist groups. 

All of the money that the US spent on setting up public schools, teachers and supplies, all over Afghanistan, was wasted. The Taliban control the education, and thus the minds and hearts of the population these days. They are raising the next ‘crop’ of terrorists, just like in Pakistan and other countries, where madrasas (religious schools) are where most poor people send their children for ‘education’. To learn more about the roots of terrorism and where terrorism is born, click on the following article and dive into the madrasas school section…

The Day President Clinton Averted WWIII, By Stopping Islamic Pakistan From Nuking India; Madrasas At Root Of Terrorism

Wikipedia; “The overall literacy rate (6+ years of age) fell from 16% in 2005 to 7% in 2011.[20] The overall net enrollment rate (6–13 years of age) fell from 23% in 2005 to 11% in 2011.[20]
Kandahar University is one of the largest educational institutions in the province. It has over 5,000 students, about 300 of which are female students.[21] In partnership with the Asia Foundation, Kandahar University conducted a pilot project that provided female high school graduates with a four-month refresher course to prepare for the college entrance examination. The university is only one of two universities in Kandahar that serve all of southern Afghanistan. The conditions in the university are poor but improving slowly. The university is far behind the universities of the North because of the violence, the two universities in southern Afghanistan also receive very limited funding.
Efforts to improve education in Afghanistan are severely hampered with shortage of books. Lack of funding, and political will, has led to only small gains since the fall of the Taliban. Education has moved somewhat upward in the rest of the country, but southern provinces, like Kandahar, have seen slow progress because of the continued fighting and instability of the region. In 2006 alone, almost 150 educational institutes have closed in Kandahar province alone, according to the education ministry. Regionally more than 50 schools have been attacked this year. Over 60,000 students cannot attend school because of the risk of attack. Some of the well known schools in Kandahar are Ahmad Shah Baba High School, Zarghuna Ana High School, Mir Wais High School, Shah Mahmud High School, and Mahmud Tarzi High School, Afghan Turk High Schools.
Did things get better after most American troops left, declaring that the Taliban had all been killed or tossed out of the country? What follows are some videos of Taliban attacking either US or Afghan vehicles. Notice that they avoid blowing up the civilian trucks and cars, but concentrate on the military vehicles. 
Why do these Afghans hate Americans and their allies so much? Maybe it has something to do with Bagram, torturing, kidnappings and renditions, plus Guantanamo Bay? 

CIA Conducted And Led War In Afghanistan, Asked To Do So By President Bush, Which Led To Gross Acts Of Torture, Mass Murder, Rendition And Kidnappings

melting mermaid June 1, 2015 What? Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset? You don’t say?×2967655

No, Bin Laden, too?

No, Pinochet too. And on 9/11. Crazy

And of course, Karzi in Afghanistan is no exception to this rule… he is CIA asset material as well. 
CIA Used To Assassinate Foreign Democratically Elected Leaders And Install US Friendly Dictators


War Afghanistan 2015 Taliban ambush sends Afghan National Army MRAP flying HD

The Taliban are still blowing people and things up, even in 2015. As the previous video explains, mines are the main source of casualties and injuries for police and troops. Blowing things up takes a lot of money, sophisticated talent and energy by a large group of people. 
Obviously the Taliban are still strong, because they are controlling the education system, while diverting attention with these bomb attacks, which get everyone riled up, but there is nothing anyone can do about it. 
More Taliban attacks 2015
2015 – Firing at US base with what looks like stolen US weapons. Not all Americans pulled out, as agreement was signed so that some US troops kept on staying in Afghanistan.
In the video above, that army base does not look like it is in very good shape, despite it still flying the Afghan flag. Notice the blast holes in buildings, and mortars hitting the base, with no return fire. Remember that the Afghans have no air support or heavy weapons, GPS or high technology. All those poor guys in these remote outposts have to fight with is a couple of AK’s. 
Does this look like ‘winning’ to you? 


So now we can tie up another string I left dangling in my VICE report regarding my get-together with Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s chief peace negotiator, Yahya Maroofi. Maroofi mentioned that the US was furious at Karzai’s granting the first mining contracts to – you guessed it! – Chinese state companies – despite the massive payments by US corporations to Karzai’s family and political allies. (Indeed, Karzai signed with the Chinese partly because of the pay-offs, which made him furious.) Karzai is prepared to give the Chinese a uranium concession. It’s clear, the USA is badly losing this nuclear war with China.

via melting mermaid June 1, 2015 Corporate wars for profit, using your tax dollars. Some would say taking public money and transferring it into private profit via blood-letting is evil. Me, for instance. Bad government, naughty, naughty.
Because Americans and their politicians are so fixated on winning every battle and nothing else matters in the mass media, the Communists can win by coming in and picking up what really matters after the US soldiers spill their blood for the Soviets, and then leave. 

Communist China Winning Trade, Resource, Renewables, Job And Influence War Against USA, Without A Shot Being Fired

IRAQ 2015

Of course, in Iraq, the situation is even worse, with ISIS taking over much of Syria and Iraq. Again, the same situation as in Afghanistan; every battle that US forces fought, they won, but the overall war was lost. As soon as US troops left, the ISIS troops, (equivalent to Taliban) took over large areas of Iraq and Syria. 

ISIS ‘Terrorists’ Take Over Fallujah, Mosul, Tikrit And Other Iraqi Cities In Surprise Attacks; via @AGreenRoad

Matrix – Waking Up
Waking up from The ‘Matrix’ is not always pleasant or nice. It can be brutal and very shocking. If this is the first time you have heard this kind of thing, you may be feeling like the character in the movie slice above, who is waking up into a nightmare, after being plugged into the Matrix and dreaming all kinds of nice happy dreams, but none of them were real.

The same ‘winning’ story is happening in Iraq, just like in Afghanistan, only worse. In Iraq, the ‘terrorists’ took a bunch of towns after the US left the country. Now the Iraqi army is trying to win them back. US planes are providing air support.

Bottom line, unless the countries mentioned here control the vast majority of public education and teach kids HOW to think, the wars in all of these countries will be lost long term due to the madrasas system where the kids get taught WHAT to think, say and do, via propaganda programming. Guess who is funding all of these madrasas? Can you say Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Gulf monarchies, which do not allow freedom? Remember 9/11, and where most of those terrorists came from? Saudi Arabia… And why is America allies of all of these terrorist sponsoring countries? 


This Is What Winning Looks Like – Documentary Movie About Afghanistan War, US Troops Moving Out, Completion Of Afghan Troop Training

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